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Simple Pleasures On A Stormy Day

“The richness of the rain made me feel safe and protected;
I have always considered the rain to be healing—a blanket—the comfort of a friend.”
Douglas Coupland

It rained yesterday, beautiful, heavy, dirt-soaking rain. And for a while the world was dark and cozy and wild and stormy and downright wonderful.

So we made it a day of simple pleasures: no internet, no phones, no computers. Just me and Bear spending time together doing little things we love.

We treated ourselves to a humdinger of a breakfast with extra hash browns, a side of pancakes, and both coffee AND hot chocolate. We were ravenous after two days spent building fences and planting nearly 70 tree cuttings.

We went treasure-hunting at our favorite thrift store and junk shop and found all sorts of great things: storage racks for his tools and my wood-burning equipment, hardwood planks for building my greenhouse, and some lovely old china dishes from England.

We went to the hardware store to get our new ladder and the last bits needed to finish off the orchards, and found a treasure trove of winter veggie seedlings for a song. We picked up groceries, Blood Orange and Tahitian Lime Trees for our citrus orchard, and a stack of inspiring books from the library. The titles alone send our imaginations whirring.

We had our weekly date at the bakery, indulging in leisurely visits, cheesy quiche, and sips of ice cold sarsaparilla to cool us off in the blistering heat after the storm.

After such a wonderful but tiring day in town, I like to keep things simple on the food front, raiding the pantry for things that taste good, fill us up, but require no preparation. This does the trick nicely.

What is your favorite simple meal after a day out? xo

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Gourmet Getaways - This is a heavenly meal – all the nice things go into a single plate!

Julie & Alesah

Gourmet Getaways xx

Tracy A. - There is nothing quite as wonderful as a hearty rainstorm! I tend to crave comfort food on such occasions, which for me means, soup, or macaroni and cheese,mor the salmon casserole that my mother used to make. I suspect that they all would be too hot in your climate right now!

Hotly Spiced - How wonderful to have all that rain. And it sounds like you and Bear really needed a day to yourselves. I love the sound of your big breakfast xx

Joanne (eats well with others) - I love lazy breakfasts and days like the one you describe! Plus that cheese plate at the end – so good.

Tandy Sinclair - Pasta will always be the simplest meal I enjoy and indulge in. What a lovely day out 🙂

Maureen - Lovely day. My “I’m too tired to do anything but lift food to my mouth’ is dips, cheese, crackers and raw veg.

Liz Posmyk - As Oana said… a perfect day! Love it.

Rachel Friesen - Love that plate! I inherited an odd collection of my grandmother’s china (she split it between all her female descendants), so I use them as serving platters – much more fun than fussing over a matched set 🙂 My go-to for busy day meals are leftovers. When they run out, we also go for a snacky supper – usually some combination of salami, cheese, mini cukes, apple slices, and grapes tomatoes – and it feels like a treat. My son requests it pretty much every day for lunch…and usually gets a no, but it’s a very reluctant one 😉

Jackie Smith - Your plate du jour looks fabulous! I’d like to say I do something that creative and yummy – but often I find a good old tuna sandwich fills the bill! Have a great week you two~

budgetjan - Rain is such a beautiful thing when the weather is hot. It brings such relief and hope and good feelings. I love it when we entertain and make heaps of salads and have left over BBQ meat/snags or tandoori chicken stored in the fridge. Then when we’re tired and hungry everyone can just help themselves to whichever left-overs appeal to them. I particularly like cold sausages and a mix of salads.

Ken Powell - That simple meal is likely to be scrambled eggs on toast for us, Krista! xo

Krista - And that made me smile, @disqus_2yjJojmJOE:disqus 🙂

Krista - Isn’t it so pretty, @oanaadorefoods:disqus? I fell in love with it. 🙂 A cold platter with cold beer sounds absolutely splendid. 🙂

Margaret | DestinationHere&Now - I so often come away smiling from your posts Krista.

Oana | Adore Foods - Sounds like a perfect day! I absolutely love that old china plate. We like a cold platter too (with plenty of meat cuts and cheese) after a day out and a cold beer 🙂

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