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A Bit Higgledy-Piggledy

My whole world seems rather higgledy-piggledy at the moment, but that’s not such a bad thing.

Our crazy weather has my plants thinking it’s Spring or Summer instead of the dead of Winter. Rather than living off of hardy greens and root veggies, I’m picking blueberries, collecting tomatoes, and looking in astonishment at fruit trees sending out blossoms.

My dear ol’ body decided to go wonky too, keeping me in bed much of this week. Thank goodness for a big pot of ham bean soup and stacks of movies from the library to make things easier. Even the worst sick days are made immeasurably better with marathons of “Grimm” and “Rosemary and Thyme.”

In the midst of the weird and hard stuff, there have been good, good things: a wonderful weekend away with our medieval friends that I can’t wait to tell you about, our first attempt at apple wine brewing beautifully, and our orphaned twin goats now fully weaned and healthy as can be.

To top it all off, my actor/singer friend, Kristopher, now a producer in New York City, sent me tickets for a concert by the oh-so-fabulous Mary Wilson, original member of “The Supremes.” I was thrilled!! So Bear and I rugged up against the cold and spent an incredible evening listening to this awe-inspiring 71-year-old belt out powerful ballads, standards, and favorites as if she were 40 years younger. She was cheeky, hilarious, down-to-earth, and made us shake with laughter, wipe away tears, and go home feeling that this truly is a wonderful world.

I’m so thankful that life rarely leaves us saddled with only bad and hard things. There’s always something good and beautiful along the way to shimmer light into the dark places.

What is one good thing in your life this week? xo

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Karin Stienemeier - That’s right! Hope you feel better now. xox

Anna Johnston - Oh boy, what a bummer you have been feeling out of sorts again. Sending you loads of healing energy and hugs and head pats and feelings of happy health and light. 🙂 The weather has been typical Canberra winter, cold, sleet, wind and never ending rain. Sigh!
BUT…. one amazing thing this week, well sort of last week was the soft rebrand of my blog, I put in a whole new theme and made it a lot more professional. Feeling proud I am! 🙂

Tandy Sinclair - The weather has been odd here as well. Enjoy all of the moments this season has to offer and feel better soon!

Tracy A. - Hope you are feeling better!

Nancy - Seeing Mary Wilson in concert must have been wonderful – nothing like live music to lift the spirits x

Turkey's For Life - Sorry to hear about being unwell again but you do also manage to lead such a busy and exciting life! There’s always something going on that is positive for you. 🙂 Saw your photo on Facebook with Mary Wilson. That must have been amazing!

Maureen - Glad to hear good things are still going on in your life in spite of a health setback. The concert sounds wonderful!

thefisherlady - Higgledy Piggledy~ Okay… so I had to look this up as I have never seen it before. I love learning new little tidbits to start off my day.
‘helter-skelter’, ‘harum-scarum’, pell-mell’, ‘raggle-taggle’, hobson-jobson’ and ‘hurly-burly’ hanky-panky, namby-pamby,mumbo-jumbo
I am also sorry you have been feeling not so super duper… may health and strength be restored quickly.
By the end of your discourse I was dripping a few tears… I am always amazed how God can bring friends and beauty and life to us in the midst of pain and chaos…your photos, by the way are remarkable, fruit and blossoms ~ the blueberry one incredibly beautiful. I can taste them! The evening with such a musical artist and shared with Bear would be healing in itself~
Blessings dear one. You are loved

Liz Posmyk - Sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell again, Krista, but glad to see that you are finding joy and beauty in each day xxx

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