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Dastardly Goats, Guava Mimosas, and Black Currant Spiced Cider

I was so happy for a glorious sunrise this morning after weeks and weeks of mostly rain and darkness. The clouds have taken over since then, but that thirty minutes of sunshiny-ness was pure bliss.

We got a bit of sunshine yesterday evening too, so I plucked up my courage to go take a look at my poor veggie garden to see how it was faring in the aftermath of yet another goat assault. Yep, those lovely wretches tore a hole in the fence, busted in, and razed my garden to the ground.

The first time they did it, I cried. The second, I got a bit teary. This time I sighed, said “Oh bugger!”, got a hug from Bear, then went inside to look at the seed catalog. After a year and a half of farm life, I’ve learned that the only thing to do in these situations is to find some inspiration and get creative.

So, I got myself a cup of tea and pored over gorgeous photos of purple-podded peas, ruby Brussels sprouts, and black kale. Bear and I pooled our change and any day now the seeds for our winter garden will arrive. I can’t wait!!

In the meantime, I was thrilled to pieces to find a few survivors from The Great Goat Ravaging – artichokes, silverbeet, one lone gooseberry, two little strawberries, and the entire crop of asparagus which – after its mauling – is now producing asparagus like gangbusters. In Autumn! Splendid.

Way to survive, little plants.

I’ve been experiencing a surge of creativity the last few days and I’m absolutely loving it! I’m sewing again – churning out sundresses and medieval projects – and creating all sorts of new recipes.

I’ve been focusing on drinks lately, trying new ways to make old favorites.

Like mimosas and cider.

I love mimosas. They are such happy drinks and always make me think of sunny brunches with dear friends. Usually they’re made with champagne and orange juice, but I’ve been giving them a tropical flair with mango and guava juices. Oh my. So darn good! I’ve been saving them for Saturday mornings for weekends need to be celebrated, and nothing says celebration first thing in the morning like a cheery guava mimosa.

I also love cider. And with all the stormy days we’ve been having, cider is a wonderful alternative to coffee and tea. My current favorite is black currant cider spiced with star anise. Not only does it smell heavenly whilst it’s simmering on the stove, it is utterly delicious.

Next I want to try Cherry Cider with Vanilla Bean and Pear Cider with Ginger. I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out.

Is anything stirring your creative juices these days? I’d love to hear about what you’re working on.

Black Currant Cider Recipe
Serves 4


1 jar black currant juice (or apple juice mixed with black currant)
2 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
4-5 cloves

Combine all ingredients in saucepan and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat and simmer, covered, for 30 minutes.
Serve hot or let it cool and serve over ice.

Guava Mimosa Recipe
Serves two


guava nectar (or mango!)
chilled champagne or sparkling white wine


In large glass mix one part guava nectar to two parts champagne.
Serve immediately.

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Jeanne @ CookSister! - Oh no – I don’t think I’d be as forgiving of the goats as you are 🙁 Glad that some of the plants did survive though, and how awesome to have asparagus in the Autumn!! Loving the cider and mimosa – I love warm cider in the winder!

Krista - Oh good, @twitter-286462118:disqus ! I hope you like it. 🙂

Krista - Thank you for empathizing, @jenny_atasteoftravel:disqus I love the goats but they’re absolutely wretched sometimes. 🙂

Krista - Thank you, @katyabroad:disqus 🙂 They are delish 🙂

Krista - Oh gosh! I can’t believe you’re still getting snow! Wishing you Spring VERY soon, @inspiringtravellers:disqus

Krista - @71eb07213759ab4e5611e1dd9f1df8a7:disqus I would LOVE that. 🙂 You two are welcome any time. 🙂

Krista - They ARE silly indeed, @TuulaR:disqus 🙂 Hope you liked the Mango Mimosa. 🙂

Christina Fields - Yum! That guava mimosa looks wonderful. I’m going to try it out. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

jenny_atasteoftravel - I’d be devastated too if my vege garden disappeared overnight. At least you can have a mimosa to cheer your self up…love the idea of mango and guava juice with champagne.

katyabroad - Those drinks look absolutely gorgeous! Perfect for the change of seasons 🙂

Andrea and John - I could go a hot version of that cider right now – we had more snow today!

Jamie - I love reading your adventures, both the good and the bad – which you manage to give a funny ironic twist to like some oddball comedy! And I am jealous! You are living the life my husband and I dream of. Live it up, Krista, and enjoy every single moment. And one day, we may join you and drink a few of these wonderful-soundling Black current spiced ciders!

TuulaR - Silly goats! Glad there were a few plants spared… and lovin’ the Guava Mimosa – have some mango nectar here I’ll try it with!

Krista - Bahaha! Oh, @UlyssesSRant:disqus , you crack me up. 🙂 Consider it done!

Krista - I can’t wait to see some of your creativity, @facebook-100001665607063:disqus 🙂 Will you be posting pics soon? 🙂

Krista - How fun that you are poring over seed catalogs too, @4051406338aaef5dd8bf9775f8ab662d:disqus 🙂 Isn’t it inspiring and exciting? 🙂

Krista - We are working on it, @joanneeatswellwithothers:disqus 🙂 They’ve pushed open a gate before but never busted through a fence, so this is a first. 🙂 Hopefully we will have goat-proof wire up soon. 🙂

Joanne (eats well with others) - Darn those goats!! Is there any way to build a stronger fence?

Those mimosas sound absolutely lovely!

Velva-Tomatoes on the Vine - Enjoy mimosas myself! I love rain but after a few weeks it can get really dreary-glad for a few rays of sunshine on your farm. You can nest, and be creative. I can totally relate to excitement about seed catalogs. here in north Florida we are just starting to plant our spring/summer gardens.


Breanne Mosher - Oh, guava mimosa sounds so refreshing! I love the idea of saving those drinks for the weekend and celebrating Saturday. =) I have been feeling all sorts of creative lately, making new decorations for spring and prettying up little corners. It feels good. Bummer on the goats but yay for new seeds and gardens. =)

Ulysses S. Rant - Camouflage. Bushes. Track the Goats. Strike the Fear of Zeus Himself into Them. Take Pictures. That is All.

Krista - Yeah indeed, @wanderingsheila:disqus ! 🙂 It’s these little happy things that keep us going, eh? 🙂

Cathy - Yeah to plants surviving the Great Goat Ravaging 🙂 Yeah also to yummy looking and most likely tasting drinks, thanks for sharing Krista 🙂

Krista - I am laughing SO hard, @budgetjan:disqus 🙂 You poor, poor thing. 🙂 I can’t imagine being trapped in the loo for ages. I’ve had to learn to get very feisty with our goats when they get a naughty streak. I was so scared of them when I first got here, but not anymore! 🙂

budgetjan - The Great Goat Ravaging. I do love goats but they can be infuriating sometimes. When I was a child my grandmother’s goats bailed me up in the outside toilet and as it was way down the back yard nobody heard me crying out for help. Every time I opened the door a crack they head-butted it. You know how much they like fun! I am glad you have learned to cope with the ravaging.

Krista - VERY good to know, @62001814d9d7e41ffc94251e56fa448f:disqus 🙂 What is page wire? I’m not familiar with that term. 🙂

thefisherlady - page wire fences with a rail above and log at ground level ~ thirty years free of goats in the garden trick! Great photos!

Krista - It keeps getting better and better, dear Val. 🙂 XO

bellini - That’s the iife Krista.

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