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The Colors of Rain

“The richness of the rain made me feel safe and protected;
I have always considered the rain to be healing
—a blanket—
the comfort of a friend.”
Douglas Coupland

We’re in the midst of a scorching heatwave and a drought. Land that is usually lush and green this time of year is parched, withered and brown, the grass crackling underfoot.

But yesterday clouds rolled in. Massive dark clouds that looked like maybe, just maybe, they were not teasing clouds but real rain clouds that were going to pour water down upon us.

I didn’t get my hopes up though. Not until a gale blew through and the trees bent from rain-scented wind and leaves pelted the tin roof. Then I scurried to the back veranda with my bowl of blueberries, and sat down to watch the show.

First came crashing claps of thunder that shook the ground.

Then slashes of lightning that split the sky.

Then, at last, glorious rain.

And not measly raindrops either, gloriously fat ones that splatted into the dry earth and turned it into rich loam dotted with puddles.

The gum tree trunks turned from pale beige to marvelous streaks of color: russet, burgundy, dark green.

When the downpour eased up a bit, out I went, letting the misty raindrops film my hair and eyelashes, cooling skin that has been hot for weeks.

I love how the ground transforms after rain here. Normally everything is a haze of bleached wood, burnt grass, and dried out leaves, but with the water the grass looks green again and the fallen curls of gum bark become vivid reds and oranges.

Even the lichen transforms from silvery seafoam to bright jade.

It feels like my little world has come back to life again and I love it.

Emerging from the trees I strolled through my gardens, marveling at how happy everything looks. Gone were the down turned leaves, hiding themselves from the fierce heat. Instead blossoms, branches, and leaves reached out and up, soaking in every bit of moisture.

What sort of turn in the weather cheers your heart? xo

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Krista - Thank you so much, @inspiringtravellers:disqus ! 🙂 They were heavenly. And now I’m craving them again. 🙂

Andrea and John - Happy Australia Day! =) Those blueberries look heavenly – can’t wait for the season here again

Krista - I remember times like that when I lived in California, Sosae, it is so hard. XO Wishing you heaps of good, cleansing rain very, very soon.

Krista - Oh yes, @breannemosher:disqus , sunshine in a grey winter is the most wondrous thing! 🙂

Krista - Isn’t the teasing wretched, Paradis?! I hope you get rain VERY soon, luv. xo

Krista - Thank you so much, @adribarrcrocetti:disqus 🙂 It is truly lovely to meet you and I’m so glad you stopped by. 🙂

Krista - They make me anxious too, @joanneeatswellwithothers:disqus And thirsty! Wishing rain for California very soon too. xo

Krista - I hope you made it through the ice storm safe and sound, @sarahkenney:disqus ! Driving is SO scary during those freak storms. xo

Krista - I’m so glad you got some rain too, @disqus_v9uRgGTGfe:disqus 🙂 Our soft rain came the next day and it was so beautiful. 🙂

Krista - I would LOVE to send you some, @disqus_2yjJojmJOE:disqus ! If you’ve been anywhere near as parched as we’ve been, I understand your longing for heaps and heaps of rain. And here I was thinking my pears were so tiny!! Yay! 🙂 You’ve given me a shot in the arm, luv. 🙂

Krista - I remember being SO excited for sunshine when I lived in very rainy Washington, @wanderingsheila:disqus , so I truly empathize with you. 🙂

Krista - It sure is, @budgetjan:disqus !! 🙂 I love looking out and seeing it come over the mountains and across the fields, the clouds getting darker and heavier until they break open. 🙂

Krista - Oh yes, I love that smell too, James! 🙂

Krista - That IS the Phryne I’m named after, @Kayrpea61:disqus ! 🙂 I’d never heard of her until I moved here, but I love her. 🙂 You are so kind to put me anywhere in the vicinity of her fantastic-ness. 🙂

Krista - I agree completely, @tandysinclair:disqus 🙂 We had another downpour the next day and I can’t believe how beautifully green everything is now. 🙂

Krista - Thank you so much, @GourmetGetaway:disqus 🙂 I like the casual ones too – they’re so “real life” aren’t they? 🙂

Sosae - I wish it would rain here too! All winter long we’ve only had just one good downpour. Love your photos, as usual. Your blog is like a mini-vacation for me. lol

Breanne @ This Vintage Moment - I do so love a good rain storm but right now in grey winter, I am savouring every splash of sunshine and blue sky. =)

mlleparadis - yup, i would definitely taking some rain now! we’re being teased – we’ve had too overcast days now but no big fat raindrops. send a few spare ones over?

the pics are lovely!


