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Deep Breath

Deep breath.

These are precious words to me. Words that have helped me get through every difficult moment in my life. The words I recite to myself when life gets wobbly and I feel off kilter.

Deep breath.

It always helps. Always.

It’s been a Lots Of Deep Breaths couple of weeks for me. Not terrible, not traumatic, just, well, wobbly. One of those seasons where my body decides it’s time to dig deep again, to wrestle around with fears and insecurities that my weary self would rather just shush for awhile. But shushing doesn’t work. It just makes the Fidgety Things shout louder and make a fuss.

So I’ve stepped back a bit to deal with those things, to look into the scared places and uncertain spots and wavering moments and figure out what my body needs to get back to well-being.

Some things are better now. And I don’t have to remind myself to breathe when I think about them. They’ve lost their power and I’ve gained strength.

Other things will take a while. They require a bit more courage, a bit more love, a bit more understanding before they can be resolved. So I’m waiting quietly with them, wishing them well, trusting that the It’s OK Now will come in time.

Hence, the silence here. I find it quite impossible to write Mid-Wobble.

Soon I will write again, and share my little adventures and small celebrations, but for now I need to breathe and look after the things that need a bit of extra care right now.

Wishing you peaceful hearts and the sure knowledge that you are loved. xo

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Turkey's For Life - Hope you’re feeling well in yourself, soon, Krista – and as budgetjan said below, you did write and it was lovely to read. x

Karin Stienemeier - Wonderful words of wisdom! take of yourself Honey xox

thefisherlady - Mid wobbles can last a while… one gets hungry to write again and tries to squeeze the wobble into hiding so the heart can overflow once more.
I am praying you soar again soon dear friend, meanwhile dance the wobble and smile even a little, hug bear often, and rest.

Anna Johnston - I wish I could give you a big warm cuddle. Take care of you. xox

Nancy - Deep breaths….xx

Cheryl - A wonderful proverb found at Proverbs 3:5,6: “Trust in [God] with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of him, and he will make your paths straight.” Hoping you have peaceful thoughts and inner joy and security.

lisa | renovating italy - mid wobble, what a wonderful way to think of it, deep breath and thanks to you I am not beating myself up over it any more, love ya lots xxx

budgetjan - Ah, see you did write mid-wobble and it was good, not that I am saying that you should 🙂 (ha ha it rhymes)

Liz Posmyk - Take care lovely…

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