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Do The Things

Do the things that make for peace.

I don’t know where I heard that line, but I like it very much. And I needed it this frazzleicious week after utterly neglecting the self-care that is so necessary for my peace. I easily get caught up in the “have to’s and forget about the little things that make the “have-to’s” so much more bearable. So I stopped myself in my tracks over the weekend and got back to doing the things.

I put on an audio book while I did dishes and made meals, letting myself enjoy someone else’s adventures while I worked.

I migrated between the big green armchair and bed reading an entire book, cover to cover. My reading usually consists of a page here, a chapter there, squeezed in between chores, so this was sheer bliss.

I started a new journal with a gorgeous peacock on the front of it. There’s something about fresh, clean pages that inspire me, and it always does me good to write, write, write until the anxiety and stress are gone.

I met up with Bear around the farm for chats, discussing project priorities, fixing this and that, taking a few more steps towards getting our farm to the place we want it to be. It’s amazing how finishing one niggling project, no matter how little, makes such a great contribution to my sense of well-being.

I went to bed early so my 4:50 a.m. wake up for work wasn’t so shocking.

I harvested beets, asparagus, and peas and planted the seedlings I’ve been nurturing in my greenhouse: purple beans, Jack beans, mystery beans (I always think I’ll remember what seeds I’ve put in and never do!), elderflowers, and heaps of rogue tomatoes I found growing near the base of one of our cider apple trees.

And I started each day with delicious and healthy breakfasts, things that make us happy when we look at them AND when we eat them. Like fried eggs on sweet potatoes sauteed with onion, kale, and butter.

And fried eggs on fresh-picked asparagus sauteed with beef sausage, butter, and nasturtium leaves.

I started this week feeling so much better. My heart nourished, brain stimulated, body rested. Funny how the have-to’s now don’t seem daunting at all.

How do you take care of yourself when life gets rather frazzled? xo

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Gourmet Getaways - Yum! This looks so yummy, I have a tendency to get too busy to do the most important things, like eat breakfast etc… now I’m hungry. Love the look of your breaky xx
Gourmet Getaways

Maureen - There is a time for putting one foot in front of the other and getting on with the must-dos and there is a time for nurturing with a book or a nap. You’re getting very good at this!

Turkey's For Life - Yeah, sometimes, you’ve just got to step back from everything and take time out for yourself. We’re just back from a gület cruise along the southern Turkish coast and it did us the world of good – away from everything. Love the look of your breakfasts! 🙂

Sosae - Krista, you have no idea how much I enjoy your blog. Your posts are always so cozy and homey. I love reading your thoughts, seeing your lovely farm, your beautiful recipes, your trips into town, visits with friends… It’s all so lovely. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Life is not an easy thing to live, but by your example, we can go about it with a touch of charm and good cheer. xoxo – Sosae

Kim - Liv Life - Ahhh, yes. Sometimes we forget that if we neglect ourselves we can’t help others. I’m so glad you had time for the things that make peace for you! And that book?? Something I haven’t had time for in a long time. Or perhaps I should phrase it haven’t “made” time for. Enjoy!

Hotly Spiced - You are an early riser! I’m glad you’re feeling so much better. Your asparagus harvest is wonderful! I do like the look of the meals you have been preparing with almost everything coming from your garden xx

Anna Johnston - Good woman, glad you are looking after you.
I cant believe you wake up at 430am, far out, that alone would be enough to make me feel permanently frazzled.
Beautiful looking brekkie, I have been chowing on very similar brekkie treats. Yarm!
When my life gets frazzled, I pop on a tv series, grab my laptop and write, eat delicious tukka and try to get to bed early, sleep normally fixes a bunch of the ‘off’ feelings. Oh, and I force myself to drink lots of water, and walk around my backyard without shoes to ground me some.

TheSurprisedGourmet - Krista, I like your ways of getting back when the ‘have-tos’ take over. There is something about completing a project, no matter the size, that inspires you to do more. Great looking breakfast plates.

Deborah Regen - I like your idea of listening to audio books to break up the dullness of regular chores. If I’m feeling anxious, I would listen to something humorous to distract me. Laughing out loud is supposed to be healing. I also find making and eating soup very pleasing, comfort food you know. As it is autumn here, I’m into making a nice butternut squash cream soup. If I need additional comfort – it’s cheddar-broccoli-beer soup instead!

Cathy - Those breakfasts look and sound fabulous Krista 🙂 Well done to you for getting things sorted. I’m still trying to work out the best way to tackle tasks when life gets frazzled…

Vannessa@Luxuria - Fabulous post Krista. I know how you feel about buying beautiful notebooks to write in. I am a stationary fiend and I still love good old paper and pen, Those meals looks gorgeous by the way. How do I care for myself? I try and disconnect from all technology, I cook, read and watch TV to unblock the “brain-jam” I usually have going on most days. My self-care usually involves mind-numbing activies xx

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