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A Cake Date at a Winter Nursery

“I’d choose truth over cake
but I’d try to find a way to get both to be honest.”
Craig Benzine

Storm clouds rolled in yesterday, instantly turning our day cozy. So we had to take time between projects for reading on the veranda, long distance chats with dear old friends, and roast chicken stuffed with sage and lemon.

Bear and I have been working on all sorts of farm projects this week, and have the cuts, bruises, and aching muscles to prove it. It’s worth it though, for we have newly built chook pens, freshly dug garden plots, and fences that keep in even the most determined goat escape artist.

We decided that our chook pens needed some climbing plants to protect our new White Sussex and Australorps from the fierce Aussie sun, so we bundled up and headed to our favorite nursery – Gardens Galore – to see what we could find.

I love the nursery in winter. It is quiet and peaceful, the russets and golds of winter replacing the riot of color that spring and summer bring.

We loaded up our ute with buckets of jasmine for year round shade, and a couple of new vines I’d never heard of. Apparently they are quite marvelous for they grow quickly and create a hanging curtain of leaves that turn varying shades of vivid red. Can’t wait to see that! Especially in the glow of the setting sun.

Red leaves make me happy. Always.

And I might’ve fallen in love with this orange table and chair set. So darn cheery!

Then Bear surprised me with an impromptu date in the Gardens Galore cafe. Love that man.

I tried my very first “Dutch” – a caramel latte topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. Oh my. It’s like a hug in a cup.

And we could not say no to pieces of Banana Cream Cake. So moist, tender, with just a hint of spice. I think that from now on any time storm clouds roll in I will crave this cake.

Such a great way to end a busy day.

What is your favorite cake on a rainy day? xo

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Anna Johnston - Oh myyyyy, I do love that cute little orange outdoor setting, its so pretty. Actually the colours in this entire post are just gorgeous. 🙂 I do so adore visiting your blog lovely one, its the quickest way for me to take a mini break. My fav kinda cake on a rainy day, today… caramel slice, I know… Its not cake, but its cake-like. LOL!

Hotly Spiced - I also love browsing around nurseries. That banana cake looks really, really good. And I love the sound of your lemon and sage roast chicken xx

budgetjan - That Banana Cream Pie looks so moist and delicious. Great Photography 🙂

Joanne (eats well with others) - A cake date?! now that sounds fabulous. Also, I love all these bright colors!

MyCustardPie - What a great quote about cake. My favourite on a dull day is always ginger.

Cathy - Great post Krista. I think I too am besotted with the orange garden furniture. That Bear of yours is one special man. A perfect way to end a nursery visit is most definitely with a coffee and a piece of cake. I’m not too sure what I would pick at the moment. Maybe lemon drizzle.

Kim - Liv Life - Oh Krista… you never fail to make me smile!! I’d love a set of that orange table and chairs as well.. indeed pure happiness in the garden. And the drink? While I’m not a big sweet drink fan, your description of a hug in a cup has me smiling and I’d get on just for that hug. Hope you are feeling well!! Love your red leaves too..

Tracy A. - Love the quote. Many of your photos look like our autumn!

Gourmet Getaways - Ooh, I love the tall mug of Dutch! Nice finds and lovely photos!

Gourmet Getaways

Tandy Sinclair - Love all the colours! Chocolate cake always tops my list 🙂

Liz Posmyk - A delicious winter outing! Love it.

Kyrstie Barcak - What a lovely afternoon! I love to visit nurseries. Jasmine smells so divine, it is a gorgeous thing to plant. You have made me want to get some too 🙂

Maureen Shaw - Australorps are the breed I had. They are beautiful chickens and they’re so big they don’t fly or at least my 30 never did. I had one row of chicken wire and not one ever flew over it. I have chicken envy. 🙂

El - Looks great. Anything with chocolate works for me!

Jackie Smith - There is nothing better than a nursery with a cafe! We have one in Woodinville, a town to the north of us (you might remember it) and the nursery has added a cafe with similar goodies. . .and wine. There is no better place to meet a girl friend than there (Molbaks). Love your description of a hug in a cup.

bellini - The reds and burnished golds remind me of growing up in Eastern Canada. How I loved to go on Sunday walks or drives through the country to peer over pioneer fences. I think the cake that will always bring me back to those days would be a nice moist cream cheese covered carrot cake.

mlleparadis - gorgeous reds! hmmmm what would be my favorite? couldn’t choose, any cake would do but dense and chocolatey might be a place to start. have a great weekend!


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