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    My great love is working with herbs, turning them into nourishing remedies that I share through my books, articles, demonstrations, and Herbal Remedy Workshops.

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Harvesting and Creating with Pineapple Sage

It’s been hot and still this week with nary a hint of the autumn we’re supposed to be in. I love the cooler seasons, but this extended summer is rather splendid, especially for my gardens and the mama goats who look like they’re about to give birth any second.

Each day I’ve been harvesting something new: purple string beans, tomatoes, asparagus, and fat green capsicums that are wonderful sweet, juicy, and crunchy. Yesterday I filled a basket and chopped them up for the freezer, ready to be added to chili, soup, and casseroles this winter.

basket of green peppers

Today I’m harvesting herbs, collecting great bundles to be hung and dried for beautiful teas and tisanes.

I started with one of my very favourites: pineapple sage. The smell alone makes me happy, a luscious blend of tropical fruit with a hint of spice.

Native to Central and South America, pineapple sage is used in traditional Mexican medicine to treat anxiety and depression and level out blood sugar.

I love making iced teas with it in summer, and hot ones in winter, sweetened with a bit of honey or real maple syrup.

The gorgeous flowers make a beautiful and fragrant addition to salads and desserts, and look especially nice scattered over whipped cream or used to decorate the top of a pudding like Russian Pashka.

pineapple sage

When I have an abundance of pineapple sage, I like to use the leafy branches in bouquets. They make my kitchen smell so good.


Now I’m going to make a few cuttings so I can add a lot more pineapple sage plants to my gardens in spring.

What is your favourite herb to make tea with? xo

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33Mari - I must say it was hard to find your page in google. You write awesome articles but you should
rank your blog higher in search engines. If you don’t know how to do
it search on youtube: how to rank a website Marcel’s way

Tracy A - The pineapple sage flowers looked so familiar, I had to look them up to see if I fact it grows where we winter in Florida, and it does! I will on the lookout for it at farmers’ markets!

Tandy I Lavender and Lime - As soon as our drought breaks I am going to plant some. Those flowers look amazing 🙂

Maureen | Orgasmic Chef - I have never had pineapple sage as a tea but I’m sure I’ve grown it when I lived in the states. I didn’t know it was healthy. 🙂 I only ever have mint tea but you’ve made me think!

Emma Raphael - I have never heard of pineapple sage before, but it’s so beautiful! Sounds perfect for tea too! 🙂

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