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A Good Soul Weekend and Cocoa Whipped Body Butter

Sometimes life sends the best surprises. This weekend we got a great one in the form of our dear friends, Shaun and Stacey, who rang up for an impromptu, “Can we come stay with you guys?” We didn’t hesitate for even a second before excitedly saying, “YES!!”

We hustled around getting beds ready and food made, groceries bought and a double layer chocolate cake baked, and then we were set.

It was such a good weekend. Relaxing, fun, inspiring, delicious, and absolutely marvelous.

We practically lived around the campfire, talking for hours, cooking nearly all our meals over dancing flames and sighing happily as we noshed on slightly charred sausages slathered with mustard and hobo packets stuffed with garlicky potatoes, carrots, hamburgers, and onions.

We bottle-fed baby goats, collected eggs, butchered ducks and made delectable duck prosciutto, did all sorts of medieval projects, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

On Saturday afternoon the guys busied themselves in the shed making gambesons and tabards and polishing medieval weapons. But Stace and I were having, “I’m so tired I can barely move” moments, so we got into our coziest clothes, hauled chairs out into the glorious Winter sunshine, armed ourselves with homemade cookies, cups of tea, and stacks of books, and luxuriated in a couple hours of pure relaxation and inspiration.

We read about foraging wild foods from the fields and bush, got new ideas for things we can dry in our dehydrators, and great baking recipes for the massive amount of spelt we’ve got on hand.

It was wonderfully relaxing and so peaceful. Just what we needed.

reading in the sunshine

When the sun lost its warmth and icy winds picked up, we went back inside and made a big batch of whipped body butter for us to share.

Stacey and I both love making our own remedies and cosmetics, and this one is a beauty.

Made with nourishing shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and olive oil whipped to creamy lusciousness, it is luxurious in both texture and fragrance. We swoon every time we take the lid off for a sniff. Yep, it’s magic.

After one final cuppa late Sunday afternoon, big hugs, and promises to do this again very, very soon, we waved farewell with huge smiles on our faces.

Good friends are treasures indeed. xo

Cocoa Whipped Body Butter


1/2 cup shea butter
1/2 cup cocoa butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup olive oil


1.  Place all ingredients in double boiler over simmering water.
2.  Stir gently until completely melted.
3.  Remove from heat and place bowl in freezer for 30-40 minutes until mixture thickens to the consistency of runny honey.
4.  Remove from freezer and whip with electric beaters until mixture turns pale and stiff peaks form.
5.  Spoon into glass jars and seal. In hot climates, store in the fridge.

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Hotly Spiced - How lovely to have good friends invite themselves to come and stay. It sounds like you had the best time with them. I do like how you cooked mostly outside and how special for them to be able to hand-feed the baby goats. The shea butter body cream sounds like something I need to make for myself xx

Kim - Liv Life - What a lovely day!! I think you winter weather is very similar to my winter weather, and those sunny days are so nice. I love the idea of DIY body butter, and those ingredients work together beautifully.

Joanne (eats well with others) - Sounds like such a lovely weekend with good friends! How nice that they surprised you!

Oana | Adore Foods - Sounds like the perfect weekend! Never made body butter but yours sounds so great and easy 🙂 Will make a batch to get me through the winter!

My Kitchen Stories - You seem to have fitted a lot into that relaxing weekend. How lovely to have a like minded soul to share with

Tandy Sinclair - what a perfect weekend!

Anna Johnston - Such fun! I do love that you had friends pop in, often the unplanned events are the best. 🙂

Coffee and Crumpets - I could so totally eat that! Sounds like a lovely time with special friends! Good friends really are a treasure!

Nagi | RecipeTin Eats - I have the River Cottage Bread book!! Cool! 🙂 PS body butter? This is awesome!

Jackie Smith - Okay, I know it says ‘body butter’ but this sounds like something to put on toast and eat! Lovely post – I felt like I was there with you!

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