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Things That Restore

I’m taking advantage of a lull in our lovely but chaotic week to have a coffee, a bit of coffee cake, and a new episode of Midsomer Murders. It feels so good to sit awhile and catch my breath, think through my errand list for this afternoon and relax knowing dinner is in the crockpot and will be ready by the time I get home.

Although it’s dark, cloudy, and cold today, we’ve had spectacularly gorgeous days of late, clear blue skies, hot gold sunshine, and delectably cool breezes blowing in from the South.

When I’m not working, I’ve spent as much time as I can outside, gardening for hours and heading to our bush for hikes in the late afternoon.

I head out across the fields, wading through nodding grasses that glisten and dance, past prickly pear strung with spider webs.

I love entering the woods, the flickering dance of shadow and light that is both mesmerizing and invigorating.

Luna runs hither and thither sniffing in hollow logs, bounding eagerly after wallabies and kangaroos that pop up from their hidden napping spots in the grass.

I love how the late sun reveals so many layers of color and texture in the gum trees: papery white, shimmering silver, rust and grey and pale yellow.

We usually have a herd of our neighbors cows roaming our bush, keeping the weeds and grass down as a preventative measure against fire. But they’ve returned to their home in the outback and our bush is quiet again.

My sacred grove is as beautiful as ever, the trees grown taller, branches stretching out to each other across the circle of grass below until they’re nearly touching.

It’s such a lovely place to wander, birds overhead, wildflowers underfoot, leaves glowing lime green in the setting sun. With the sun on my face and the wind in my hair, a deliriously happy dog running up to me for cuddles and pats, well, it’s all rather wonderful.

Where do you like to go for a wander on a gorgeous afternoon? xo

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Rambling Tart - Thank you, Gena. Yes, the trees, fields, animals – they work wonders. 🙂

Garden Menace - Remarkable surroundings there. I bet it’s working better than meditation.


Karen (Back Road Journal) - It seems my comment didn’t go through before. Stopped back by…hope the terrible storms did no cause any damage in your area and that you are safe.

lisa | renovating italy - Late afternoon I’m always wandering about the Borgata with my clippers and gloves weeding and planting little off cuts of flowers. It’s starting to look loved again. Love seeing your beautiful images of the bush! Gorgeous, much love lisa and the gang in ITalia xxx

Velva - Krista, the scenery is always beautiful. I really enjoy the “lull”moments in life too. I love sitting, reflecting and taking a breath.

As the temps grow cooler in Australia they grow hotter here.


budget jan - Our daughter and I and her two dogs went for a walk at Pallarenda this afternoon. It is the furthest city beach in Townsville. I wasn’t expecting to walk as far as we did and it was dark when we returned to the car. It was a lovely walk, picking up shells and meeting other dogs and having a chat. I love beach walks in the late afternoon. Your bush walks complete with wallabies and kangaroos and Luna sounds beautiful.

Kim - Liv Life - Ok Krista… just look at that gorgeous blue sky! And I’m with you, I love those papery barked trees. We have something like that around her as well, and I remember peeling the bark off when I was little!

Vannessa - Gorgeous images Krista.
The colour of that blue sky is mesmerising.

Nancy | Plus Ate Six - Your back yard is just spectacular. It must be so amazing to walk through the bush and come across a kangaroo. And that blue sky – wow!

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - I love all the vast open space you have around you. I need to get my dogs on the leash and take a walk on the beach sometime soon!

Anna @ shenANNAgans - Beautiful Krista! Really reminds me of where I grew up, especially the big old gum trees.

My wanderings on a gorgeous afternoon are often up the mountain behind my house, you get full views of Canberra and the Brindabellas too. The air is beautifully crisp and for me, I feel all the prouds when I reach the top, its 1.5kms straight up.

Jamie - You live in such a gorgeous, idyllic spot that even the photos are calming, mesmerising. I don’t know how you get any work done living here. Gorgeous. I’m always happy when you share….

el - It’s so pretty.,wild and wooly. enjoy!

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