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Greens and Goodness

Sometimes life shakes you a bit, jostles the security you’ve been comfortable in, makes you feel uncertain and unsettled. It can be paralyzing, but if you keep breathing, keep getting up in the morning, keep looking for the good in life, before long the bad is overshadowed and you aren’t scared any more.

Goodness does that. Goodness in our friends, in the actions of total strangers.

Lately, whenever I’m discouraged I go to HONY and read stories. Stories of good people, brave, battered, broken, suffering, amazing people. And I’m reminded that we are all the same, that this world is home for all of us and we’re just trying to find our place in it. A place to live, to be safe, to do the things we’re good at, to be close to the people we love.

Such reminders yank me out of fear and put me back on the path of purposeful goodness. Looking for ways to do good to my Bear and myself, our animals, our land, the people in my life.

I’ve spent more time in my gardens this week, tidying up garden beds, nurturing plants withered by the heat, harvesting treasured veggies that nourish and strengthen.

It quiets me to be out there, working among plants that remind me of us, flourishing best when they’re fed, protected, and rooted next to other plants whose attributes make them stronger.

We’ve been spending time with good people, taking several day trips recently to hang out with medieval friends. I love them, love their stories, great senses of humor, and amazing talents that always inspire me and make me glad to be part of this world. It’s so nice to know there are kindred spirits around, people who value honesty and hard work and creativity, and know how to have a jolly good laugh.

We’ve also been making time for creativity. Today Bear and I finished making two medieval training shields for us to use as he trains me in medieval combat. I love working with leather and wood, iron and steel, making beautiful and useful things. I’ve been wood-burning a lot, getting Christmas orders ready to ship overseas, and pottering around the house making messy places neat and tidy again. It feels so good.

And I’ve been spending time in the kitchen making things that nourish our bodies and make us smile. I have so many greens growing in my gardens right now, so I’ve been adding them to everything, especially breakfast. It makes me happy to know we’re starting each day with heaps of vegetables along with our farm eggs.

We’ve had fried eggs on sauteed silverbeet and asparagus, eggs on spinach sizzled with caramelized onion and fresh tomato, and leftover baked potatoes simmered with kale, tomato sauce, onions, and sausage. Such good, simple, wholesome food.

Tonight I’m heading to bed early with a good book. A storm is raging outside and it’s lovely to be cozy and warm in our little house.

Good night. xo

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Anna @ shenANNAgans - How is Bears medieval combat training coming along? Have you posted pictures of the shields anywhere?

Loving your beautiful blue plates, I have been serving my food on blue plates a bit lately, it really does make the food pop!

Krista - I sure did enjoy it, Tandy. 🙂 And I’m on to book #2 now. 🙂

Krista - Focusing on the good really does minimize the bad, Maureen. Puts everything in a much better perspective. Hope you feel better much soon. XO

Krista - They were good dreams, dear Celia. 🙂

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - hope you kept warm and dry from the storm, and that you enjoyed your book! I have also been gardening 🙂

Maureen | Orgasmic Chef - Storming here today but not as bad as it was in Sydney. I love how you take each day as it comes and try to find goodness with every sunrise. Life IS good. There is bad as well but if we focus on the good, it minimizes the bad, I reckon.

mlleparadis - lovely lovely pics as usual. hope it was all good dreams!

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