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Medieval Viking Food and Life

One of the things I look forward to most every Abbey Medieval Festival is ambling through the Viking encampment.

I love the Viking food displays, the wonderful Viking tents, and, most of all, my talented and lovely Viking friends.

I’m always intrigued by children’s toys down through history, and this tiny handmade doll is delightful. Perfect for a little Viking girl to carry around.

I like learning how food was made during medieval times, and this beautiful stone grinder is such a clever way to get flour from dried grains of wheat and rye.

One day I’m determined to learn how to play this Viking game. My friend’s children always look like they’re having such fun as they plot moves under the trees.

This is my lovely friend, Karen – she gives the best hugs – showing off the fantastic Viking grill made by her seriously talented husband, Ray. I want one to use at home and can envision it loaded with meats for roasting or sausages for smoking.

This is my friend Zeta’s stall, laden with fresh herbs, spices, and cabbages that she uses to make fermented cabbage.

I love homemade sauerkraut, especially made the way Zeta makes it, with peppercorns and caraway seeds. It smells absolutely marvelous and tastes divine piled high alongside boiled potatoes and sizzling homemade sausages.

viking fermented cabbage


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Rambling Tart - Thank you, Deborah! πŸ™‚ The sausages were so good!

Deborah Regen - Beautiful pictures as always, Krista. I would love to taste those sausages with the peppercorns and carraway seeds!

mlleparadis - Happy Days. And ooh, yes, I could murder some of that sauerkraut! Thanks for all your visits and nice notes! xo. πŸ™‚

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - Thanks for this visit around your viking camp πŸ˜€

budget jan - Gorgeous photos that show a different lifestyle. I can imagine that fire-rack full of roasted meats too!

Cheryl - Wonderful pictures as always! I hate to close out after reading because it is such a beautiful, peaceful, and safe escape, getting lost in the calmness of your blog and the beauty you present if only but for a few moments.

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