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Time for Building, Time for Resting

The sun has edged over the horizon, pale and diffused through hazy clouds. Bear is out with the goats, keeping watch on them from his motorbike as they feast on tender green shoots that burst through the undergrowth after massive rains. I’m in bed, keeping warm as I rest and recover from a venomous bite that has left me exhausted, nauseous, and aching. I love Australia dearly, but some of her critters are decidedly inhospitable.

My friend Sarah tells me that when a spider bites, it’s a sign that I’m supposed to start writing again. That made me smile, so I’ve made a cozy little flannel-lined nest for myself where I can rest and sleep and write, with two windows so I can watch birds and sheep and goats and husband as they go about their work.

flowering tree branches

Until the bite happened, Bear and I were thoroughly enjoying a time of building on our farm. We’ve both been through so much the past couple of years, and it was wonderful to get our zest for life back, to sit and talk for hours about dreams and plans for our little world here. It was especially good to start putting those hopes into action.

We’ve been working really hard, trimming tree branches to make shady work areas under a leafy canopy, building new pens for turkeys and ducks, and planting all sorts of trees from hazelnuts and avocados to beautiful natives like grevillea and banksia.

We’ve been clearing out detritus from old projects and it feels marvellous to see cluttered areas clean and usable again.

We have remodelling plans underway, collecting the wood and equipment we need to put in much-needed storage. We love our tiny house but at the moment it’s not suitable for the creative people that we are. We need space for my wood-burning and Bear’s chain maille projects, his leatherwork and my woodwork, our sewing projects and bee-keeping stuff and wine-making equipment, not to mention a better way to store our beloved but space-consuming medieval gear.

We have a long ways to go, but we’ve made a good start and it feels amazing.

In between work projects I’ve continued to do farm-y and garden-y things. August was all about cheese-making – halloumi, feta, mascarpone, ricotta, and cottage. It makes me smile to open our fridge and pull out my very own feta for salads and soups.

I’ve been blanching and freezing broccoli, so much broccoli, juicing jaboticaba to make liqueur, and feasting on fresh asparagus and sugar snap peas and blueberries from my gardens.

I’m glad we got so much work done, for now it’s time to rest, really rest, and let my body heal. I had a bit of a woe-is-me moment this morning, but a good cry and chat with Bear put me to rights. It is what it is. Of course I’d much rather be outside planting things and doing projects with Bear, but that will come later. For now I will rest and make the most of this time to read good things and take naps and watch movies and dream dreams.

The time for building will return soon enough.

magenta fruit tree blossoms

Now it’s nap time. Wishing you a beautiful week whether you’re building or resting. xo

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Rambling Tart - I’m so glad you like the pics, Prateek. 🙂 It makes me really happy to take pictures and it’s lovely to know you’re enjoying them. 🙂

Rambling Tart - Life is rather surprising sometimes, Elissa. 🙂 Thankful to be feeling a bit stronger today with a few more non-nauseous moments.

Rambling Tart - Oh no! Poor Claire. 🙁 I hope she feels much better soon. This is only week one for me so I’ve got a ways to go, but at least it’s one less week to endure. 🙂

Rambling Tart - Thank you, Cheryl 🙂 So grateful for time to rest and my hubs who is helping extra while I’m down.

Prateek - Your garden pics are beautiful as always.Sorry to hear about the spider bite and love your positive attitude how you took it as a sign to write again! Keep up the good work and the beautiful pics, and of course keep on making cheese loved the posts and the instagram pics!

Elissa - Wow, life throws some unexpected things at us sometimes! A spider bite! Glad you are able to rest and hoping your body does heal, our bodies are often pretty good at that kind of stuff, in time. Your feta looks amazing, love hearing about the projects and things you are up to on the farm.

Rosemary - So sorry to hear about your spider bite. Claire got bitten just recently and it has taken a toll. Two weeks and still recovering. Glad you are taking time out for yourself…it’s what the body needs!! Be well!

Cheryl - So sorry about the spider bite. It sure can get discouraging when plans are interfered with. Glad you are adaptable and taking the time you need to rest.

Rambling Tart - A hug and a kiss from you absolutely made my day, Karin!!! Thank you so much, amazing lady. XO Your courage inspires me always.

Karin@yumandmore - This sounds so fresh and positive! I can feels and smell the spring in your words. Too bad that spider slowed you down. But everything happens for a reason so listen to your body and rest. enjoy the sounds and things you see that you don’t always have time for. That great thing about spring is that you can see the growth daily. what a great way to heal! now all you need is some hugs so I’m sending ine here xox and a kiss for good measure 😘

Rambling Tart - Thank you, Evelyne! He was a vengeful little bugger, but I’m feeling a smidgen better each day, and that is good.:-)

Rambling Tart - Thank you, Cathy. 🙂 The bite IS a bit of a humbug, but I’m trying to embrace this luxurious down time it’s afforded me. 🙂

Rambling Tart - Thanks so much for cheering me on, Tandy! 🙂 Today is a little bit better than yesterday and I’m thankful for it.

Rambling Tart - I’m so happy to meet you, Nadia! I loved reading your words – I resonate with SO much of what you wrote. This life we’re building is downright exhausting and overwhelming some days. Figuring out what to plant and where, learning what works in our soil and what doesn’t, so much trial and error. I look forward to following your adventures. 🙂

Evelyne CulturEatz - Oh I am so sorry about your bite, spiders are nasty but venemous ones, I can’t imagine. your place sounds so beautiful and I am in awe of all your gorgeous projects.

Cathy - Sorry to hear about your spider bite Krista – but I love the sound of your cheese making. You are such a productive lady when you can be. Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - Spider bites can be viscous. I hope you recover quickly and get a move on with making your dreams a reality 🙂

Nadia - How lovely to find your blog through out little network of bloggers! We have just bought 23acres and have just planted an orchard. We are now in the process of planning the rest of the gardens. Being food orientated the next step is the vegetable garden of course! Although I can find it overwhelming at times. Because nothing has ever been done, if any mistakes are made with positioning etc, it’s all our fault! Sometimes the sheer number of possibilities and choices is overwhelming! Although, our budget helps to narrow them down somewhat!!

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