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Celebrating with Bear

It’s my favourite kind of Sunday morning. Quiet, dark, and cool with gentle rain falling. It rained all through the night and our parched farm is soaking up every drop. I was up late working when the first drops began to fall, and when I finally crawled into bed I couldn’t sleep for the sheer delight of listening to the rain splash against our tin roof. I’m so thankful.

February has been a month of good things, wonderful things, with big changes that are breathing new life into me. My contract with the law firm ended and I started a new job as a Virtual Assistant for an Australian company that I absolutely love. Each day is a surprise filled with interesting tasks that stretch and intrigue me. This week alone I’ve planned a client’s month long holiday to India, started managing another client’s rental property in Sydney, and developed a marketing strategy for yet another client’s stock brokeridge firm. Add that to my writing, photography, and art work, and my heart is full to bursting with happiness that I am doing work that I love and am excited about doing every day.

With Robbie getting steadily better, my health improving dramatically, our farm transitioning to a more manageable hobby farm, and our medieval family making plans for the new season, we have so much to celebrate.

So celebrate we did.

Friday I finished work early so we canceled the rest of our plans and took ourselves off to Toowoomba for a Day of Doing Happy Things.

We had brunch at our favourite deli and had a good visit discussing medieval projects and the next steps for developing our farm. We picked up a luscious triple crème brie and freshly baked sourdough kalamata olive bread to take home with us, then went treasure hunting at every thrift store we could find.

It was so much fun, especially since we’d purposed to only get things that made us feel happy inside.

It was splendid fun. We went to our old favourite shops and chatted with our lovely mates who always give us special deals and extra discounts just because.

Then we asked Google for suggestions and found so many thrift stores we didn’t even know existed! What a jolly time we had rifling through stacks of books and piles of linens, perusing racks of dishes and shelves of dvds and sorting through a hodgepodge of who knows what until we saw something that gave our heart a lurch and we knew it had to come home with us.

We found glass bottles I can use for my medieval potions and skincare products I make at home, gorgeous old plates and aged silver that will be perfect for food photo shoots, and wonderful books that will inspire and delight me for years to come.

Bear found just what he wanted for some a medieval projects and I spotted a lovely wooden board that will be perfect for displaying medieval herbs and spices. I found beautiful crisp linens as props for photo shoots, and, my favouritest treasure of all, an exquisite hand-crocheted, hand-embroidered tablecloth. The lady at the shop told me it was so precious they wouldn’t sell it for ages, just had it on display in their window. But the day we arrived they’d decided to sell and I brought it home where it will be dearly loved.

We ended our lovely day out with cake and a visit with Oma, then returned home with full and happy hearts, excited about this next phase of our life together.

Rain is falling again, so thankful, and bread is almost ready to take out of the oven. I think I’ll make a pot of soup then snuggle down on the couch on the back porch with one of my new books to read until I fall asleep on this Perfect for Napping day. xo

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Cheryl - So wonderful! Krista, I have other blogs I follow and enjoy, but yours is the only one I anxiously read as soon as I get a notification because it calms and soothes me. So happy things are going well for you.

Cathy - So glad to hear Krista that your life is full of so much goodness at the moment. No wonder you and Bear decided to celebrate! Absolutely just xx

budget jan - What a lovely post, full of inspiration. I’m glad that we live in a country where we cherish rain and enjoy the dripping coolness!

Lorraine - Awesome, great to hear you got some soaking rain and such a fun filled day.

Liz (Good Things) - Beautiful!

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