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Sparkles in the Grass

I’m writing by lamplight tonight, windows flung open to welcome rain-washed breezes.

Rain finally came today. Not a lot. Just enough to clean the air and release the scent of damp earth, but we treasure it all the same. Our poor sun-baked ground is covered in massive cracks, most of them big enough to slide a hand in, and the blistered grass crunches underfoot when we walk across it. Smelling the soggy leaves and moist dirt tonight brings tears to my eyes. It’s been so long.

I was outside calling in the goats when it began to fall, raining through sunshine, glittering and dancing. Is there anything so glorious as cold raindrops on hot skin? I stood on the veranda as it pelted down, loving the splatter of water on my bare feet, then went for a walk as it slowed to a misty drizzle, in awe of the play of light and shadow where the water droplets clung to the grasses of the dam yard.

raindrops on grass
I crouched down in the midst of it, letting the wet strands of grass wrap around my legs and dapple the hem of my sundress with water. I felt transported to a fairyland of sparkles and shimmers that swayed in the wind.

It did me good to see such beauty, to be surrounded by glimmers and twinklings of light.

The glowy feeling stayed with me as I put the goats away for the night and let Luna and Solar out for a romp, as I took Kebab, Anni, and Emma out to the paddock for their late afternoon nibble. It stays with me now as I snuggle into our doona and cozy in for a good read before bed.

Gnite. xo

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Anna @ shenannagans - YUP… the rain after weeks of excessive heat was godsend up here too. Although not overly stoked that it made the gutter extra slippery and I am now in a cast from falling. Le Sigh!

budget jan - Love your raindrops. Rain is the best thing ever when the ground is parched and your skin is hot – and the smell!

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