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Healing Places

Early morning is my favorite when the last month of Summer tries to knock us flat with one searing heat wave after another. For those few short hours our little world is cool and fresh and I can’t wait to go outside.

On such days I need my gardens. I need to see growth and life and thriving when the world seems lethargic and thirsty. I love to go out in the dark, or just as the sun is rising, and lavish water on everything in sight.

The garden is one of my healing places, places that calm, soothe, restore, and inspire, and always send me on my way feeling strong, brave, and whole. The woods, the ocean or a lake, a river or stream tumbling over rocks, the mountains, homes of dear friends, our back veranda, holding hands with Bear, and the offices of the healers who have done so much to restore me in body and soul – Bernadette and Emma, I’m looking at you. xo

This morning it was wonderful to make my own rain with the hose and create water droplets everywhere that glistened and sparkled as the sun rose.

I harvested tomatoes and green capsicum and shared our first four marionberries with Bear. Then I fed the dogs, filled the goose pond, and made sure everybody had plenty of water. I rescued a sheep who somehow got himself stuck on his side between two logs (??) then headed inside and made pickled carrots with cumin seeds and black peppercorns.

I returned to my work with a full heart, thankful for a fridge filled with cold watermelon, berries and yogurt for smoothies, and cold roast beef for sandwiches to keep us going as the heat rises.

flowering comfrey

Now my work is done and I get to park in front of a fan with a cold glass of apricot water and read the latest Enid Blyton story I found at a thrift store: “Tuppeny, Feefo and Jinks.” With a title like that I just know I’ll love it.

Where are your healing places? xo

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Sylvia - Your photos are lovely, cooling & refreshing Krista, just what you need on a hot day.
Like you my special place in with nature either in the garden or in Nature & a camera in hand. Sylvia Allan.

Sylvia - Your photos arelLovely, cooling & refreshing Krista, just what you need on a hot day.
Like you my special place in with nature either in the garden or in Nature & a camera in hand. Sylvia Allan.

Cecilia - Just looking at your pictures has a healing effect! Beautiful! Thanks!

Cheryl - Being outside in the sun slowly but surely makes me feel better. I was told that counting trees decreases stress. And my two cups of coffee in the morning and large glass of wine in the evening are nurturing. Beautiful pictures Krista!

Lorraine - Lovely Krista you are an inspiration. My places are wide open spaces with nature and a view or with friends just like you 😘

budget jan - Walking on a beach, sitting in the shade of the trees in our garden (anytime but especially in the afternoon), having coffee with our daughter, making a cake for a friend and reading one of your posts Krista.

Karin@yumandmore - Lovely thoughts Krista. Yes nature is my healing place too and I have to go out of my way to seek it since living on the 10th floor but I love getting up for sunrise and watching with coffee as another day and golden opportunity to heal rises. xox Karin

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