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Boondooma Homestead and Gnocchi for Breakfast

As I Sue and I left gorgeous Jimbour House, we bid farewell to its lush gardens and lavish buildings and motored down the road past endless fields and tiny villages, keeping a weather eye open for a place to stay the night.

We’d decided beforehand not to limit ourselves with reservations or pre-planned stops, so finding a place to pitch my tent each day was always a bit of an adventure.

So far we’d been lucky, finding a wonderful camping spot in the Bunya Mountains with access to unlimited hot showers. (Is there anything better whilst camping than a hot shower?)

As the sun sank lower and our road led us down increasingly uninhabited stretches, we started to get a wee bit nervous. We drove onward, hoping for a campsite yet contemplated just parking under a sturdy tree for the night before it got too dark.

Then I spotted a sign for heritage listed Boondooma Homestead. We didn’t know what it might be – a museum? A restaurant? An empty site where something important used to be? But we decided to give it a go.

What a delight it turned out to be.

Boondooma Homestead is actually Boondooma Homestead Museum and Heritage Complex. It is a quirky yet interesting hodgepodge of heritage buildings and a range of accommodation from cabins and camping to a caravan park. There are hot showers (yay!) and clean bathrooms, acres of space to wander through, and friendly hosts who welcome everyone for nibbles and drinks each evening.

Heritage-listed Boondooma Homestead was the center of the original Boondooma Station, which was settled in 1846 by three young Scotsmen. They brought in sheep to provide an income of tallow and wool, and shepherds from Germany and China to keep the flocks safe.

Being so isolated, Boondooma relied on supplies brought in by wagon twice a year and stored in the Stone Store pictured below.

The Stone Store was built to store and dispense supplies to the Station workers, and later to local settlers until 1922.

You can take a guided tour of Boondooma Homestead, and explore many old buildings such as the post office (1850), original shepherd’s hut (1861), cool shed, and the original homestead that was completed in 1855. You can also participate in several events throughout the year including Spirit of the Bush, a heritage weekend and balladeers muster, and Scots in the Bush, a celebration of the Scottish people who opened up so much of Australia.

We, however, were happy to simply set up camp and enjoy a good visit, a glass of wine, and the stunning views of trees and fields.

I didn’t get to enjoy the facilities as much as I normally would since I had an epic bout of heatstroke thanks to way too much sun during the day. I’d forgotten that in Australia, even when it’s lovely and cool (in the Bunya Mountains), the sun is fierce and will knock a Canadian girl flat if she’s not careful.

So I guzzled water, had a lovely sleep, and woke to this view the next morning.

We were amazed at the peace and quiet of the place, and the utter absence of flies and mosquitoes. It was marvelous.

We had a leisurely morning, reading our books while we sipped our coffees and watched the sunrise.

We had those blissful hot showers then sat down to the dinner I was too ill for the night before. I’ve never had gnocchi for breakfast before, but it was splendid, especially with a fresh tomato sauce, fresh basil, and a couple of crispy roasted sausages.

What a difference a good sleep and some good food makes. Heatstroke was a (mostly) distant memory, and I was ready for our next adventure.

What is your favorite camping breakfast? xo

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Hotly Spiced - I’m sorry to hear about the heatstroke but you definitely found a gem of a place and I love the history. That photo of the stone storehouse is stunning xx

Eileen | The Food Avenue - It would be hard to convince me to go camping… but gnocchi for breakfast just might do it! 😀

Lauren - What a beautiful barn/homestead! I adore barn conversions so this place really enchants me 🙂 like you, I have also never had gnocchi for breakfast but it’s a dinner
Time favourite, maybe I should give it a try!

Serina aka Ms Frugal Ears - I’ve had heatstroke before when travelling in Taiwan – it’s not fun, is it. That thudding headache and listlessness …

Gnocchi looks fabulous – did you make it? Amazed at your camping cuisine.

Tandy I Lavender and Lime - Heatstroke is not fun. What a lovely setting and breakfast 😀

Anna @ shenANNAgans - Brilliant idea making breakfast gnocchi, you should trade mark the bajinkas out of that idea. 🙂 I have only been camping once in my adult life and it was with a vegetarian, so we ate these weird vego sausages and eggs and bush tomatoes. Edible, but nothing to write home about. 🙂

Lauren - What a beautiful barn/homestead! I adore converted barns into homes, so this one really has me enchanted! Like you, I’ve never had gnocchi for breakfast before but it’s one of my favourites for dinner. A very interesting read, thank you for the history too! 🙂

Evelyne CulturEatz - What a great idea to have gnocchi for breakfast, looks awesome and wish I was on the trip.

Rosa - Such a beautiful place! Those gnocchi looks delicious.



Paula McInerney - Heat stroke can even slip up on we Aussie girls, and water is the only solution. I can just imagine how much you enjoyed the gnocchi for breakfast. Lovely photos.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - I’ve never had gnocchi for breakfast but glad to hear that you were feeling better the next day! 😀

Turkey's For Life - Ohh, that looks like a great discovery! 🙂 And gnocchi for breakfast? We love gnocchi but a breakfast serving would be a first…but as for those sausages…Mmmm. 🙂

Tania | My Kitchen Stories - Oh Krita you make it sound like an adventure even I would love. What an amazing place you stumbled onto!

mlleparadis - i could do with a tent, a dry field, and some sausages just about now! the gnocchi….hmmm…will have to think about that. maybe w/ maple syrup which i hear is the new super food. xo!

thefisherlady - my best was the breakfast my youngish son made his first waffles; they were amazingly light and just the right crispness and tenderness and the flavour!~ I exclaimed, Jedaiah! How did you do this!!
He said,”Mom, I followed the recipe!”

Oana@AdoreFoods - Gnocchi for breakfast sounds just right! I cannot believe what a gem you have discovered. I quickly google the place as I had no idea where it could be. Did not adventure that much in the inland area, just the shores 🙂 I am in awe with your early morning view. So glad it was just a mild heatstroke and you’re feeling great now. Cannot wait to see where you’re heading/ stopping next. xo

Liz (Good Things) - Gnocchi for brekky! Awesome!

Cathy - That sounds like a super breakfast to have while camping Krista and your photos are stunning. It really looks like a very interesting place 🙂

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