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Cozy at Home

Bear and I are home again after a beautiful four day medieval camping trip with good friends. We had such a marvelous time and I promise to tell you all about it once I’m caught up on work, farm projects, and keeping my gardens alive in this searing heatwave.

It’s lovely to be home, sleeping in our own bed, taking hot showers, cuddling with all our dogs. It’s been great to wander my gardens and see so many things that shot up while we were away: purple beans, Roma tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers, artichokes, asparagus, beets, and strawberries. The broad beans look like they’ll be ready any day, and the peas are steadfastly producing pods in defiance of witheringly hot wind and sun. Tonight a deliciously cool wind is billowing through the trees, granting precious relief from the heat of this afternoon. I think people, plants, and animals are all breathing sighs of relief.

This week I started a new job working as a long distance writer for an American law firm. I’m enjoying the work tremendously, loving the challenge of learning a new industry and the gift of being able to work from home or on the road as long as I have an internet connection. I’m especially grateful for paying work. Times are tough in my part of Queensland, and finding steady work has been a challenge for me and many others. It’s awfully good to breathe a bit easier now, and throw myself into this new adventure in writing.

Now it’s time to close my computer and crawl into bed for a good sleep. After making spelt pancakes over the campfire last weekend, I’m craving them again. I think they’ll be lovely for breakfast tomorrow morning, perhaps topped with vanilla Greek yogurt and caramelized pears.

What breakfast are you craving this week? xo

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Karen (Back Road Journal) - There really is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and waking to a nice breakfast. I’m not really a breakfast eater so a toasted English muffin with melted butter in all its nooks and crannies makes me happy. Congratulations on your new job, that is terrific.

Gitte Gentile - Congratulations on your new job Krista. The best jobs gotta be where you can set your own hours, wish I could 😉

Maureen - Congratulations on the new job, Krista, that’s fantastic! Doing something you like is really special.

Sally Fairweather - That’s great news Krista. You are very versatile. I love simple home made bread and marmalade with wads of butter!!

Nancy - Yay to the new job – although I have no idea what it means you do 🙂 What are you writing for a law firm?

Tracy A - While I love getting away, I always love to come home….

budgetjan - Congratulations Krista. Writing for a Law firm sounds interesting.

Anna Johnston - Gorgeous photo. 🙂

I satisfied my pancake cravings on the weekend with a delicious almond meal mix, stewed berries & raw honey. Gahhhhh! Droooool!!!!

Hotly Spiced - Congratulations on your new job! That’s excellent news. Isn’t it amazing how we can now work anywhere in the world as long as we have an internet connection! xx

Oana | Adore Foods - Congratulations on your new job! Fantastic news 🙂 and so nice that you get to do it wherever you want as long as there is internet. Cannot wait to see some photos from your medieval camping trip. Sounds so cool! I love all your fresh produce, you are so lucky !

Liz Posmyk - Congratulations on the new, long distance job, Krista! There’s no place like home, huh xxx

katyabroad - Congrats on the new job, darling! That’s the one great thing about being a writer for a living, isn’t it? We can get work from anywhere in the world, and we can do it anywhere in the world! I’m grateful to have a steady long-distance contract at the moment – it doesn’t pay loads, but it keeps me going, and I guess that’s what matters 🙂

TheSurprisedGourmet - Looking forward to hearing about your camping adventure. Around here we tend to eat breakfast for dinner so there’s no telling what well have for breakfast. Congrats on the new job.

bellini - Congratulations on the new job Krista 🙂 It seems like it will add dimension to your already interesting life downunder. For breakfast I have been craving yeasted apple waffles, which will be coming up when I get around to it.

Cathy - I’m craving porridge and brown sugar Krista which I will probably have on the weekend (once I buy some sugar) 😉 Congratulations on your new writing job. You deserve it 🙂

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