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A Time for Ramblings

I can do hard things.

It’s what I tell myself on a daily basis. It’s my sometimes hourly shot of courage that keeps me taking one more step, tackling one more task, pushing through until “it” is done.

I’ve done things I never thought I could just by repeating that soul-stirring phrase to my weary self. And afterwards I look back and smile and think, “Girl, you’re way stronger than you thought.”

We all are.

There are a lot of hard things in the world right now, and it gives me courage to press on doing good and standing up for what’s just and right when I can look back and know: “I’ve done hard things before. I can do hard things now.”

So we press on.

Last weekend I had interviews and photoshoots for Highlife magazine, and instead of dashing from one appointment to another, I scheduled a whole day on the road with plenty of time for stops and detours and a picnic.

It was gorgeous and cloudy, deliciously cool after day upon day of sweltering heat, and I opened my windows and luxuriated in it.

I visited a sheep station on the flats and a cattle station in alpine country near the Bunya Mountains. How I loved visiting such inspiring people who opened their homes and shared their stories. With such good people in this world, there is always hope.

On the way home I took my time, meandering down side roads and stopping wherever my fancy took me. As I drove past a little whistle stop of a town, I followed signs to a place called Coomba Water Hole.

boulders at Coomba Water Hole
I parked in a clearing in the boulder strewn bush and followed a trail that led past granite outcroppings and hundreds of grass trees. A wide, sturdy staircase led down, down, down until I glimpsed the shimmer of water through the trees.

water hole

I climbed down past multi-coloured cliffs, in awe of the wild, rugged beauty of this place I’d never even heard of.

Emerging on the shores of this gorgeous little pool made the entire trip worth it. The stress of long work days, the ache of heavy lifting on the farm, it all melted away as I stood in this place that to me, at least, was magical.

Nearby a rope swing hung from a towering tree, and kids were having a marvellous time swinging out over the water before dropping in with whoops and splashes. Back by the cliffs their parents took advantage of the distraction to indulge in a bit of canoodling. Behind me an Indian family arrived, laughing and talking and posing on the rocks. One man kept turning this way and that, saying, “Does this make me look fat?” The women of the family instructed him just how to stand to get the best angle. Moments later his brother leapt up on the rock, hands on hips, “You can take a picture of me from any angle. I KNOW I look good!” I love people. 🙂

It was a wonderful spot and I’m so glad I stopped. I look forward to another cool day when Bear’s injuries have healed so I can whisk him off here for a picnic.

Now luvs, it’s time for bed. I’ve been working so hard this week, trying to get everything done by Saturday night so I could have a real day off with Bear on Sunday. I worked 13 hours straight today to pull it off, and I did it!! So excited to sleep in tomorrow, have hot buttered muffins and coffee for breakfast, then do whatever we feel like for a whole day. What are you looking forward to this weekend? xo

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Lorraine - What a lovely surprise, my favourite pastime is to go for a drive and just pull off the main road and follow a sign to a place and see what delights unfold. Love the post and the photos. You are strong and optimistic which sees you through and that is the way to be x

budget jan - What a find that waterhole is. It is stunning and to think you had never heard of it before. Imagine all these other people having found it too. I hope Bear heals quckly and well so that you can take him back with you.

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