Adri Barr Crocetti - What a lovely post, and what glorious photographs. This is my first visit to your beautiful site, and what a joy it is! Thank you.

Sarah Kenney - So fun to read about life across this globe. We’re having a winter ice advisory for tomorrow. That is pretty serious down here because the city isn’t equipped for winter ice/snow. Everyone is excited about seeing this weather pattern but the highways will be a mess!

Joanne (eats well with others) - Now if only some of that rain could make it’s way to California, I think everyone would be happy! Droughts always make me so anxious!

Maureen Shaw - We saw the clouds but missed the lightning, thunder and rain It rained a bit during the night but it was just soft rain with no theatrics. I agree it looks wonderful after a rain.

Margaret | DestinationHere&Now - Send some of that delicious rain down our way will you please Krista? I have pear envy. Your pears are waaay bigger than mine 😉

Cathy - A great cheery post about rain Krista. Personally I love it when the sun shines, after it hasn’t been for a while (which can be quite relevant here in England) 🙂

budgetjan - Rain, glorious fat healing drops. Rain when we really need it is the best thing in the world. I love the smell of it and hearing it approach across the roof tops. Lucky You 🙂

James - I miss the smell of Eucalyptus after the rain.

Ken Powell - Phryne, eh?! The only other Phryne I know is the fictitious Miss Phryne Fisher character played by Essie Davis. She is drop dead gorgeous and talented, as you are 🙂

Tandy Sinclair - there is something so special about rain that quenches the earth, and the soul 🙂

GourmetGetaway - All your photos are gorgeous!
I particularly like the blueberries and thongs images, so casual and satisfying to the soul…

Krista - Poppit has been my nickname since Bear and I first started getting to know each other, @thefisherlady:disqus 🙂 He has a lot of them for me, but that’s the most used one. George came from the character of George Crabtree in Murdoch Mysteries because certain parties claim that he’s just like me. 🙂 And Phryne (pronounce fry-nee) is from a character in a series of Australian mysteries because she’s feisty and independent and kind. 🙂 “heavenly rain” I like that phrase – I can picture all that love and goodness sinking deep into our souls healing all the way down. 🙂 XO

Krista - It wasn’t much but we treasured every drop, @lizposmyk:disqus 🙂 Wishing us both good, heavy rain very soon. XO

thefisherlady - The Colors of Rain

“The richness of the rain made me feel safe and protected;

I have always considered the rain to be healing

—a blanket—

the comfort of a friend.”

Douglas Coupland

I love this Krista! As soon as I saw the pears and rain jeweled I smiled at the title the colors of Rain~ so very honest a statement and so very satisfying to deep down in the soul. These are all such good gifts from our Father’s hand. I love how all the earth colors will turn the ground fertile and fruitful~ how our lives look after heavenly rain soaks us too <3
I love the name Poppit… would love how those three names came to be… especially George … and how do you pronounce the other one?
I am glad for the Rain~ even here in our deep snow zone we have had our very deep share of rain this winter.

Liz Posmyk - Oh so beautiful… how I would love to have some rain here! Love your photographs and words, Krista xo

Krista - Thank you so much, darling, @disqus_xWcV3QGyWP:disqus 🙂 You are not too late at all! Encouragement is ALWAYS on time. 🙂 XOXO

Nicole Wright - Oh this post makes me so happy!! I too love the rain and the beautiful colors it brings out. There’s been less rain than usual this winter and I’m missing it dearly. 😀
And, I may be a bit late, but I LOVE the new blog header and blurb. So perfect. So proud of you dear, love you!

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