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Little Things That Make Worse Better

Rain is falling softly as I alternate sips of red wine and Earl Grey tea and rest on this stormy afternoon.

I’m in the “worse before better” stage of my treatment and it’s been a rough week. A really rough week. Yet somehow, even during these awful days, little things happen that make this worse-ness so much better.

One such thing happened for me.

I was in my little country home town waiting for my doctor’s appointment. I had packed a picnic lunch for myself – tomato salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella, a homemade brownie for dessert – and I carried my bags to a nearby picnic table so I could sit in the winter sunshine and soak up delicious warmth.

I pulled out my journal because, well, it was just one of those days. A day when you feel so utterly miserable that normally manageable things become quite intolerable and it takes a fair bit of effort not to mire down in loneliness and sadness and a rather murky puddle of woe-is-me-ness.

So there I sat hiding my tear-filled eyes behind large sunglasses, writing down soul-invigorating truths in fierce strokes:

You are loved.

You are OK.

You’re going to be OK.

And suddenly a black and white kitten hopped up beside me, sat down on his haunches, and stared at me long and earnestly.

He was so serious that I felt like was being analyzed and it made me laugh. Nothing like a strange cat staring into your soul to jolt you out of sadness.

Finally, appearing to have assured himself that this strange human wasn’t going to lose it after all, he curled up beside me and stayed there until my doctor’s appointment.

It was the loveliest thing.

And I didn’t realize how lovely until a man appeared and asked, “Is he bothering you?” I assured him the cat was most welcome, but the man remained there for a moment or two longer, a puzzled look on his face.

He then explained that the cat was his and that he normally spends all day every day snoozing by the sun-drenched fence at their house.

Neither of us knew why he chose this day to break his routine and spend an hour with a weepy, sick girl on a park bench, but I’m so glad he did.

He made a bad day so much better.

Now I get to look forward to a beautiful weekend with my Bear. We’ve got movies and brownies and stove top popcorn and coffee all the way from dear friends in Germany.

What are you looking forward to?

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Kathy - What a lovely experience to have when you were feeling down. Animals can be such a spirit lifter, and it sounds like this one knew just what to do to make you feel better!

Neil Larsen - yes I love an adventure – this has been a long-time-coming for me – the anticipations is almost overwhelming – I feel like a giddy teenager
All the best wishes for you my friend – illness is an internal battle as well as a physical one – you have my thoughts of good will always.

Krista - Oh you make me laugh, @9d73767d10227efff04c7307e331304c:disqus 🙂 It WAS meant to be, and whatever the reason that lovely little fellow came along, I am so thankful. 🙂

Margaret | DestinationHere&Now - Good to hear. You take care x

Krista - Yes, @thetravelchica:disqus , they are amazing that way, and such little treasures. 🙂

Krista - Thank you so much, @tanyalloyd:disqus 🙂 You are such a wonderful comfort and cheerer-upper. 🙂

Krista - They sure are, Andi! 🙂

Krista - A healing cat – yes, I like that very much, @budgetjan:disqus 🙂

Krista - I’m so glad you have two cats to love on you, @neillarsen:disqus 🙂 They are the dearest things. 🙂 I’m SO thrilled for you starting out on this new adventure, finding your very dear self again as you embrace the things that make your life rich and wonderful. 🙂

Krista - He made me teary too, @OrgasmicChef:disqus I just couldn’t believe it. 🙂 I love you too. XOXO

Krista - Dear @a1d00aea3bb8ff7d8a85322c6ff171a6:disqus – please remind me again when you get the chance. I will happily email it to you when I get home from camping this weekend. 🙂 XO

Krista - I’m so glad this little fellow could cheer both our hearts, @Jacqueline_at_Bliss:disqus 🙂 Wishing you cooler days and MUCH happiness. XO

Krista - Thank you so much, @vannessaluxuria:disqus I plan to spend this entire weekend enjoying and savoring. 🙂 xo

Krista - Nuzzling close is what lovely cats do best, @breannemosher:disqus 🙂 And he was a lovely cat. 🙂

Krista - That sounds like a beautiful weekend, @wanderingsheila:disqus 🙂 I hope the sun stayed for the whole weekend. 🙂

Krista - Ohhh, your cat sounds so lovely. 🙂 They can be the dearest comfort when we feel wretched, can’t they? 🙂

Krista - All of those things sound absolutely wonderful, @disqus_QNxSDE3oXK:disqus I still need to watch the very last episode of NUMB3RS – though I really want it to just go on and on. 🙂

Krista - Dear @disqus_2yjJojmJOE:disqus I am so glad you stopped by! 🙂 It is lovely to meet you and it makes me happy that we can meet through Lisa. She is a treasure. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. They were very cheering on a rough day. 🙂 I look forward to getting to know you better as I follow your blog. 🙂

