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Wallabies and Gnocchi in the Bunya Mountains

After Sue and I left the historic Woolshed at Jondaryan, we headed north on our adventure. We aimed for the Bunya Mountains, a place that promised forest, views, and cooler temperatures.

It did not disappoint.

As Sue’s trusty van inched higher and higher up into the mountains, we opened our windows to breathe in the fresh air and brrr! We could hardly believe the difference in temperatures between our farm and the Bunya Mountains as we switched from sweltering to shivering. We hastily pulled cozy flannel shirts over our sundresses and felt much better.

How I loved it. With overcast skies that foretold rain, dense forest, massive trees, and clean, cold air, it felt just like my old stomping grounds in Canada or Washington State.

As we moseyed our way through the trees, exclaiming at the massive Bunya pines and dramatically twisting vines, we emerged into a clearing that would serve as our home for the next two days and nights.

Much to our delight, we weren’t the only ones in residence. All over the grassy sward were wallabies happily noshing on green grass.

I know these beauties are normal sights to most Aussies, but to my Canadian self they are still a novelty.

Aren’t they gorgeous? The ones on our farm hightail it out of sight as soon as they catch wind of us, but these lovelies ignored us completely, utterly unfazed by our presence, letting us wander among them sighing happily at their adorableness.

They amazed me as they nuzzled each other, scratched an itchy elbow, and hopped from one verdant patch to the next.

The most wonderful moment was when a tiny joey hopped out of its mother’s pouch to have a bit of a graze with the grown-ups before crawling right back in again for a snuggle.

We finally tore ourselves away from wallaby-watching when the rumble of thunder reminded us we’d better get our camp set up before the storm arrived.

We found a spot with lovely views of the woods and hastily arranged table and chairs, organized food supplies and Sue’s van room, and put up my tent. I closed the last zipper a mere 40 seconds before the rain pelted down. I hid inside for the duration, listening to the rain pelt against my waterproof tarp as I cozied in and read my book, thinking that I couldn’t have asked for a better start to our trip.

The storm dissipated after a few chapters, and Sue and I emerged from our homes into the rain-washed air to make a hot dinner.

Sue poured wine and collected the fresh basil as I boiled up plump gnocchi and poured on a simple tomato sauce and generous sprinklings of Parmesan cheese.

Then we settled into our cushion-topped chairs to chat, eat, and watch our neighbors attempt to wrestle a too-big mattress into a too-small tent. It took seven of them huffing and puffing, pushing and shoving, but they managed it. We were duly impressed.

After welcoming us with a humdinger of a rainy storm, the Bunya Mountains made up for it with a spectacular sunset.

It was the end of a wonderful first day of adventuring in Southern Queensland. xo

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Deborah Regen - Stunning!

Hotly Spiced - That sunset is so pretty. I wished you’d videoed seven people trying to stuff a too-big mattress inside a too-small tent. That activity for you must have been better than watching TV. Your gnocchi dinner looks very gourmet and I never tire of looking at wallabies xx

Emma - That scenery – just stunning, and the fact you get to spot kangaroos in the wild! Beautiful sunset to top it all off as well! 🙂

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - That sunset was truly amazing!

Cheryl - How rejuvenating! What a peaceful escape!

Liz (Good Things) - Beautiful images, Krista xx

Anna @ shenANNAgans - How totally cooooooool! I always picture the faces of folk reading/looking at posts that are Australiana like yours today, I imagine them squealing with delight seeing the roos and beautiful bushland, but maybe that is because I still have that reaction. Beautiful country my friend, and sounds like a wonderful way to holiday.

budget jan - I’m Australian but I still get a thrill out of being close to Wallabies – and Koalas. Gorgeous photos and what a welcome the mountains put on for you!

Cathy - Looks and sounds fabulous Krista. A great start to your getaway 🙂

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