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Before Winter Came and a Bacon Breaky Roll

Winter arrived this weekend with a shriek of howling wind and a shocking drop in temperatures. The day before I was barefoot in a sundress with my hair up. The next morning I was shrouded in every layer I could find topped with a blanket and a side of tea. Australia doesn’t believe in doing things halfway.

Thankfully things are mellowing out a bit and, although it’s still cold, when the morning sun streams through the windows it is pure bliss.

Before Jack Frost swooped in, Bear and I spent an afternoon in the fields fixing and building fences.

Our dear naughty goats had made an escape hatch and were happily bounding through to our neighbors yard for a munch. Thankfully he didn’t mind because they ate all his weeds, but once the weeds were done, we know they’d make a beeline for the garden so something had to be done before this visitation became a bad habit.

We piled the tractor bed with rolls of wire, clips, our trusty farm stools, and other detritus and I hopped in the driver’s seat to putter across the fields.

I love driving our old red Massey Ferguson, especially now that I can start and stop without bucking the poor thing like a bronco. A natural manual driver I am not, but I’m finally figuring her out and Bear can now ride on the back without fearing he may be bucked off without notice.

It was a stunning afternoon for such work. With Bear wiring and me clipping, in no time at all we had a new fence built that has foiled the goats’ escape attempts ever since. Yay!! We found another gap a bit further down where goats were escaping under the fence so Bear wired in an old log to fill the hole. Nothing like wire and a heavy log to keep goats where they’re supposed to be.

And every now and then we just had to stop and look in wonder at the late afternoon sun glimmering through the trees. As far as office views go, this one is pretty darn fabulous.

Now that the weather has turned, hearty breakfasts are in order to keep us going on these frosty mornings. Today we dined on Cinnamon Cardamom Coffee and toasted Bacon Breaky Rolls. Aussie bacon is so delicious: thick, meaty, without the dreadful chemicals that make a lot of bacon so unhealthy. Fried up crispy and stuffed into homemade bread rolls spread with smoky barbecue sauce, it’s simply marvelous.

What is your favorite breakfast on a cold morning? xo

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TuulaR - You are one busy lady Krista! Glad you got a bit of sunshine to offset the start of winter 🙂 My new favorite thing to munch on in the morning is carrot muffins made with almond flour… so good and gluten free!

Tracy A. - Here, in Central NY, we had our first 80+ day of the year. My breakfasts have turned from oatmeal to fruit!

Monet@anecdotesandapples.com - We should be nearing summer, but I just heard that the temperature is going to drop below freezing on Sunday! Ugh! Go away winter! I loved seeing these pictures. Beauty, beauty, beauty. Thank you for sharing!

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Anna Johnston - Love you sun hat lovely one. 🙂 Not big on breakfast in general, but if I did eat breakkie, itd be a giant bowl of honey soaked porridge or anything with bacon. Have a great rest of week sweets. xx

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - Best office view ever! My winter breakfast is whisky oats with cream and honey 🙂

Rachel Friesen - We get our bacon direct from a farmer friend. It doesn’t quite have the colour punch of your Aussie bacon, but it’s fairly chemical free and oh so meaty. My husband saves the fat and I fry my eggs in it for weeks afterwards. The Canadian supermarket variety just doesn’t compare – plus it never comes with a hug or a “how’s the family?” 😉 My favourite cold weather breakfast is home-made apple crisp, reheated and served with cream.

Kim - Liv Life - She does make it look glamorous doesn’t she?? Makes me want to take to a farm!!!

Kim - Liv Life - Oh those goats!!! Glad you got them back before the did in his garden. What gorgeous light you had that day!!

Hotly Spiced - It’s been very cold here too and it wasn’t a gradual transition – it was overnight just like it was for you. One day comfortable in summer clothes, the next day looking for tracksuits and winter boots and jumpers and layers, layers, layers. I admire how you can drive a tractor! I don’t know if there’s any better breakfast than a bacon and egg roll xx

Krista - I can’t get over how long your winter has lasted, Buttons!! My relatives in Canada are STILL getting snow!! Wishing you all a real Spring very soon. XO

Krista - Thank you, @wanderingsheila:disqus 🙂 My first attempts were rather amusing. 😉 Porridge is brilliant food – so healthy AND delicious. 🙂

Buttons - Oh sounds like winter came quickly ours seemed to have never left I am still fueling the wood stove, unusual for us. Fixing fences the fun and endless job of farming I do hope they will stay in now. That looks like a fine breakfast to me. Love the pic of you driving the old red tractor Take care. Hug B

Cathy - Krista good work with mastering the tractor. It’s a pity the cold weather descended quickly. Porridge is probably my favourite breakfast on a cold morning 🙂

Krista - So glad you’re getting some lovely warm sunshine, @lizposmyk:disqus 🙂 Today is a bit warmer for us too and I’m having a jolly time out in my garden. 🙂

Krista - Oh you are lovely, @breannemosher:disqus 🙂 That makes me smile. 🙂 Ooo, English bacon sounds marvelous. 🙂

Krista - I love porridge too, Candace! 🙂 We had it twice this week with dried cranberries and cinnamon. Delish. 🙂

Candace @ Candace writes - It’s so old-fashioned of me, but I love my piping hot porridge. On the really cold days I even have it for lunch!

Liz Posmyk - We were the same Krista, sunny one day and bitter winter chill the next! Today is sunny again, and my house is warm from the sun! Delicious. Have a lovely week.

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Breanne @ This Vintage Moment - Krista, you make farm work look so glamourous. You are stunning. XO We get English bacon from a friend’s butcher shop and it sounds similar to Aussie bacon- so delicious and perfect for hearty breakies.

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