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Queensland Flood Photos

It has been a crazy week dealing with the deluge and aftermath of the 2013 Queensland flood.

Today we were finally able to get into town, rumbling slowly over roads with the pavement washed away, gazing in amazement at once green fields coated with thick black mud and debris.

Our little village of Allora was nearly surrounded by raging torrents and fields turned into lakes. On the outskirts, water was encroaching ever closer, submerging roads and yards.

On Monday afternoon we decided to brave the roads and incessant rain to see what we could see.

My jaw dropped as we crested the hill and saw that the normally velvety green Allora golf course had become a massive lake.

It was a strange sense of deja vu for me. My first trip to Australia in January 2011 found me driving up this hill only ten minutes before the 2011 Queensland flood left us stranded for five days.

We drove outside of town, stunned by the paddocks and fences and trees under water rushing so deep and fast it was only inches from swamping the bridge.

You can’t tell in this picture, but the water was rushing down the street like a river and I stayed well away from the edge. While the depth of water is damaging, it is the speed of the current that is truly dangerous, easily knocking you off your feet.

Our village park was downright scary with flood waters hurtling past covering playground equipment and turning the roadway into a plunging waterfall.

I was able to get close enough to take this video of the river rushing through the trees.

We stopped by the local market to pick up some essentials but were unable to get milk for they were all sold out. By this morning locals were lined up outside the market, cleaning out the produce shelves.

Before I experienced a flood I thought everything would be OK once the waters went down. I know better now. Trucks carrying food and dairy can’t get through because roads are absolutely destroyed, bridges washed out. The food distribution centers themselves are often submerged. Going to the grocery store today there were mighty slim pickings in the fresh food aisle.

My friend in Brisbane is having an entirely different experience. Since the power was knocked out in her neighborhood, their market had to post security guards and only allow 12 people in at a time. The line of people waiting to go in was massive.We’re hearing of water shortages and horrible flooding and I’m so grateful that my friends in Brisbane and Bundaberg are OK.

I’m also thankful for my garden that is producing heaps of kale, beans, tomatoes and silverbeet, so we’ll be fine until produce is readily available again. And after all that rainfall, our water tanks are full and we have no shortage of water.

Our farm, Citadel Kalahari, turned into a watery swamp, but I admit that I quite like all the little waterfalls and creeks and ponds. Although walking anywhere is rather precarious what with slipping through lashings of mud, it really is quite beautiful.

There are so many people in Queensland and New South Wales who have lost so much in these terrible floods. If you are able and interested in helping them rebuild, please donate through this link: Australian Red Cross.

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Jeanne @ CookSister! - Scary – it’s been a bad year for flooding here in the UK, and in my hometown in South Africa too… The weather truly has gone mad.

Marie - You be a good girl and stay safe away from all that water. I’m so glad your farm is on a hill.

Lauryl - Wow! I hadn’t even heard of this. Amazing pictures. Glad you are safe and sound! xo

Cailins - Krista! I was so worried about you. I’m glad to hear you are okay.
Those photos are terrifying. Sending positive thoughts and well wishes you way. xo

TuulaR - Oh wow, those photos look pretty frightening… we’ve been watching the coverage over here and I must admit I was worried! Glad to hear that you’re safe and sound…if not a bit soggy.. be careful my dear!

thefisherlady - my friends are battling too…

Andrea and John - Good gracious! You know, John and I were talking and wondering the other day if QLD is seeing more crocodiles in the urban/suburban areas with all this high water…I hope not!

budgetjan - Floods certainly are scary things. I feel for those who also got flooded last year, how heartbreaking.

Amy @ Seven Grey Sweaters - Whoa! That looks so devastating. Rushing water is an amazingly destructive force. I was caught in a (very small) flash flood once, and I will never forget that experience! I hope you stay safe and dry and well-fed over the coming days!

Krista - It is terrible, @9d73767d10227efff04c7307e331304c:disqus . šŸ™ Some people are experiencing their third flood in less than two years!! Some JUST got their homes rebuilt after the last one, and now they have to start all over again. šŸ™ So sad.

Krista - Thank you, @facebook-500212569:disqus šŸ™‚ me too! Today the weather has returned to its normally gorgeous self. šŸ™‚

Mlle Paradis - Terrible to have this happening again so soon after the last event. And then with the fires down south……so glad to know that you are safe!

Andi Perullo de Ledesma - Oh my how awful! I’m glad you’re safe and sound!!!

Krista - Thank you, @UlyssesSRant:disqus I’m so glad to live on a hill instead of in the valley. It was very dangerous in some parts, very, but the waters are going down now and things are much safer now.

Krista - We thought for sure we had lost our baby ducks, @62001814d9d7e41ffc94251e56fa448f:disqus , after their pen got flooded. They were drenched and shivering and nearly comatose, but we climbed in and wrapped the worst-off ones in dry towels and got them all up into a dog kennel filled with hay. Amazingly they rallied and by morning were their perky little selves. šŸ™‚

Krista - Thankfully they are lowering, @jenny_atasteoftravel:disqus šŸ™‚ I’m so glad about that. The devastation is staggering, but road crews are doing a great job getting the area mobile again. šŸ™‚

Krista - Isn’t it staggering, @wanderingsheila:disqus ?? I didn’t know what to say either. Just shook my head in shock. The clean-up crews are doing a fantastic job getting roads back to driveable shape. I’m really impressed. šŸ™‚

Krista - I am so grateful to be living in the country right now, Val. I can’t imagine being in the city without access to food or water or power. That would be very scary.

Krista - I just finished reading your post, @0fc123c6eec7f205cb5913bb6aee9b4f:disqus ! Usually Australia does a great job with international news coverage, but I didn’t hear about this! Some of those shots are incredible. I’m so glad you are safe and sound. šŸ™‚

Ulysses S. Rant - Well, that looks quite dangerous, K. I’m glad you’ve been able to stay safe!

thefisherlady - floods are devastating… my prayers are with you all in Australia… healing after the storm. I am sad too for all the little and big critters who may not have survived the raging waters… peace and life to you all. O love your cheer and eye for beauty in the midst of all this….

jenny_atasteoftravel - We’ve been reading all about it here but until I saw your photos I didn’t quite realise how extensive the flooding had been. I hope the water levels are now starting to drop for you all.

Cathy - Wow Krista – I’m speechless. It truly is amazing what a great amount of water can do. I’m glad to hear that you are safe.

bellini - Watching the video gives a whole new perspective to the floods Krista. I’d have to say that living on a sustainable farm with gardens, and eggs will see you through.

Ayelet - All Colores - Fascinating – we had floods in Israel this month too, I just posted about it, yet I don’t remember anything like this happening before. You’re right, it does look beautiful. It’s sad to hear about people losing so much in the storm. I hope as many people as possible are safe, and that you’ll all have your electricity and produce back soon. Over here, the only one I heard got hurt was a man who went kayaking on the highway-turned-river, so I guess it wasn’t as intense as in Oz. Stay safe!

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