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A Good Bit of Rest

The wind is howling through the trees, sending anything not securely fastened skittering across the farmyard. It’s wreaking havoc on gardens throughout the region, but is doing a first rate job of drying laundry in record time…if you can manage to get it to stay on the line.

It’s been a sick week for me as I battle allergies and a dreadful flu that feels like every joint has a migraine. Thankfully on Saturday I was able to sleep 15 ½ hours, and that made a huge difference. I’m still groggy and sore, but nausea and fever are gone, and I’m able to potter now between rests.

The weekend was a lovely recovery time of naps and reading and sitting on the veranda, letting the wind roar as we slept in and didn’t worry one smidgen about getting up or doing anything.

Sunday morning I woke first and crept out to the kitchen to brew coffee and enjoy the morning sunshine streaming in the kitchen window.

I put Bear’s coffee on his dresser so he could find it when he woke up, then returned to the kitchen to sip my latte and read up on curing fish.

We will be going to the Gold Coast for fresh fish soon, so I wanted to get a head start on planning which recipes to try, and make sure I have all the spices, herbs, and other condiments we will need – dill, juniper berries, peppercorns, etc.

I grew up on salmon, Rainbow trout, and herring, but am an utter novice when it comes to Australian fish. I want to make Danish roll mops for Christmas, Mexican ceviche for these hot spring days, and Norwegian-style smoked fish just because it’s so delicious. I’m excited to learn good Aussie substitutes for the fish I’m familiar with.

When Bear woke up we visited over our coffees then he went to feed the chickens while I wandered out to my gardens for inspiration for breakfast. Green onions, tender asparagus, and a big tomato from our friends (thanks, Sallie and Marshall!) became perfect accompaniment to fresh eggs and our own smoked bacon. I must admit it gave me a big ol’ smile to look down at my cutting board and realize that everything on it was home grown or home made. I know not everyone has access to such things, and my heart swelled with gratitude for this oft crazy life we’ve built that brings us so much happiness.

Today I’m back to work, taking things slow and steady so I can get better soon. Bear is out with the goats while I do photoshoots and wood-burning and make a gigantic batch of mulberry lemonade to keep us hydrated on these dry, windy, and hot spring days. xo

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Sylvia - Atta Girl inspiration, but take it easy won’t you?
We are struggling with our pumpkins ATM. Both Dams are empty & tank only a third full. We just topped it up with 2,700 gallon 2 weeks ago. can not afford to do it again until another 2 weeks, as we just spent a few hundred getting the 2 dams joined together. so now we need rain desperately. I have 500 plants in so far hope to get another 100 or so in tomorrow, optimistic? that’s me, I believe in prayer.
Like you, I was supposed to be in bed with my foot up because of a really bad big toe infection from a spider bite. But I kept planting all my little seedlings. Couldn’t watch them deteriorate from being potted to long. (I Think there has to be about 150 different varieties.)
been working really hard, & need rest now.
Get well soon. Kindest regards. (Yeh! I Know we teach best what we need to learn ourselves.) Sylvia.

Cathy - I think it is a credit to you Krista that everything there is homemade or home grown. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, but glad that you are on the mend 🙂

Summer - Sorry about the flu and all♥ Have a lovely day ♥

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