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Strawberries, Lemons, and Wholemeal Crepes

I do love a weekend that feels like a weekend. One where you actually get to rest and take care of yourself and be companionable with your loves and eat good things.

After long days and late nights of writing and photo shoots, it’s been sheer bliss to set all that aside this weekend and just be us for a bit.

Yesterday was a movie day, watching excellent ones like “The Zookeeper’s Wife”, “Woman in Gold”, and season two of “The Last Kingdom.” We luxuriated in comfy clothes, special treats, and a complete avoidance of anything that required concentration. It was just what we needed, and we woke today feeling relaxed and happy and inspired.

We don’t often get to cook together, but we did this weekend, churning out cheesy pumpkin pancakes, garlicky hummus, loaves of bread, and wholemeal crepes.

Crepes are one of my favorite things because they’re so easy to make delicious things with. Our favorites at the moment are savory aged cheddar and tomato with lots of black pepper, and luscious fresh strawberry ones filled with sour cream and sprinkled with pineapple sage.

Today we’re pottering, feeding Jemima her bottle, watering gardens, planting cuttings, and thinking of ways to use all the lovely citrus dear friends gave us. I have baskets of lemons, limes, mandarins, tangelos, and oranges stacked on the veranda and kitchen table. I’ve juiced some, zested others, and feed all the peels to the pigs and sheep, who adore them.

Now I’m warm and comfy on the back veranda, tucked under a blanket, watching Jemima chase a very patient Apollo who guards her faithfully even when she tries to nurse on his boy bits. She then gets a firm growl and a little nip, and off she goes to nibble grass instead.

Our ewe, Emma, and her baby, Lillypilly, wander the farm yard, munching through freshly fallen leaves and whatever bits of green they can find before finding a shady spot for a nap.

The goats are back from grazing in the dam yard and are waiting for me to throw them their daily pellets when I feed the pigs, Pancetta and Prosciutto. I guess I’d better do that before settling in for a bit of inspirational reading.

What is making you happy this weekend? xo

Wholemeal Crepes


2 large eggs
1 1/2 cups whole milk
1/2 tsp vanilla salt (or regular salt)
1 cup wholemeal flour
1/4 cup butter, melted


1.  Place all ingredients in blender and blend for 10 seconds. Remove lid, scrape down sides, and blend for another 20 seconds.
2.  Pour into pitcher and refrigerate until ready to use, at least 1-2 hours.
3.  Place frying pan over high heat and heat for 30 seconds. Add 1 tsp of vegetable oil, and swirl to cover.
4.  Reduce heat to medium-high heat and pour about 2 Tbsp crepe batter in center of pan, swirling to make a thin circle.
5.  Cook until bubbles form on top (40-60 seconds), gently slide spatula under crepe and flip. Cook another minute, then remove to serving platter. (First crepe is always messy, so just plan on eating that one straight away.) Repeat until batter is used up.
6.  Serve warm or cold with filling of choice.

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Rambling Tart - I love crepes any time of day too, Cris. They’re such lovely things. 🙂

Cris - Wow! what a lovely post. I am so glad you had some time to enjoy movies and relax. Your pictures are so beautiful and the crepes are also one of my favourite breakfast dishes. Although I can eat them any time of the day really. I must try your recipe. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week. xoxo Cris


Rambling Tart - A long weekend of reading sounds absolutely wonderful, Cathy. 🙂

Rambling Tart - lol – Bear laughed when I announced their names too, Jackie. 🙂

Rambling Tart - I know what you mean, dear Anna. I’ll suddenly think, “Why haven’t I had crepes for 6 months??” 🙂 I’m so thankful for the good in my life too. XO

Anna @ shenANNAgans - It’s been ages and ages since I’ve had crepes, so lovely too. Your weekend sounded marvelous Lovely one, surrounded by your loved ones and menagerie of non human people. So glad you have such abundance in your life too.

Jackie Smith - Okay, you made me laugh out loud when I read the names of your pigs! Absolutely perfect – as it sounds like your weekend is as well!

Cathy - Well I’m excited about this weekend because it is a long weekend here in the UK. Hopefully that will allow for some reading time. I loved the ‘Woman in Gold’ and ‘The Last Kingdom’. Boy those crepes look yum. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Krista.

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