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Exploring an Aussie Goat Farm

With all the flooding and constant rain in Australia, my first several days here were spent stranded at my friends beautiful property near Allora. It’s a gorgeous spot to be stuck, with stunning views of wildflower-filled fields and gum trees.

Although being stranded was a grand adventure, by the time the flood waters receded and rains stopped, we were more than happy to escape the farm and head out to visit my friends Joe and Shirley who run a fabulous goat farm.

First we had to ford this raging stream that was still flooded (yikes!!). We made it through the water OK then sunk down into mud on the other side and couldn’t budge. Thankfully Joe was able to haul us out and ferry us back over the water. My friends car is now missing the bumper, but at least we’re all safe and sound. 🙂

Joe and Shirley’s place is beautiful! Goats of varying ages ambling all over the property, the babies looking cute as can be with their long floppy ears and short little horns.

We took a walk down to the creek, once an idyllic park-like setting with gum trees and rich green grass. Now it’s all torn up from the floods, masses of mud, silt, and uprooted trees marring the landscape.

Shirley and I surveying the damage and listening to Joe’s plans for clean-up.

It’s going to be a massive job, but these Aussies are amazing. There’s no whinging or complaining, just a shrug of the shoulders, a good ol’ chinwag about the adventure and then they’re hard at work, making everything beautiful again. They inspire me.

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Annie - Aw the goats are adorable! I’m so glad that things are looking up, I have been so worried about Queensland!

lana - Ah those goats are adorable! And so is your outfit! Enjoy your trip, hope it’s not affected too much by the floods, amazing that people can be so optimistic in such difficult times xx

Corinne @ Degustinations - We Aussies are a resilient bunch, especially when facing such adversity.

Glad you got some sunshine on your trip. I like the photos of the goats. the leader of the pack is rather photogenic 🙂

Zita - Great post Krista. I’m glad the weather turned out to be sunny and warm.

Susan van Dijk - Krista,fascinating adventures… I so felt for those caught in the flood… Out here in Willow River, near Prince George, our friend’s sheep farm was flooded a few years back; there was a little island of high ground up by the house and and twenty minutes before she saw the flood waters the animals, the sheep and her donkey, were already on her doorstep where they stayed one week before the waters went down. She had a trap door under her kitchen table and she would check the flood levels by lifting the door and seeing if the waves were gone yet!

Barbara - I went to a goat farm lonce in New Zealand. I foundithad anoverpowering smell. These goats lok delightful.

KelleyPerry - You must be the Goat Charmer, because a whole heard looks as if they are coming right towards you. And, I love the goat that is sticking his tongue out. (He’s in the pic with just him and his accomplice!)

So glad it’s drying up around there for you! (And, for all the Aussies, for goodness sake!)


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Andi - What a peaceful place! You look adorable in that dress and hat!!!

Eric - Love your dress! You look tan and happy. Bring me a goat. Those goats look like they want me.

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