Krista - Thank you so much, dearest @aaccd0d2459e894d8921aaed8f9442d7:disqus 🙂 If a cat shows up soon I’ll know he came from you. 🙂 xo

mlleparadis - hey, what nice comments you get here from all over the world.

oh my your kitty story! well it was just meant to be! i have all sorts of theories about that kind of thing, but when i start to share them with people they usually get that (perfectly natural) sceptical look in their eyes and they seem to find it best to change the subject. it’s not necessarily my thing, to be a cat lady, but there are things we don’t understand about them that they may understand about us. at the very least, that they can help us find comfort and peace in the immediate present. big hugs! hope it’s a better week.


thetravelchica - How sweet. I agree with Andi… animals have an incredible ability to sense how we are feeling and can be so comforting.

Tanya Lloyd - I simply adore this post! The magical moments life offers up for us at times when we need it the most, never cease to amaze me. Meaning and signs exist all around us, we simply need to slow down enough and open up our hearts to receiving them. A truly treasured and precious moment and I could not think of anyone more worthy of a reminder of just how much you are loved xx

Andi Perullo - Oh I love this post…animals are the best medicine!

budgetjan - How Spooky and Cool is that. Your own healing cat – well not yours strictly speaking – but unknowlingly loaned to you. I love that so much. You must be really well connected.

Neil Larsen - Hi to you and all, Krista – your tale of the feline friend is one I have experienced before. I have observed the power that these little spirits have. It’s an empathy that is evoked simply by their presence at the most opportune moments in time. The Egyptians recognised this centuries ago and introduced us all to a domesticated feline. I have enjoyed their company throughout my life as pets and in moments like you have described. I have 2 cats and love them dearly.
You asked what I am looking forward to ?
I am rediscovering myself – moving back to the sunshine coast, close to the beach, a return to an old lifestyle, a new career – A new beginning – Peace and Harmony

Maureen | OrgasmicChef - okay now I’m in tears and I have goosebumps. I love that cat!

and I love you.

jacquie - you are loved. you are OK. and you do know why the kittie came to you – “someone” sent him to you to prove that you are cared for and are deserving of love. have a good weekend.
now how about posting that brownie recipe when you get a chance? please.

Jacqueline_at_Bliss - Oh, Krista, this made me smile! I’m so glad to know that your day and your worries turned around. I’ve only just finished a murderously long day of work in the restaurant kitchen (during a heat wave) and have been so in need of something to pull me up. Thank you for sharing this. And please know that you’ve brightened my spirits. Much love to you! Xx

Vannessa@Luxuria - Awwwwh! Perhaps the little kitten was an angel in disguise ;-I
Hope you are feeling better Sweets. Enjoy the weekend and savor every minute xx

Breanne Mosher - Oh, that is comforting. I am not always fond of cats but I find that there is such comfort in an animal’s presence. They don’t speak with words, they just nuzzle close and make comforting sounds. I’m so glad that cat came close for you. =) And, alternate sips of red wine and tea sound perfect. Wishing you peace with much love!!

Cathy - What a gorgeous story Krista. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit and spending time with my family. The weather is meant to be nice this weekend as well 🙂

Jeanne Horak - It is very hard to explain to people who do not love cats what an incredible effect their presence can have – calming as the same time as flattering (whaaaaat – yo utook time out from your busy snoozing routine to spend time with ME??). Our cat when I was at school always knew when somebody in the house was sick and would totally disrupt his normal routine to be with them all day. I still miss him when I’m sick… Sending you huge hugs and may you find many friendly cats this weekend! xx

Marie - Looking forward to a soak in the hot tub, a few episodes of NUMB3RS, trying to cook some Mexican with Dylan, a bit of knitting and letters from my sister, Phryne.

Corrie Vela Ehler - Super enjoyed this one my friend! Sending love… and cats perhaps? xo

Margaret | DestinationHere&Now - Dear Krista, Your name keeps popping up in online conversations with Lisa over at Renovating Italy and last night I spent a lovely couple of hours browsing your site 🙂 You’ve created something very special here – truly – and I can now see why Lisa is so very fond of your blog. I’m not entirely sure what you’re struggling with physically at the moment (I couldn’t get to every post!) but I just wanted to say that despite what you’re going through you have this beautiful knack of soaking up the present and sharing it in a very gentle way. I loved some of the earlier posts about your communal dinners with friends and would like to know more about how you organised each other i.e.: who did the washing up haha! And it would seem we both suffer from a big dose of wanderlust. Anyway just wanted to say hi and say take care and I hope you’re on the road to recovery. You have a new follower. Warm regards from Bathurst NSW x

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