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When One Door Closes

I’m going to pretend that you and me are tucked up on a couch somewhere, a soft squishy couch, mugs filled with something hot and delicious warming our hands as we settle in for a good visit.

I’m in need of a friend like you tonight, and a hug, and a good long talk.

A door I was told would stay open for me was slammed shut this week and I’m rather weepy. I’m not sad because of what I lost behind that door, but because now it seems I’m left without any door at all, and the darkness is scary.

I’ve had my cries, my little (huge!!) inner panics, and now a lovely sort of hope is creeping up, lightening my spirit, and the darkness isn’t so bad. I “know” another door will open somewhere.

My friend Effie posted something that made me smile:

“Something better is coming . . . you’re allowed to be excited!”

I love that. 🙂

So tonight I’m celebrating closed doors – some of my favorite doors ever are the closed ones – and keeping my eyes peeled for the first crack of light that tells me the next door is opening.

Thanks for hanging out with me on our imaginary couch. I’m feeling better already.

“Hope is a good thing – maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies.” S. King

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Charu - I have to say, that while I’m really sorry that a door has closed, what an inspired post! You are the type of person who DOES something when a door closes, so kudos to you on that. Hope all will be right in the end.

Nicole - Oh, so sorry Krista. You are always so positive and I agree with you, where one door closes, another opens. Something else good is coming. 🙂

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Dave and Deb - I;m sorry to hear that a door closed for you, but I love how you turned it around and made a beautiful post. With your positive attitude, things will definitely turn around quickly for you. Good luck and beautiful photographs!

rain - oh my goodness, sweetheart… i’m sorry this is a wee late but i wish i could scoop you up into a ginormous hug. can i just say that this:

So tonight I’m celebrating closed doors – some of my favorite doors ever are the closed ones – and keeping my eyes peeled for the first crack of light that tells me the next door is opening.

…is the most beautiful descriptions of faith that i’ve ever read?

i hope that a door far beyond anything in your wildest, loveliest dreams descends wide with light and carries you into sunshine.

so much love.

Corinne @ Gourmantic - Forget doors… we have open spaces in Australia and arms that are wide open xo

Effie - Krista, there are never the right words to express how deeply sad I am that you have to go through this process…I have been in this situation several times in my life and I know how hard it could be. I do feel the pain and frustration…Lately, when I was in a similar situation, a very good friend of mine said..
“What is it about your life that you already love? Do you have family and friends that you are grateful for? Do you like where you are living? Are you working towards your ultimate dream life? …Focus on what it is about your life that you already love. The more you focus on what you love about your life now, the easier it will be to create more of that. When you think about things that you love about your life, you can start to feel even better…” I just wanted to share this with you coz I feel that will lift your spirit up…as it did mine~ Dont loose your faith…Something better WILL come.Send you a BIG hug from Athens, Greece.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - Your friend Effie is very clever! I love that quote. I hope you’re feeling better Krista 🙂

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures - I have goosebumps! What a touching post!!! Sweetheart I have NO doubt that a door that 100X more incredible will open itself to you. I owe you an email, it’s coming soon I promise. In the meantime I send you a BIG hug.

P Rat - Krista,
While you are waiting for that perfect door to open, don’t forget to take a peek through that opened window. Throughout my life, I’ve found something better has replaced my greatest disappointments. It just takes an open mind and patience to see.

Barbara - Krista, Effie is right. Something better WILL come. Just keep up your hope and spirits!

Corrie - Very beautiful, both in pictures and in words.
Love Corrie

Maddie - Oh, sweetie, I’m so so so sorry to hear about that!!!!!!!!
But, even if I don’t know you, I’ve been reading your blog and your posts for weeks, and if there’s somenone on this world that’s brave and positive and clever enough, that is you!!
So am sure that’s something great, something new, and as good as the thing you’ve lost (whatever it might be) will happen… And I do strongly belive that the Fate or the Destiny doesn’t just happen: it’s what we make, what we do, and the fact itself that we live and move that makes beautiful and unespected things happen 🙂
So be positive and keep moving!!!
A big big hug from Italy, xxx

Cailin - Oh Krista. I’m so sorry. Onwards and Upwards! Stay positive. We are all here for you. xo

Tracy - Hold on, stay put…I’m just going to go refill our mugs 🙂

{lauryl} - Krista, keep on hoping! We’ve had a lot of disappointments recently too, but I’ve learned that when something falls through, something even better magically appears on the horizon. Stay positive, it will all work out! 😉

Christy @ Ordinary Traveler - What a lovely post. I love your positivity.

Jenny - Closed doors are hard. I’ve been down that road many times. Hope another one, holding something even better behind it will open very

Jacqueline - Sudden, unexpected turns and dashed hopes can leave us all in such a scary place. Not knowing what’s next can unleash anxiety that feels ferocious. But knowing you as I do, and knowing the strength you’ve found in your darkest moments, I have no doubt that you will be on the other side of a new door soon — and happier for it. You’re not alone Krista. Lean on your lovely friends and readers, for we have big arms to hold you and the even bigger, comfier couches for you to fall into!

mlleparadis - i am never completely comfortable saying some thing or another was “meant to be” but it is true. and that’s almost the most wonderful part about it….there are other doors. and what’s behind sometimes turns out to be your heart’s desire. even if you didn’t know it before.

big hugs to you. you have chosen some good doors here.

Joy Bjorn - Whatever this is, we love you. The right door Will open just at the right time…and you will be ready to enjoy it’s delights. Big hugs, Mumsey

bellini - I know it will all turn out well. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and a much better door will open!!

Jamie - Doors are never completely closed unless it was meant to be! Keep dreaming, honey, because good things happen to good people. We are living the same thing now! xoxo

Joanne - Krista, you are an amazing wonderful inspiring person and I know that there is so much good in store for you! Even though things may seem crappy right now, they will get better. There’s always another door and another window ready to open in front of you.

William H. Stoneman - We are here with you!

munaza - If something or somebody is not there for you anymore, its because they did’nt deserve you!

Vanessa@Luxuria - The door slammed shut because of the window that was open! Please be excited about what is around the corner. Every door that slammed shut for me was always for the better, and sometimes I was so busy trying to re-open the locked door, that I missed the open window that was staring me in the face.Take a step back and just wait for that open window; it’s always there.

barbara - Thinking of you. HOpe all works out for you in the end Krista.

Zita - Thinking of you! Hope, you’ll feel better soon. Here is an inspiring quote for you! 🙂

“Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.”

elra - Oh Krista, I hope everything is all right. I am sure there are more wonderful doors will open for you. Big hugs for you!

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