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Memoriam in a Meadow

My Grandma died this week.

Yesterday I took time alone in a flower-filled meadow to think of her and remember good and happy things.

Like her hilarious sneezes that came out a high-pitched, “Acheeya!”

Her brilliant cooking skills. Grandma was one of those amazing women who not only cooked delicious food – peppernuts, Danish pastry, roast pork – she also cooked beautiful food. A feast at her house was a visual feast as much as a culinary one.

And her love for my Grandpa. It makes me laugh to think of her flirting with him, a twinkle in her eyes as she called him Alfie instead of Alfred. She told me once that every night they fell asleep holding hands.

I love that.

I am grateful for the things she taught me: love of travel, love of good food, and devotion to loved ones.

I will always remember her smile. Especially her just-before-bed smile when her false teeth were out and she was just as cute as cute can be.

“Death is but the next great adventure.”
J.K. Rowling

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Christina Fields - My condolences on your loss. I think you’re carrying on your grandma’s knack for making beautiful food. Your creations always look so lovely.

Bethany Bassett - I’m so sorry about your loss. I had a faithful flirt of grandmother as well who passed away several years ago, and remembering her is as sweet and sad all at once. Sending an extra big hug to you today.

TuulaR - I’m so sorry to hear about your loss Krista… Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman, may she rest in peace. My thoughts are with you 🙂

Joanne (eats well with others) - Oh I’m so sorry my dear. But I’m so happy you have all these wonderful memories of your grandmother! It will take time, but these will get you through.

Zita - I’m so sorry Krista! I know what you’re feeling now. I lost my last grandparent, my dad’s mom last October. She was sick in the last month of her life and it was very painful to see her just 2 days before her death! I’m sending you my condolences and a big hug!

Andrea and John - Oh no, Krista – so sorry to hear about her passing! I’m very close to my Grandma and so this really speaks to me… sending you my condolences and a hug! Andrea

budgetjan - Lovely post – your Grandma is feeling so proud of you right now.

Justine de Jonge - I’m so sorry to hear this news Krista. All of my sympathy and love to you and your family during this time. There definitely is a special place in our hearts for grandmothers and you’ve honoured yours in such a beautiful way. xx

Marie - I’m sorry for your loss of Gramma. I’m grateful that you have sweet fun memories of your time with her. Loves.

Breanne Mosher - That was beautiful, Krista. So very beautiful. I’m glad you took some time to go and be quiet and grieve. Those memories are lovely and made me think of my own Nana. Thank-you for sharing. XO

MlleParadis - So sorry about your Grandma Krista. It’s hard to be so far away when a loss like this occurs. But you have shared her in a lovely way with us. Big hugs and all best.

Cathy - This is a lovely tribute to your grandma Krista. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.

Kate Bailward - What a beautiful tribute. Much love to you and yours, Krista. xxx

thefisherlady - a beautiful walk with you. I smile with you at the remembrances and know this beauty does not remove the pain but eases it…hugs dear Krista. I still remember my grandma Rose with a smile … Eduardo and I also go to sleep holding hands 🙂 It is a great comfort and peace to be so loved.

jenny_atasteoftravel - There’s a special place in all our hearts for our grandmothers. You have so many beautiful memories that she will be with you forever.

bellini - I am sorry it has been such a sad week for you Krista. Your grandmothers loves continue in you.

Jackie - What lovely memories. xx

maddi - Krista, friend, am sure your Grandama loved you immensely!!!!! And I love you, too!! you are such a beautiful creature, your thoughts inspire my life and your life (and all the challenges you’ve faced and those you are still facing) reminds me that we can make it!! A huge immense hug from this side of the world <3 <3 <3

Jeanne @ CookSister - Oh Krista – I am so sorry to hear that. She sounds like an inspirational lady – what a beautiful heartfelt tribute. Sending you long-distance hugs. xx

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