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Winter Campfires and Winter Baking

Brrr! Icy winds brought Winter to our farm yesterday and it is shiveringly cold. We’re piling on the layers now, bundling up as we head outside to feed animals, water the gardens, and work on all sorts of projects.

It’s been a project-o-licious week as we get ready for the Abbey Medieval Festival while tackling farm duties that just won’t wait. It’s been really fun but boy, are we ever tired.

Yesterday I made a good start on planting all the garlic my friends and I harvested, and Bear and I stayed up until well after dark sewing the last few hems of a new tent for our medieval encampment. We sewed pillows and bags, tarps and more bags, and it feels so good to cross each item off our list.

One of my favorite projects has been cooking over the campfire, trying out new recipes to make for our medieval group. Some have just been for us – nachos, stuffed potato skins – but others fit the medieval criteria such as roasted pears with caramel sauce and freshly baked spelt rolls. Mmm, so good. Can’t wait to make them for everyone next week.

Today was a baking day, filling up cookie jars so we have something on hand for when friends drop by. Oatmeal Raisin are Bear’s favorites, especially when I cram in as many raisins as possible.

I, on the other hand, had a hankering for peanut butter cookies with a light dusting of Celtic sea salt to go with my hot chocolate.

I also made spelt bread rolls and planned out lunches and dinners and now we’re all set for the weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll be wood-burning, mixing up medieval remedies, getting the rest of the garlic in, and writing two columns for the newspaper. And I’m definitely taking a break over lunch to try a few more campfire recipes I’ve been mulling over.

I sure love this crazy life of ours.

roasting pears on campfire

But now I’m going to crawl into my very warm bed and listen to an old time radio mystery and sleep, sleep, sleep.

What are your favorite cookies? xo

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Maureen - I haven’t done campfire food since Girl Scout days – how bad is that? I would like an old-fashioned hermit cookie right now. 🙂

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Hotly Spiced - It’s become very cold in Sydney lately and I’m wearing four layers. I don’t remember a winter this cold. I do love the look of your grilled pear and the cookies are wonderful – a great snack any time of the day xx

Tandy Sinclair - It is freezing cold here as well! I think baking is in order this weekend. But no fires for us.

Ken Powell - Anyone didn’t know better, it all looks idyllic, Krista. Freezing? I don’t see you shovelling snow anywhere :)))

budgetjan - I love your photography Krista and I think that your first photo of the smoke is my all time favourite (a big call I know, lol). It is such an evocative capture I can almost smell the smoke and feel I could step into the photo and take a seat.

Anna Johnston - YEP… We should totes be winging it to an Island destination to escape this dreadful cold.

As always, beautiful photos lovely one. I am going to add visiting you at a medieval festival to my list of things to do. Such fun! And very Gilmore Girls too.

Have a wicked good weekend. Squishy hugs. xo

Nagi | RecipeTin Eats - Your life sounds so exotic!!! I LOVE cooking over campfire 🙂 My favourite part of camping!!

Breanne @ This Vintage Moment - I have not mastered the art of campfire food but yours look absolutely amazing and so tasty!! I’m not a huge cookie girl but when I do have one, I like chocolate chip still gooey from the oven and with a little bit of sea salt. =)

Jackie Smith - You are amazing! Simply amazing. I am still smiling.

Cathy - You have been busy Krista – I’m glad to see that you’ve also spoiled yourself with yummy baked goodies 🙂

Tracy A. - Wonderful cookies, and your grill-top pear looks absolutely delicious. I look forward to you weekend pictures!

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