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Rest by the Sea

I’ve learned that healing is more than just rest and medicine, it’s also doing the things that soothe and restore us in body and spirit.

Pain, exhaustion, nausea, all these things are debilitating enough on their own, when you add loneliness and isolation, they are much worse. So when my body has its down times on its path to healing, I try to incorporate the things I know are good for me and make me smile: extra sleep, simple food, good movies and books, and time spent in nature with lovely people.

I’m not up to driving yet, but Bear has kindly stepped into chauffeur position and takes me for little drives to keep my spirits up. Sometimes it’s just through the country to look at mountains and rainforest, others he takes me to a new thrift store for a bit of treasure hunting or to a favorite cafe for something decadent and delicious that neither of us have to cook. It’s been so nice and makes the hard things much easier to bear.

This week he drove me to the city to meet up with a dear friend for cuppas, chats, and time by the sea.

The skies were beautifully stormy as we drove to Sandgate with our friend Elizabeth. She’d invited us out for lunch at the tiny but bustling Doug’s Seafood Cafe set right across the street from acres of sand, wind-tossed palm trees, and seagulls hoping for a handout.

Elizabeth always has lovely surprises for us when we visit her, and this time she pulled from her bag a fully chilled bottle of Prosecco!!! How utterly delightful.

While Bear poured us glasses of bubbly, Elizabeth hustled off to place a secret order, so excited to surprise us.

And boy, did she!!!

A whole platter of oysters on the half shell, delectably fresh, tender, and delicious.

Another platter of fresh prawns, plump and meaty and wonderful, with a little bowl of lemon water to keep our fingers clean.

And the food kept coming! Crisp coleslaw, sweet corn and mixed lettuces, fried Barramundi, and plenty of hot, salty, chips.

It was marvelous, and we laughed with delight like kids viewing Christmas dinner.

It was so nice to sit and visit and eat and enjoy the view and people watching, our faces cooled by misty sea breezes wafting in.

After our sumptuous feast I headed to the beach to soak up scattered rain drops, gusty winds, and the exquisite beauty of the ocean at low tide.

It was mostly deserted, pools of salt water looking like swirls of paint on the canvas of the dark sand. I found a seat on the rock wall and watched dogs gallop through the water, their owners strolling contentedly behind them.

I love the ocean. Especially when it’s dark, stormy, and there’s hardly a soul to be seen. I find these moments deeply peaceful, my scattered thoughts slowing down to the gentle cadence of distant waves and the rustle of palm fronds overhead.

I sat for a long time, soaking it all in, breathing deeply of salt-tinged air, closing my eyes and letting the wind play merry havoc with my hair.

Then I went for a little stroll too, my eyes roaming the sand for treasures like this wonderfully weathered bit of driftwood.

I watched seagulls swoop and toddle and bob along at their private swimming hole.

I found a couple of shells in dusky shades of rose and rust, their surfaces mottled and roughened from a long journey tumbled about by waves and sand.

I marveled at the beach, it’s surface dotted with tiny balls of sand created by sand crabs.

And I took pictures, so many pictures, so I can return to this place any time even if I’m tucked up in bed.

It was a beautiful day, and we returned home to our farm with light hearts and good memories.

Do you have a favorite place to go that always lifts your spirits? xo

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Emma - Such beautiful pictures Krista. Sounds like a very lovely and restorative lunch, and the walk afterwards? Heavenly!

Anna @ shenANNAgans - Wonderful, the sea is so healing and rejuvenating, good you are doing the things that make you feel better. For me, being in nature with my fam bam and puppy Little Chef is totally and absolutely my happy place. Bring on the next long weekend, am coastal bound.

Lorraine @Not Quite Nigella - I’m so glad that you’re looking after yourself and your soul well. There is nothing like the company of good, thoughtful friends. And all that divine looking food is wonderful! 😀

Judith Works - Very thoughtful and comforting piece. Be well Krista

Cheryl - Being away from technology, lights, noise and just taking in the soothing, natural sounds of the sea is healing.

Nancy | Plus Ate Six - The sea never fails to lift my spirits. I used to love walking the dog along the beach in the winter when I was all rugged up and bent over walking into the wind. Love a good winter walk to dust off the cobwebs.

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - A walk on the beach does it for me as well Krista 😀

Liz Posmyk (Good Things) - There is almost no nicer place to be than beside the sea. xx

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