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Let the Light Back In

If I had a blanket fort, I would’ve been hiding in it the last couple of weeks, quilts pulled tight around my shoulders, an Only Nice People Allowed sign scrawled in crayon and pinned to the front entrance.

The world has felt shaky and scary for reasons I’m still grappling with, and for a while I needed to hide away and simply let the thoughts and feelings rage and whirl.

I spent a lot of time in my gardens, giving vent to roiling emotions as I dug dirt and yanked weeds and hurled rocks.

I made art, burning images into wood, letting the gentle cadence of the work calm and soothe my ruffled spirits.

I met up with dear friends, letting their big hearts and big love assure me that there is always hope as long as such people exist.

Slowly the anxiety settled, the darkness faded, and I could let the light back in.

I’m thankful for the darkness. As uncomfortable as it is at first, once the initial turmoil quiets, it becomes a peaceful place without distractions where I can clarify my purpose and focus on the things I can do.

I’m equally thankful for the light that illuminates and cheers and reveals a host of kindred spirits in this world, so many beautiful souls trying their best to love and stand with and empower others regardless of political affiliation, faith, gender, or sexual orientation. They inspire me beyond measure.

weed in sunset

After so many wobbly days, I’m resting in this beautiful one, grateful for hope and renewed purpose, for enough light to take one more step.

Good night. xo

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Nancy | Plus Ate Six - I’m glad you nurture yourself when you need to and that you’re finding peace once more. You’re photos as always are just gorgeous xx

Cheryl - I’m always excited when I see you have a new post to read because you radiate warmth and kindness and joy.

Karin@yumandmore - Yes love exactly like that xox
p.s. wish I could hurl some rocks too sometimes so much better than self-destruction.

Summer - Beautiful words and photos ♥

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