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Autumn Rambles and Rosemary Roasted Brazil Nuts

There are only a few days left until Winter officially arrives in Australia. We can feel it in the cold mist and icy winds that sneak around the corner and chill you to the bone.

I finally get to pull out all my Canadian-esque sweaters, wool socks, and scarves, snuggling into their warmth as I down copious amounts of piping hot tea.

As the days get shorter, I savor my afternoon strolls around the farm, capturing the last beauties of Autumn.

Living in a new country makes each season an adventure. I’m used to seeing the ground carpeted with pine needles, maple leaves, and piles of pine cones, but the ground looks completely different here in Queensland, Australia.

Here the wood floor is covered with scrolls of crimson bark and long narrow leaves in violet and sage that have fallen from the gum trees.

There are wonderfully strange seed pods and odd-shaped greenery, but the lichen-covered rocks are very similar to ones I grew up with in the Northern Hemisphere, and they make me smile and feel at home.

I’ve been experimenting with nuts this Autumn, coating them with all sorts of seasonings before roasting them to burnished deliciousness. I’ve done hazelnuts with maple and spice and others with lemon zest and black pepper. Delectable!

Each time I think I’ve found my new favorite, but this week, I think I really have.

This week I tossed gorgeous raw Brazil nuts with olive oil, fresh rosemary, and sea salt and roasted them until the pale, creamy nuts were deep brown, the rosemary crispy and salty.

Oh my word. Bear and I could not stop eating them as we raced each other to find the darkest, most flavorsome ones. We finished the entire batch in less than a day. Swoon.

This week I’m tackling macadamia nuts. I can’t imagine how any nut could top the Roasted Rosemary Brazil Nuts, but I shall keep you posted.

What’s the weather like where you are? What is your favorite healthy snack at this time of year?

Roasted Rosemary Brazil Nuts


2 cups raw Brazil nuts
1-2 Tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped
olive oil
sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to 375 F (200 C)
  2. Place Brazil nuts in bowl and add rosemary.
  3. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt, tossing to coat evenly and completely.
  4. Cover baking sheet with baking paper. Pour nuts onto baking paper and spread evenly in a single layer.
  5. Place in oven and roast for 15-17 minutes until well-browned and starting to split. (We like ours very dark.)
  6. Remove from oven and let cool to room temperature before eating.


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Mark Ballster - I just love brazil nuts but I didn’t know they go well with rosemary. Thanks for
sharing, And brazil nuts are so healthy! – http://theshawnstevensonmodel.com/benefits-of-brazil-nuts/

katyabroad - They sound so good! It is funny to hear about the opposite seasons – just as we are warming up after a Winter that lasted too long and finally seeing some Summer sunshine, you are heading into that chilly season! I hope it’s a good Winter for you.

Karen (Back Road Journal) - Your roasted nuts look and sound delicious…it would be hard to stop eating them.

Jamie - I love discovering your new home and country with you, but you already know that. I hunger to move to a new place and start that discovery process all over again. Husband and I dream of moving somewhere completely different just like you did. And these nuts look so good. They would make the perfect autumn treat but not so bad in sumer, either.

Kitchen Butterfly - Swoon. There’s a word I love…….

Joanne (eats well with others) - Rosemary is definitely one of my favorite autumn flavors! Love how you infused the nuts with it!

Maureen | OrgasmicChef - I love spiced or flavoured nuts and these sound wonderful. I need to buy more nuts, obviously.

Krista - They are WONDERFUL, @breannemosher:disqus !!! šŸ™‚ I hope you love them as much as we do. šŸ™‚

Breanne Mosher - Oh yum!! I’ve only roasted almonds before but these sound delish! I need to hunt up a good place to buy nuts, these sound like the perfect snack. =)

Krista - I hope you love them, @budgetjan:disqus šŸ™‚ They definitely make me swoon. šŸ™‚ I get my nuts at a European deli outside Brisbane – but didn’t think of getting them online. I will have to look into that. šŸ™‚

Krista - I will keep you posted, @wanderingsheila:disqus šŸ™‚ Almonds and an apple sound like a delish and very healthy snack. šŸ™‚

Krista - That sounds like a beautiful place for a day trip, @disqus_2LQ5qLN5aY:disqus šŸ™‚ I would love to visit a nut farm – especially in Autumn. šŸ™‚

budgetjan - Oh My! I have to try these nuts. So simple but delicious. I know that mine will not last the day. Lucky I am going grocery shopping today. Do you order the nuts on line or have a local supplier? Glad your canadian-esque wardrobe is getting a work-out.

Cathy - These look so good Krista. I can’t wait to hear how you get on with macadamia nuts (which are one of my favourites). At the moment, I love to snack on some almonds and then an apple šŸ™‚

bellini - I have always wanted to go to the Gellatly Nut Farm in the autumn. They have so many varieties available. I am not sure if they sell them any longer but it is worth a try. Even so there is a lovely walk through shaded trees and a walk along the lake.

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