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Storms and Friendship

I’m on the veranda this morning, wrapped tightly in a warm red blanket as cold winds howl though the trees sending anything lightweight hurtling across the farm yard. Animals are huddled close out of the gale, keeping each other warm, and I’m thankful that all my newly planted spring seeds and seedlings are cozy and safe in my straw bale greenhouse.

I’m on day six of recovery from a venomous wolf spider bite, taking heart that experts say these dreadful symptoms should only last ten days. Although the symptoms have been wretched, I’ve really enjoyed my enforced downtime as I’ve napped, rested, read, watched a new season of Murdoch Mysteries, and planned things with Bear.

Before I got really sick, we were staying with our friend Sue and woke Monday morning to this beautiful sight.

sunlit breakfast table
I love visiting Sue. She always makes us feel thoroughly loved and spoiled with all sorts of little surprises, from newly picked flowers and homemade blueberry wine to buckets of jaboticaba fruit and the most wonderful breakfasts held in brilliant morning sunshine. If you have to be bitten by a wolf spider, her house is a marvellous place to start your recovery.

We were also able to visit our friend Oma, an experience which never fails to put huge smiles on our faces. She taught me how to make what she calls Hungarian Hodgepodge. We fried up garlic, fresh red capsicum, tomatoes, and her homemade prosciutto, then poached chicken and duck eggs in that savoury lusciousness. Such a marvellous dish on a cold rainy day, especially when served with homemade bread and butter followed by small glasses of her potent homemade cherry brandy.

We swapped seeds and sipped cherry liqueur and made plans to butcher a pig when I’m better so we can fill our freezers and larders with sausages, hams, prosciutto, pickled pork, salami, and Hungarian hurka. I’m so excited, and truly thankful for lovely moments with good friends to see us through the hard times.

Now it’s storming in earnest and time to head inside for a cuppa, some cookies, and the next episode of Murdoch.

Wishing you a restful weekend. xo

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Velva - If you are going to be under the weather its best done with people who can take good care of you-You found that! By now, your 10 days should be fast approaching. Hope you are feeling better.


Prateek - Glad to know you are feeling better, it’s always a positive feeling to be surrounded by those who care for you and that is a beautiful home!

Prateek - Glad to know you are feeling better and recovering, your friend’s house is beautiful indeed!

Eloise - That is a scary, specially when I googled more about wolf spider bites, I hope that you recover soon. Your friend’s place seems peaceful and so calm, a good place for a retreat. You are lucky to have such friends, who offer her place and company on times when you needed them most. 🙂

Cheryl@neuroticbaker - Spider bites are the worst! It’s so nice to have supportive friends to take care of you and to share in such scrumptious sounding treats!

Jennifer - Glad to hear you’re on the mend from that spider bite!

Rosemary - There is nothing better than being “spoiled” when not feeling well. Glad you are getting all that you need for self care and recovery. The food looks delicious…With that love and care, you’ll be back on your feet in no time 🙂 Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

Sabrina - I hope you feel back to normal soon! Gorgeous pictures 🙂

Elaine J Master - Sounds like the perfect antidote! Wolf Spider bite sounds dreadful. I hope you recover quickly.

Turkey's For Life - Eeek, hope you get well soon from the spider bite. This is the second time you’ve had a bad bite isn’t it? 🙁 But yeah, your friend’s house looks like a lovely place to be if you’re not feeling well. 🙂

Serina - Oh dear, a wolf spider? I am glad that you are still so positive and enjoying being surrounded by the love of good friends and sharing good food in the midst of it.

Kirsty - Oh Krista, so sorry to hear about that nasty spider bite you took, but it sounds like you have made the most of your forced down time. I hope you recover to 100% very soon. Your friend Sue’s home looks light filled and cosy. Just the place to be for recuperation and restoration.

Ken - Oh no, Krista. I guess we can only say that the wolf spider has great taste. I hope it hasn’t slowed your preparation for the great Faire at St ives in three weeks 😉

Evelyne CulturEatz - Poor you I am glad you are nearing the end of your recover.But what great friends offering such treats. Funny I just posted pics of a trip to Hungary.

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