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Back into the Rainforest and Camping Comfort Food

It’s a lusciously dark and rainy morning as Queensland prepares for a super cell storm heading our way. Hopefully it will just bring us good, drenching rains and no storm damage. On such a cozy sort of day, it’s lovely to work from my bed, warm under the doona, hot cuppas never too far away.

I took a break from sharing my Southern Queensland adventures with you to concentrate on my new job as Association Account Coordinator for Jennifer Cunha Law Office in West Palm Beach, Florida. In this astonishing age of technological advancement, I can work from my office in Australia for a law firm in Florida, having meetings on Skype or join.me, making phone calls through VOIP (voice over internet protocol), and conducting business through various online resources. It is brilliant. I’m learning so much and thoroughly enjoy my new co-workers who are not only skilled at their jobs, but somehow manage to make the whole process hilarious and fun at the same time.

My new work hours are 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. Queensland time, so you can imagine I’m a bit weary by the end of the day when I usually write my blog posts. But my dear ol’ body is getting into the swing of things now, and I’m figuring out a new schedule that works well.

So today we’re heading back into the Bunya Mountain rainforest where all is dark and cool, the trails are springy with moist layers of detritus, and there are treasures to be found if you just look down.

I’m enamored by moss, lichen, and brilliantly hued fungi. They lend such a magical air to the forest.

And mushrooms. They are wonderful too. I have no desire to eat them, but they always put me in mind of folk tales and fairy tales and stories from the Black Forest.

The rainforest was an ever changing vista. One moment we were oohing over fabulous fungi discoveries or aahing at a fat goanna waddling past, and suddenly we’d round a bend and discover a nearly hidden grove of Australian grasstrees with their marvelous pot bellied grass skirts swaying in the breeze.

And then it felt like we’d plunged into a scene from Jurassic Park or Tarzan as massive vines twisted and coiled across the forest floor then up into the trees before disappearing into the canopy above. The pictures don’t convey their immensity, but each of the larger strands have the girth of an average size person, the smaller ones are as big as a leg or stoutly muscled arm. Incredible.

Aren’t these tree roots wondrous? Sinewy and curvaceous, staggeringly huge.

Then more vines coiling themselves across the landscape like tentacles or serpents.

And more splendid tree roots. Wouldn’t this tree make a most excellent fort or hideout?

Exploring the Bunya Mountains through the rainforest trails was incredible. Mind-blowing, heart-soothing, soul-soaring.

After so much inspiration and wonder, we simply had to end the day with comfort food: garlicky mashed potatoes with lemon pepper, crispy roasted sausages, and red wine.

Sue and I crawled into our beds that night with pleasantly tired bodies and big smiles. I listened contentedly to the wind buffeting my tent as I read a couple of chapters by lamp light, then drifted off for a thoroughly good sleep.


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The-FoodTrotter - I discovered your blog recently and I love it. This promenade in the middle of the Queensland jungle is breathtaking! 🙂

Emma - You know, I like to think that Bavarian alpine forests can be pretty magical, but this is just ethereal! Straight out of a fairytale! 🙂

Serina aka Ms Frugal Ears - What beautiful pictures – it looks like a magical place. Glad you are having a bit of time to yourself.

Tammi @ Tea For Tammi - Am loving the vibrancy of those photos!! Also – lemon garlic mashed potatoes YUM

Eileen | The Food Avenue - Your work hours sound crazy! Good to hear you are getting into a rhythm though!

Rosemary - Love love your pictures! The size of the vines are unbelievable! Great that you had a chance to explore..though the work hours must be a killer! What a nice simple meal to end the day with. Really enjoyed reading your post. Cheers!

Laura - Congrats on the job! It is definitely cool that you can work so remotely like that. I work remotely too, but only east coast to west coast US! These are fantastic photos!

Anna @ shenANNAgans - Congratulations on the new job my lady, and how wonderful you are able to operate without needing to be there. I do hope that more, more, more companies and businesses choose to do this, its totally the way of the future. Although… not sure about the working hours, hope Bear puts in black out curtains for you. 🙂
Gorgeous post, and garlicky mashed potatoes with lemon pepper, crispy roasted sausages, and red wine…. served in the coolest cups ever = BEST!

LindyLou Mac - Krista you amaze me how much you manage to do in a 24 hour day! Lovely photos.

budget jan - Those grass trees have the best pot bellied grass skirts I’ve ever seen. Wow working 2 am to 6 a.m. would have been difficult to adjust to!

Lauren - I have never seen anything like those enormous winding tree roots, how incredible! Lovely glimpse into the rainforest 🙂

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - I would not be able to function if I woke up so early! I see you took loads more mushroom photos, they are brilliant 😀

Paula McInerney - You take some beautiful photos, and that is why we are so proud of Australia. It is such a diverse country and I am not sure that a lot of people know that.

Nancy | Plus Ate Six - Far out! I would have been pinching myself during that walk – your photos are glorious. I’ve never seen grass trees before – they look like people! Sounds like you’re managing to balance your work hours and how fun to be able to work on line with a company in the States from your home in Oz!

Rosemarie of Travel and Beyond - Oh wow! Those trees look like there are part of an enchanted forest!

lisa | renovating italy - Krista you bring the beauty of Australia to life for me and make me homesick. I felt as if I were in the rainforest again, I fell in love with those trees that grow over another and become a lace work. gorgeous xxx
Love lisa (the homesick Aussie) x

Cathy - Hi Krista, wow those are interesting hours to keep and I imagine a bit challenging to begin with. Your photos are just beautiful – thank you for sharing.

Deborah Regen - Those forests definitely look like they belong to another era!

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