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A Wooden Watch and a Giveaway!

**This giveaway is now CLOSED. The winner is Mlle Paradis. 🙂 Thank you all for participating!!**

I don’t often host giveaways here, but when JORD contacted me with the offer of a beautifully original wooden watch for me AND one for one of you, I was delighted.

Jord is Swedish for earth, soil, land, and reflects the company’s desire to take their customers back to nature and away from synthetic materials. Every watch is hand-crafted from diverse, sustainable woods from around the world, each wood with its own distinctive color and grain.

As you know from seeing the wood-burned items I make, I really love wood: wood furniture, wooden utensils, and now, wooden watches. I’d never seen a wooden watch before, so I was intrigued to see the design of the Fieldcrest Maple watch I’d chosen. (In medieval times maple was used for spiritual healing, and that makes me smile. :-))

It is lovely, exquisitely made with the gentle grain of the maple wood showing through. I like how lightweight and loose fitting it is (I admit I get rather claustrophobic with tight-fitting jewelry). By turning the face of the watch inwards, it looks every bit like a bracelet.

If you would like a chance to win one of JORD’s beautiful watches, please leave a comment here or on Facebook and let me know what time of day you look forward to most. This giveaway ends June 27, 2014 and I will announce the winner then. XO

Disclosure: the Fieldcrest Maple watch was given to me free of charge by Jord. All views of this product are my own.

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Andrea Rust - I look forward to my son’s naptime the most!

Heather S - I look forward to the evening when I get to relax with my family!

Jim - 11pm! There is an hour here, where I am the only awake creature in the house. The family has gone to bed and the cats are fast asleep… I am usually doing dishes or catching up on a show (or both). It doesn’t matter what I am doing… just the uniqueness of the time of day is relaxing.

KatR - That watch is so cute and right up my alley. My favorite time of day is that moment I take a big breath and relax into my fiancés arms before I fall asleep. I feel so safe and at ease curled up there.

Maia - Every night, I read a chapter from a book to my children.

Anna Johnston - Wow, that’s soooooo cool Krista, I’ve never seen a wood watch before. Its so special and different too, I like that it could be turned upside down and it looks like a bracelet, I like to have a watch (OCD with my planning and time management – LOL) but don’t always like the ‘look’ of a watch with my outfit. First world problems. 🙂 My fav time of day is when ever I take that first glorious sip of coffee, that seems to be when my brain starts functioning and my day begins. So I guess thats anywhere from 5am to midday. Haha! Great giveaway. Hope you’ve had a brilliant day sweet lady, love that new watch you are sporting, very you. xx

Victoria_CosmeticCravings - When all the kids are in bed, and I can put my feet up with a glass of wine!

nusha - Great giveaway! My favorite time of the day is morning.

hedgehogi - I love around dinner time! We get to eat and enjoy our company! Something about food and company!

alholm.co at gmail dot com

mlleparadis - oh what a cool watch! i just can’t say which part of the day i prefer. they are each so gorgeous in their own way. i’m super lucky living in southern california – but it’s definitely the nature part of the day which counts. when i’m not being interrupted by lo-flying helicopters as was just the case! ha!


Kristie Ritter - As much as I say I want extra sleep, the early morning hours when the house is quiet are what I look forward to.

budgetjan - The time of day I like Best? An afternoon walk along the beach, with the last fingers of sun lighting the clouds, the parrots settling noisily in the palm tree tops, and a Tonic and Lime beckoning.

Joanne (eats well with others) - Oh my gosh, that is amazing!! I love the quiet mornings!

ART+POLITICS+Life - dinner time!

Hotly Spiced - The watch is gorgeous. My husband loves to collect watches and although not a jeweller, he can repair them and adjust the length of the bracelet part as well. Watches have been a love of his since he was really, really young. I’ve never seen a wooden watch and Jord certainly has a stunning range. I hate to sound old but the time of day I look forward to most is bed time! xx

Maureen Shaw - Low tide. That’s the best time to take a break and head to the beach for a long walk with the dog. The sand is hard and easy to walk on and the beach seems to go forever.

Beautiful watches!

Liz Posmyk - I love every part of the day Krista! Every day is a gift. : )

Jennifer - IF I wake up when I plan to, my favorite time is between 5:00 am & 6:30 am. I can ease into the day with a few cups of coffee, some morning reading & writing, some coursework planning, and some focused thought about my approach to the day.

Bianca Rogoveanu - When i go to bed !

Vannessa@Luxuria - Wow! these are gorgeous. I remember seeing something similar when I was in Denmark.
OK, my favorite time of day has to be dusk; as the world is starting to slow down, the sun is starting to set and you know that it’s time to relax with loved ones and disconnect from work.

Breanne @ This Vintage Moment - A wooden watch, how beautiful! My favourite time (s) are first thing in the morning when all is quiet and still and also in the evening, at magic hour when the sun coats everything in gold. =)

manda - Morning!

Ginger L - I absolutely love the early morning sunrise and the sunsets here on the Kansas prairie. We have hardly any trees or much of anything to block the breathtaking views. It’s one of the trade offs to living in the midwest. 😉

Gourmet Getaways - The watch blends well with you and your lovely surrounding, Krista! It’s sooo nice to hear about timepieces made from non-synthetic materials. Good luck to all!

Gourmet Getaways

Tandy Sinclair - I love them! I look forward to 6pm which marks the start of cooking time for me 🙂

karin - I look forward the evening when it is quiet 😀

bellini - When I wake up early in the morning with the sound of birds cheering, I sit with a cup of tea, read e-mails, do some writing, long before the world rushes in.

bellini - When i wake up early in the morning, when the birds are cheering, I sit with a cup of tea , read e-mails, do some writing. It is the time of day I have the clearest thoughts.

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