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Forest Treasures and A (Gluten-Free) Clementine Tart

Good morning, luvs! Thank you very much for your kind and supportive comments on Friday. I was so sick and in great pain and your words cheered me right up. 🙂 I’m doing much better today after a gloriously restful weekend.

How are YOU? Were you able to rest, have fun, work like mad on a great project?

I mostly rested and had such fun watching old movies featuring the oh-so-fabulous Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Cary Grant. I love old movies. I love the fabulous dialogue, great characters, and splendid outfits. A friend and I were wishing that men would return to their dapper roots and once again don wool suits and jaunty fedoras. Mind you, that might mean we’d have to return to wearing corsets and heels all the time, and that would never do. 🙂

A while back I went on a stroll through the woods. At first glance the forest seems dead this time of year, but there were still bits of beauty to be found on the carpets of brilliant green moss. I thought you might like them too.

Sunday afternoon I started feeling better, popped in a book on cd and went into a cooking/baking frenzy. I have a bright blue bowl filled with luscious clementines and simply had to turn some of them into a dessert. Knowing I’d be heading to Culinary Experimentation Club tonight, I thought I’d get a head start and make a gluten-free Clementine Tart.

I zested and juiced and stirred and mixed, popped everything in the oven and smiled at the citrusy buttery smells wafting through my apartment. Because the crust is gluten-free it didn’t quite hold together as well as a normal crust, but it still tastes marvelous. Buttery and flaky, a lovely base for the cheery clementine filling.

What is your favorite old movie?

This is my contribution to Chaya’s Meatless Mondays. Click here for other meatless recipes.

Gluten-Free Clementine Tart


1 cup gluten-free all-purpose flour mix (or regular all-purpose flour)
1 stick butter, softened
1/4 cup powdered sugar
2/3 cup granulated sugar
zest of four clementines
juice of three clementines
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 eggs


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Mix flour, butter and powdered sugar. Press in ungreased pie pan, slightly building up edges. Bake 20 minutes.
  • Combine remaining ingredients in bowl and beat until light and frothy.
  • Pour over hot crust and bake for 20-25 minutes.
  • Let cool and cut into wedges.
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A Canadian Foodie - You seem to just “get it right”, Krista! Beautiful walk in the woods with a focus on items I could almost smell through my screen and then the brilliant orange and gorgeous citrus tart. What a moment of happy sparkling freshness with you, today!

LindyLouMac - I love the forest treasures the best 🙂

Duchess - Oh my, what an elegant recipe!

Joanne - I’m with you. I think the world would be a bit brighter if fedoras made a comeback. This clementine tart sounds fantastic! So much bright happy flavor!

Corinne @ Gourmantic - Mine is To Catch a Thief. I love the setting in the French Riviera and Grace Kelly… such elegance!

I hope you feel better xo

Karen - I love Fred Astaire! So much old school style and grace. Thanks for sharing your beautiful forest pictures and the delicious tart recipe. I hope you’re feeling much better today. Get well soon, Krista! 🙂

Connie - My favorite old movie is without a doubt, the original “Wizard of Oz.” The brilliant use of techno-color (the first film in history to do so) was brilliant, truly bringing the wonderful world of Oz to live on the screen. It still gets me every time.

Can you imagine watching every film in black and white and then all of a sudden, Dorothy opens the door and the world is magically in color?


bellini - This tart brings a little sunshine to our day !!!! I love old movies with Ingrid Bergman. The King and I, and Anastasia are two of my favourites.

Anna Johnston - Just divine! Im in…. Ill be over soon for some of that lovely tart! 🙂

Kat - Oh man, Krista. That tart looks perfect. I can’t wait for CEC tonight!

RamblingTart - Oh Tracy! I’d forgotten about Hepburn and Tracy movies!! I will have to check those out next. 🙂

RamblingTart - I’m so glad, William! I don’t either, but one of my friends does, so we try to accommodate him when we do our baking. 🙂

Tracy - I love Hepburn and Tracy movies. I want those clementines. I want that Tart. It can fall apart all it likes.

William H. Stoneman - Don’t have a problem with gluten so will be making with the usual. This sounds deluxe!

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