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Little Moments

It’s been dark and stormy the past few days, luscious rain falling, cool winds bringing wondrous relief from the searing heat and humidity of last week. It’s lovely.

Our responsibilities have taken us all over the place in recent weeks, back and forth to the city and town, running errands, keeping appointments, and, for me, taking on new work. It’s been fun, interesting, challenging, and, it must be admitted, utterly exhausting.

But we’ve learned that in order to avoid letting ourselves get run down, we have to plan as vigilantly for relaxation as we do for work. Sometimes we stop mid-journey for a walk in a park or along a mountain trail, others we stop under a shady tree for a picnic or nap. Last week we stopped at a bakery we’d never been to before, Banneton in Woolloongabba.

We settled in with cuppas – flat white for me, long black for Bear – and chose decadent desserts to spoil ourselves.

We both chose sour cherry desserts – who can resist sour cherries? Bear had the dark chocolate sour cherry tart and I had the sour cherry custard topped with toasted almonds. Both were lovely, delectable treats to lift our spirits and cheer us on through our to-do list.

It was good to linger, visiting about this and that, watching the resident pigeons toddle about underfoot feasting on fallen crumbs. If I was a pigeon, I’d move to a bakery too.

Before we left we got a loaf of bread that was so scrumptious we returned the very next errand day to pick up 6 more loaves for our freezer so we’d not run out in a hurry. It’s a wood-fired multi-grain sourdough that is chockers, and I do mean chockers, full of deliciousness. There are poppy, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and walnuts and who knows what other goodness. We are smitten, and I’m excited to start experimenting to see if I can replicate it.

What little moments keep you going through the busy times? xo

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Kim - Liv Life - I’ve been wanting to read this post after seeing the FB teaser!! Little moments get us through almost anything, don’t they? Like you, I think it’s important to schedule them if necessary. I take a little nap nearly every afternoon and find that those few moments to myself help me regroup and get through whatever may come! Love love, did I mention love those pastries??! So glad you enjoyed!

Toni | 2 Aussie Travellers - Oh my those sour cherry treats do look divine!

budgetjan - I love the look of those cherry desserts Krista. When we were in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro cherries were in season and we devoured cherry strudels and cherry pies. It was so lovely eating them when they were grown locally. It was the first time we’d seen cherries on a tree!

Tandy Sinclair - I often tell clients to diarize ‘me’ time! I hope you can replicate the bread recipe Krista 🙂

The Hungry Mum - what epic desserts! Everyone needs some downtime and if you can manage that while eating something delish you’re doing well.

Maureen - We don’t take enough little moments and after a while we begin to break down. 🙂 You give great advice. I want that dessert with the chocolatey rolley thing on top and the bread sounds scrummy too.

Gourmet Getaways - Oh, I thought I was full from lunch but now I’m hungry again! I love it when I spy cake 🙂 The sour cherry one with custard on top would be my pick too. I love taking a walk along the beach. We live very close so when I put the kids on the school bus I take a very brisk walk from one end to the next. I always feel like a new person when I finish.

Thanks so much for sharing,
Gourmet Getaways

Deborah Regen - Sour cherry tarts…mmmm! It’s fun to visit a new place and indulge, isn’t it? But working in a bakery – it would be hard to keep slim!

Sosae - Whenever I forget to relax and give myself a break, I think of you and am encouraged. You remind me how important it is to stop, breathe, have a good cup of coffee (and dessert!) and just recharge. Loved your post and photos, as usual. 🙂

Hotly Spiced - I’ll have what you’re having! I do love the look of that custard and sour cherry tart with the shards of chocolate! How lovely to discover a new cafe. I think when you’re rushing about or frazzled, it’s so therapeutic to take time to pause and just step into a cafe and spend a few moments recovering xx

Vannessa@Luxuria - OMG!!! I was salivating throughout that post 😉 Sometimes just taking myself off to my reading nook to meditate or read is all I need .

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