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Wildflowers, Spiny Ant Eaters, and Dusk in the Woods

Into the woods–you have to grope,
But that’s the way you learn to cope.
Into the woods to find there’s hope
Of getting through the journey.”
Stephen Sondheim

I like these lines very much, especially as I face some great changes in my life. They’re good and wonderful changes but still scary as I figure out my place in them.

I’ve been going to the woods nearly every day this week, taking advantage of gorgeous Autumn weather to get my daily exercise in a place that never fails to calm rumpled spirits and clarify scattered thoughts. It’s lovely to head out there feeling overwhelmed or uncertain knowing I will return with my priorities realigned and a clarity of purpose restored.

As I leave the fields behind and enter the woods, worries about finances or deadlines dissipate, lost in vistas of lush undergrowth dotted with delicate wildflowers and sturdy mushrooms.

I’m delighted by these sprays of tiny yellow flowers providing cheery spots of light across the dusky forest floor.

It’s so pretty in here at dusk. The light is soft and gentle and it’s so quiet you can hear the thump of a kangaroo hopping by in the distance and the rustle of an echidna waddling past.

Echidnas are also known as spiny ant eaters, and they are the most amazing creatures. Until this week I’d only seen them at a distance before they disappeared into the undergrowth. But this one stayed right where she was, curling up into a spiny ball at first before realizing I had no intention of hurting her. Then her little snout came out and I was even able to touch her, gently stroking her spines that felt like the sharpened quills at the end of a feather.

Luna was delighted by her but then got distracted by kangaroos hopping in a nearby paddock. Apparently kangaroos are much more interesting than a spiny ant eater.

Yes, I love this place very much at dusk, especially when the grass is set aglow by the sun even as gathering storm clouds cast an eerie darkness overhead. It’s pure magic.

Where is your favorite place to go when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed? xo

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Rachel Friesen - Beautiful photos! These days, favourite calm spot is where-ever I left my knitting bag. I’m only on project #2, so keeping knitting and purling straight takes enough of my attention to keep my thoughts from wandering into dangerous places. I can always tell if my mind has gone too far because I mess up, and there’s no keeping stitches loose when I’m wound too tight 😉 Best wishes through your coming changes.

Mlleparadis - Oh my that anteater is amazing! hope all the worries get sorted out. we all have too many of them these days but nature certainly helps.


Anna Johnston - Your blog of late, your pictures are just gorgeous, so calming and happy. It is such a pleasure to see you living your happiest life Krista. 🙂

Hotly Spiced - Your images are gorgeous; very serene and peaceful. And your property is looking so healthy and green. I love the echidna! They’re so cute xx

Joanne (eats well with others) - I love that song and that musical!! Sounds like your woods are so peaceful and calming!

Nancy - Does Luna have a bit of Staffie in her? She’s gorgeous x

Tanya Lloyd - Firstly, it has to be said, that echnidna is sooo cute! x When I am anxious and overwhelmed, I usually like to go for a long with my husband in the park. Talking about it, and hearing another person’s perspective (especially my husband, because I have a huge respect and admiration for his point of view on things), coupled with being out in nature is amazing for me. Since I commenced studying a few years ago, I have been able to recognise that tiredness usually spirals me into a state of anxiety and overwhelm. My favourite remedy, has been sleep – anytime of the day. Without fail, I wake up feeling energised, and my thoughts seem more orderly and less scattered, plus I seem to get more done! The practice of mindfulness has been a gem, in helping ground me in the here and now. x

Maureen Shaw - I love echidnas but I must take issue with ‘the woods’. I have been told a zillion times, “We don’t have ‘woods’ here, we have bush.” I loved your walk in the woods. 🙂

Kate Bailward - Oh, I love that feeling of getting away from it all. I don’t have a specific happy place, but so long as there’s peace and quiet and fresh air I’m happy. Often I’ll take a walk along the lungomare, or if I have access to some transport I’ll head up into the hills. Gorgeous. So glad you’ve managed to find some peace and quiet (and interesting wildlife!) on your walks. xx

Liz Posmyk - Wow, wow, wow! Just look at that echidna. Love it Krista!

Wildflowers, Spiny Ant Eaters, and Dusk in the Woods - […] Wildflowers, Spiny Ant Eaters, and Dusk in the Woods […]

Ken Powell - I love the scenes in your first and last pictures in this set. I could just look at one of those and relax 🙂 Fancy an echidna on your property and that you could get so close.

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - What a peaceful and calming place. I love walking on the beach 🙂

Sherry Kay Dyck - yep…its my happy place…who says you can’t have a drum set in the corner of your dining room 🙂

Krista - Yes, that’s so good, Tracy. 🙂

Krista - Your drum corner? I love that, @sherrykaydyck:disqus 🙂

Tracy A. - Finding beauty in the every day!

Sherry Kay Dyck - my favourite place to go is to my drum corner 🙂

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