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Three Little Happy Things

You know how sometimes everything happens at once and you find yourself just a wee bit frazzled as you try to keep on top of it all? Well, it’s that sort of week here as I collect and complete the last of my Australian visa paperwork and get it to our lawyer, finish the final draft of my book and start the design process, and somehow find time to finish Spring planting, look after baby chicks, and make sure we don’t starve to death. Yep, it’s a crazy time so self-care and quiet moments are essential.

Yesterday was Town Day and I decided to put everything else out of my mind and make a celebration of it. We went out for breakfast and discussed all sorts of projects, found a myriad of treasures at various thrift stores, and stumbled on a serious plant sale where every veggie plant was 25 cents!! Let’s just say we’re going to have bushels of tomatoes and zucchini this summer. The afternoon was more relaxed and I had a great meeting with my counselor (how I love her!) and spent a happy hour or two at the library leafing through fabulous books and putting together a puzzle. We ended the day with roast pork and crackling (yum!!) and chips and gravy – good ol’ comfort food.

Today is a blur as we track down various documents, print out pieces of evidence, and write up proof that our marriage is real. Although it’s stressful, there’s something quite lovely about writing down why you’re with someone and what makes your relationship work. We’re keeping ourselves going with stops for marvelous Red Delicious apples, homemade bread rolls, and coffee.

And I’m taking a moment to document three things that are making me smile today. If you’d like to see the fourth, pop over to Facebook to see the newest cutie-patooties at our house.

One: this pressie from my friend Ann. It’s so pretty I can’t bear to put it away, and it’s been sitting on my kitchen table for a week.

Two: inspiring books. I have a towering stack of books on the veranda for me to leaf through on my breaks. It’s so nice to sit out there on hot afternoons, sipping bush lemonade and losing myself in the creativity of others.

Three: eggs. Oh so many eggs. Geese, ducks, and chickens are laying right now and I have eggs everywhere! Filling bowls, stacked on plates, mounded on platters. Good heavens. πŸ™‚ If you have any eggolicious recipes you’d like to share, I’d love it! They do make me smile though because they remind me how lucky we are to never, ever go hungry.

How about you? How’s life in your world right now? What little things are making you smile? xo

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My Kitchen Stories - Thanks Krista you always encourage me to look at the world in a different way xxx

Hotly Spiced - I’ve just given you a like on FB. Somehow I didn’t realise you’re on FB! I love the look of all your very fresh eggs. How lovely to have a constant supply. It’s great you have a counsellor you have a good relationship with xx

Anna Johnston - Haha… My weeks in recent times have been rather intense and its been hard to find a moment to myself. Phewww. But really… it isn’t worth getting worked up about, I have been making time to stop and take a moment, smell the beautiful fresh Spring air and smile. And boy since then, my life has turned around. What makes me smile…. Visiting your blog makes me smile. Thanks for being you sweet Krista, I am lucky to have such a beaut soul in my world. xox

Rachel Friesen - Hurray for eggs! A few years back, I switched from cereal for breakfast to eggs and toast. I believe Francis’ father would call that a “proper breakfast” πŸ˜‰ For supper, I’m really enjoying this recipe for a Quinoa Egg Bake (http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipe/quinoa-egg-bake-thyme-and-garlic). The quinoa settles to the bottom of the baking pan to make its own quiche-like crust (and you don’t have to cook it first either). It’s tasty as is, and so versatile for substitutions. Our family favourite is to switch the spinach for steamed broccoli.

The little things that are making me smile today are the leaves on my lawn, vanilla rooibos tea, and the bag of adorable costumes on my coffee table waiting for baby’s first halloween. Have a lovely weekend!

Joanne (eats well with others) - Somehow it seems that when things are busy, they are CRAZY and when things are slow, nothing is happening. But that’s life!

Tandy Sinclair - My cousin went through the ‘proving’ process a few years ago and was so grateful for Facebook – all the proof was on one site πŸ™‚ Hope all goes well with collating the paperwork. Have a super weekend πŸ™‚

Gourmet Getaways - I love traveling with my family and seeing the kids’ happy faces. Keep doing what you love most, Krista πŸ™‚

~Do drop by and say hello πŸ™‚
Gourmet Getaways

Liz Posmyk - So many lovely things happening in your world right now Krista. Enjoy.

Maureen | OrgasmicChef - I think all you need to do is put a link to your blog and that will be proof enough of how much you love Bear and what he means to you.

katyabroad - Ah the joys of government paperwork – still, it sounds like you’re going the right way about it, surrounded by beautiful things! I’m just loving being back at university – yes, I have no money after paying tuition fees, but I just adore my hours in the library reading interesting books and studying things I care about, and talking to people who understand my esoteric passions!

Coffee and Crumpets - Oh, it all sound fabulous Krista! I know its hectic but thats the fun part isn’t it? I was high on adrenaline last two weeks just finishing one project after another and this week its calm and I’m crashing! AS good as it feels to do nothing, I’ve seriously lost all motivation,,,,and that I can’t handle. Here’s to more fun days ahead for you! Oh, and I have a great Egg Curry recipe on my site. xx

mlleparadis - the tea cozy on the cover of your book, the subtle colorations of your eggs and the gentle cool mornings we’re having in l.a. are making me smile. good luck with all the projects!


Jackie Smith - Life is in the fast-lane with different tasks than yours, but I can certainly relate to the need for a ‘happy moment’ or two. We had such a time gathering documents just last week for an upcoming trip that requires a visa. . .I can so relate to that process. And last summer to open the Greek bank account for our failed house purchase I carried a huge file folder of documents to prove we were who we were, lived where we lived, paid money for utilities, were married and in my case was born (different names those maiden and married ones). . .isn’t it a joy sometimes to be so alive and have to work so hard to prove it? Wonderful post as always – xxxx Jackie

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