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Just Home

The sun is sinking low over the fields and I’m parked in front of a fan, cold spiced tea beside me as I edit photos and watch Psych reruns. It’s been an exquisite day of just home-ness.

After weeks of dashing hither and thither for various jobs, meetings, and commitments, today was just for me. Bear was out and about running errands and I had the whole house and farm to myself to potter at all the little things that get lost and neglected when life has those inevitable busy spells.

I finished work and we had a good breakfast and then he was off and I headed outside.

How I’ve missed being outside in the sun and the wind, digging and watering and planting, hauling and organizing and tidying. I covered up well to protect from the sun – yes, dear Aussies, lest you worry, I wear a long sleeve, collared shirt and broad-brimmed hat when I’m working outside – then set to work, chatting to goats and dogs as they wandered over to see what I was up to.

I got my gardens watered and tidied up the farm yard. Our goats are wizards at getting their horns and hooves hooked into things and dragging them all over the place. I found once tidily rolled up hoses stretched willy-nilly down by the goose pen, my potting table toppled over from where they tried scrambling up to reach pea vines growing through the fence, and once neatly stacked flower pots tumbling every which way. I know they’ll probably end up helter-skelter again in the near future, but for today, everything’s where it ought to be.

When the sun got too hot I made a pear strawberry smoothie and sat in the shade on the back veranda watching the goats snooze in dappled light under the gum trees. After you’ve been running ragged, isn’t it wonderful to simply sit and bask in quietness?

After a while I went back inside and started pottering in the kitchen. It never fails to astound me how quickly one room can go from clean to utter mayhem. While I worked I listened to “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” – it’s that happy time for my yearly read through of all the Harry Potter books – and got my little pantry organized, my fridge sorted, dining room table cleared, floor swept, and dishes done. I can’t help but smile when I walk out there now.

Bear brought home fish and chips – he always seems to know the right day to do that – and now it’s time for a glass of homemade apple wine, a chat about the day, and an early night. xo

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mlleparadis - your hollyhocks are glorious against that blue sky. enjoy the new season!

thefisherlady - I understand about the mayham sweet goats can create~ still we love them so
The early to bed part is something I need to discover~ after settling the household in to sleep I find so much to be busy about~
Your wine looks delightful

Summer - Just beautiful ♥

Turkey's For Life - Sounds like you had a good bit of ‘me time’ there. 🙂 Your garden looks so pretty and good to know you’re covering up when you’re out there. 😉

Cathy - Ah Krista, that sounds like a great day. A nice mixture of tasks completed as well as time out to relax 🙂

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