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A Satisfactory Condition

I’ve been thinking a lot about well-being. What it means. What it feels like. What it looks like.

For a time I thought I was supposed to pursue happiness. But in all honesty, I found that pursuit quite exhausting. Limiting myself to one emotion, setting one feeling or experience above all the others, well, it felt off kilter, out of balance, as though emotionally I was walking with a limp.

But well-being? That’s a lovely thing to pursue. It doesn’t mean making choices that lead to a constant state of euphoria, but making choices that contribute to growth, healing, nourishment.

In a nutshell, it’s doing what is good for me.

I looked up well-being in the dictionary, and this was my favorite definition:

“A satisfactory condition of existence.”

I love that. Not exemplary, not perfect, not amazing, but satisfactory.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel societal pressure to be amazing. To “do all the things.” That is also exhausting.

How much nicer to step back from all the hurly-burly and think: “How can I contribute to my well-being today?”

I like starting my days with that thought. It quiets all the chatter of “ought to’s” and helps me think about what is good for me, my family, our life.

Earlier this week it meant that I took a few hours alone to read Victoria magazines and drink tea and write in my journal. That day I needed grounding and resting and inspiring so I could get back to “normal life” with a strengthened heart and restored body.

Today it meant taking breaks from my outrageously long to-do list to sit and chat with good friends. Those connections are vital to my well-being.

Tomorrow it means getting up early to stock the car with audio books, healthy snacks, and the updated GPS so Bear and I can have a jolly, stress-free drive to our last medieval camping trip of the season.

And tonight it means taking time for gratefulness before I fall asleep: getting the last of the apple and avocado trees planted, homemade cookies for the weekend, a good man who loves me and makes me laugh, great caretakers to look after our farm while we’re gone, and the anticipation of a campfire tomorrow night.

What is something you’re doing today to contribute to your well-being? xo

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Anna Johnston - How amazing are you, I love visiting your blog, it is one of my happy places.

This past few weeks I have been on this very strict diet that has done wonders for my well being. How cool is it that eating food is the thing that will make me feel good. LOL!

Hope you are having a lovely week. xox

Tracy A. - What a lovely and heathy way to reframe the pursuit of happiness! You have gotten me thinking!

Hotly Spiced - What beautiful flowers/blossoms. It really is so beneficial to pause and reflect. I consider this a time of stopping to count my blessings – and immediately after doing this, it’s amazing how much better I feel xx

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com - Krista, this is a post I’ll remember for a long time! I’m contributing to my well-being today by decluttering my desk with the goal of waking up to a clean slate on Monday morning.

budgetjan - I truly think that the one thing I can do to make my days satisfactory is to take each one at a time. I know this but still I don’t do it. Always planning ahead or looking to the past, but when I manage to live in the moment everything is much better.

Maureen - I love contemplating how I can contribute to my well-being today. Living in the moment and focusing on now is very important.

Lizzy (Good Things) - Lovely post, Krista. I like: “A satisfactory condition of existence.”

Kathy McDonald - Having a lovely chat with you yesterday certainly contributes to my well being Krista

TheSurprisedGourmet - Krista, your post is inspiring and adds to my well-being because you remind us what’s important. We do need to focus on our well being and find those things that give us a satisfactory condition. Hope you and Bear have lots of fun this weekend. Looking forward to hearing more about the camping experience later.

Karin Stienemeier - this so touched on this crazy day of my divorce. it renewed me to concentrate on myself and my goals. i am free of certains responsibilities and anger that gelong in the past. Thank you Krista you share so much strength. xox

Krista - I surely understand, @Suzanne@suzannewalcher:disqus, because I’ve been doing similar things this week: taxes, paying bills, schoolwork. Not fun in and of themselves, but definitely contributing to my well-being as I finish them. 🙂 XO

Krista - I sure will, dear paradis!!

Krista - Ohhh, I’m SO glad, @Jackie@disqus_WseMqaTPwi:disqus XO I feel the very same about yours. 🙂

Krista - There sure is, @Deborah@deborahregen:disqus I catch myself trying to measure up and it brings sweet relief indeed to say quietly, “just be.” Hugs to you. XO

Suzanne - I love how you see the world, sweet friend!

Today my focus is on paperwork, which I really
do not like, because, despite the fact that I love
to read and write, I don’t like to sit for long spells!

But being organized and having an uncluttered
desk brings me a calm that I begin to lose as
the papers and emails pile up. Doesn’t sound
as lovely as planting or baking, but today I’m
making it my “zen” place!

Have a wonderful trip with your honey.

xo Suzanne

mlleparadis - oh yes, all those things! enjoy your weekend and especially that campfire!


Jackie Smith - Reading your blog contributes greatly to my well-being!

Deborah Regen - I’m trying to live more and more in the moment. Easier to do when gazing upon a beautiful flower. Harder to do when paying bills or taxes – ugh! But even then you can give yourself life-affirming thoughts…I’m a responsible person…I’m completing this task…this breath nourishes me…and so forth. Western society conditions us so much to judge and label everything we do (“good”/”bad”). I’m no expert at Eastern philosophies, but there is something to be said for the idea of just “being.”

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