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From My Writing Burrow

It’s a gorgeous morning on our farm with soft breezes and warming sunshine. So nice after the bone-chilling cold and wind of the last few days.

I’m about to head out to help Bear plant our plum orchard, but first I just wanted to sit awhile with you.

pale pink hollyhocks

I’ve been in hibernation mode the last few weeks, squirreling myself away in my office researching, transcribing, hunting down elusive names, dates, and details. Rare is the night I can stay awake past 8 p.m., for my whole being is exhausted from this enterprise. But it’s a good tired, a satisfied tired, a “this work is worth it” tired.

Chinese cabbage

I set myself goals throughout the day, rewarding myself with treks to the garden, walks with Luna, chats and smoothies with Bear. Sometimes I even steal an entire hour to disappear into a Poirot or Phryne Fisher mystery.

I can’t describe how calming and mind-clearing it is to wander among plants and trees, to work hard for an hour or two digging new garden beds and collecting veggies for lunch. It makes it so much easier to return to the keyboard with renewed enthusiasm and clarity of thought.

lobelia and rose

Luna, my dog, loves these breaks. She hears my office door open and leaps up in her pen, tail wagging furiously, wriggling and whining with excitement as I approach her gate and let her out for a run.

We visit the other dogs and check on the goats, collect a few eggs from the ducks, geese, and chooks, and hang out with Bear as he shows us the progress he’s made on gate-building or latch-designing or gadget-inventing.

purple pea blossom

She watches, fascinated as I collect the days bounty of peas, asparagus, Chinese cabbage, silverbeet, kale, and chicory, sniffing my hands to see if any of it suits her fancy. It doesn’t.

Dutch purple peas

Then she happily gnaws a bone while I sit down on an old tire to eat a handful of peas grown from seeds brought from Hungary by my friend Oma.

lap full of peas

Then it’s back to work. I scratch Luna’s ears and close her pen, settle down on the old rattan couch in my office, collect my stacks of paper around me, and get back to typing.

Now I’m celebrating the end of all my transcribing with some tree-planting with Bear.

After lunch I’ll start writing Chapter One. 🙂

What little things keep you going through your jobs? xo

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lisa | renovating italy - Oh you are such an inspiration and I love the idea of little rewards through the day. xx

Anna Johnston - Ohhhhh yarm…. Your garden looks amazing. I really need to find a weekend and get it ready. Hopefully I havent missed the boat on that one. Love sharing in on your daily adventures. Its like taking a break somewhere really special. 🙂

Breanne @ This Vintage Moment - Your garden is gorgeous!! All the colours and textures, thank-you for sitting with us. =) I love setting little goals when I’m working around the house- tea breaks and story breaks with the girls. =)

GlamorousBite - Those peas and flowers are just lovely and we would happily sit there eating them too!

Rachel Friesen - I can’t get enough of those purple pea pods. So fun! Also looking forward to reading your book. Happy writing 🙂

MyCustardPie - I think your idea of lovely treats now and again throughout the day is a really good way to keep motivated. Lovely pics as always – so nice to take a virtual walk with you.

Hotly Spiced - What a lovely way to start the day. And how wonderful to be planting a plum orchard. I love how you work with your dogs – I do the same! xx

Maureen Shaw - Your days are so full! I look forward to every check-in. 🙂

Liz Posmyk - Gorgeous! Wishing you a happy week, Krista.

Jackie Smith - You gave me an ‘ah-ha’ moment with this post as I have been bouncing between all that needs to be done both in the garden and at the computer. Time to start thinking of the garden as the treat, the break I need to clear my thoughts. . .great post, as always!

Jamie - I cannot wait until this book is published to read it! And lucky you to have such an Eden waiting outside your little office door when you need a break. It’s beautiful.

Cathy - Beautiful Krista. Hope the plum orchard planting went well. I imagine it is good for you to alternate between writing and taking breaks to enjoy your farm 🙂

Gourmet Getaways - Your stories make me relax a bit from my daily tasks. I like having a peek at your lovely farm 🙂

Gourmet Getaways

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