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Baby Goats on the Farm

“In the silence,
I could hear the distinct sound of goats maa-ing in the barn.
Lying there listening to them made me smile, too.
I’d always loved goats – every one of them different from every other one,
and all of them goofy and playful.”
Steve Watkins

After a two-day glimpse of Spring, Winter returned with frosty mornings and icy winds. Brrr. Winter’s arrival heralded another arrival: this sweet little chap who was born yesterday. He is dark brown with one white foot and has a powerful set of lungs. I can hear him bleating above the entire herd. We are smitten with him.

Bear spotted him after we returned home from a day out running errands and hurried up to the house to tell me. I quickly bundled up in Bear’s flannels and trackies and spent a happy 30 minutes in the goat pen, cuddling the new baby and snapping pictures of the other littles whose curiosity had them cantering over for a visit.

Their little faces delight me no end. Especially this fellow with one ear up and one ear down, his nose still wrinkled like a pug dog because he hasn’t grown into it yet.

This girl is one of my favorites. She is so tiny and has such a dainty face yet she’s the bravest of the bunch, always coming right up to me to inspect my wellies and peer into my camera.

It was a gorgeous afternoon: sunshine, cute little kids, warm spots out of the wind. All too soon it was time to head up to the plum orchard to work on fences with Bear.

We worked until after dark, digging post holes, fitting posts, stringing wire, hanging fencing. Luna trotted along with us, happily gnawing on a huge kangaroo bone she found somewhere. It was as big as her! We were cold and hungry by the time we finished, but so pleased to get the first phase done. We walked back to the house and snuggled in for roast chicken dinner and an early night. It was a good day.

Do you have any projects you’re tackling at your house? xo

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Anna Johnston - Lovely Krista. It does my heart good to see you so contented & happy. Your pics always get me going. Happy for you I am.

Hotly Spiced - The baby goat is gorgeous and how lovely to have cuddles with him when he was so brand new. Unlike human babies, they sure do grow up quickly. After all that hard work, coming home to a roast chicken must have been very therapeutic xx

Kim - Liv Life - Krista… you are so beautiful!! And those goats… what sweeties. Oh how I would love to hold one! I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever touched one. I’m pretty amazed at how independent they are just so quickly after birth. Sweet little guys. I’m loving your goat photos. And here’s hoping your spring weather returns quickly. We were having a few fall days, but summer returned with a vengeance, hot, hot, hot and very humid. Somewhat odd for San Diego.

Joanne (eats well with others) - Awww such cuties!! Congrats on the newest addition!

Tracy A. - How can you not love that little face! And I must say, I love your photo at the end.

Jamie - What a life! I am always so enchanted, enthralled and envious!!! And goats.. a goat farm is my husband’s dream and I can see why!

mlleparadis - oh the projects! but you will get us going on trying to have herds of goats of our own any minute now! sweet sweet post.


My Kitchen Stories - They are just so beautiful. No wonder you are smitten. You have a lot of goats. Beautiful photos too.

Gourmet Getaways - Oh there they are again, the cute goats! Please hug them for me, Krista 🙂

Gourmet Getaways

Maureen Shaw - These are so cute! I would play with them all day and get nothing done. I couldn’t help myself. I’m doing Spring cleaning. It’s not a project I enjoy to be honest. 🙂

Lizzy (Good Things) - It must be amazing to witness the birth of a baby goat, Krista! Now I feel a little guilty for making such a beautiful goat curry last night!

Jackie Smith - OMG these photos are magnificent. The one of you is stunning and I too am in love with your little kid!

pamela hayward - I want one – a baby goat! They are SO adorable! Where is your farm? Do you milk the goats? Make cheese?

Tandy Sinclair - the babies are just too cute! Have a super day today with all your projects 🙂

Shirley - Gorgeous photos, Krista. And yes, I am gearing up for a Spring clean!

Suzanne Walcher - Ah, so happy to get my
“goat fix,” here! I just
adore these little creatures
and always seek them out
at the fair each summer!

You look absolutely
gorgeous and radiant
in these photos–so happy.
How beautiful is that?

xo Suzanne

PS: I am busy “mucking
out my stall,” i.e. cleaning
out my office space. I write
and work in a tiny closet.
When I took everything out
and piled it on the dining
room table, I was amazed
at all the “stuff!” After a
thorough cleaning, I’m now
thoughtfully organizing and
putting everything back….
Quite satisfying!

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