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My Birthday and A Brave Girls Club Giveaway

Hello dear ones. 🙂

It is my birthday today (38 years!!! :-)) and I’m so happy to celebrate by hosting a giveaway for the gorgeous new Daily Truths art book from the Brave Girls Club:  “A Little Bird Told Me (30 days of beautiful words and beautiful art for your beautiful soul)” written and illustrated by Melody Ross.

A Little Bird Told Me

all images copyright The Brave Girls Club

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time, you know how much the daily emails from the Brave Girls Club have meant to me on my own journey of healing and restoration. (Click here for one such occasion) So I was thrilled to bits when The Brave Girls Club gave me two copies of this beautifully bound volume filled with messages of hope and truth – one for me and the other to share with one of you.

I love Melody’s forward in the book:

“Dear beautiful, phenomenal girl,

There was a time in my life when I was very very very broken…a time when I truly believed that I would always be broken. So many lies ran through my head and my heart, breaking me even more.

One day I closed my eyes and asked…”What is the truth about who I am?” and “What is the truth about the painful life situations I keep finding myself in? What do they mean about me?”

Inside of this book are the answers I received as I spent many days in solitude asking those questions over and over again.

I wrote these messages down because I knew they were not just for me, but for every single girl alive.

These are messages from ‘a little bird’…an all-loving little bird who really knows a thing or two about the truth…and about you…and about me.

My biggest hope is that you will really let yourself believe all of the words in this book…because I know that they are true about you…I know it without a single doubt.

You are so very very very loved.

melody ross

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment here, on Facebook, or send me an email (ramblingtart at gmail dot com) with two things:

  1. The name of a brave woman who inspires you.
  2. One brave thing you’ve done this year.

I can’t wait to hear about the courageous women and choices in your life. 🙂

The Brave Girls Club Giveaway will run from November 27th to December 3rd. All names will be placed in Bear’s baseball cap and swirled around and he will choose one winner. Please make sure you include your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win. The winner will be announced on December 3, 2012.

(If you’d like to purchase your own copy, click here to place your order)

Wishing you a beautiful week as I leave you with a few words from Melody Ross:

“You know so much more now than you used to know. You have gained so much more strength than you used to have. You are so much more courageous than you used to be. You are so much wiser than you used to be.

How did you get there? Well…probably by making some mistakes and learning from them, falling on your face and getting back up, enduring unfair and painful circumstances that you were not expecting, and by deciding to make a horrible situation into a positive one.

Because you see, dear friend, that is how we learn. That is how we grow, and that is how we become who we are meant to become. So if this is one of those days when you are wondering “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?” and “HOW DID I GET HERE?”, just know for sure that you are going to get through it all just fine, because you have felt this way before, you have done hard things before, and you have MADE IT through it all before.

And you came out stronger, better, wiser, braver, and smarter than you were before it all happened, just like you will this time.

You are doing a WONDERFUL JOB at living your life and being you. Keep up the great work.

You are so very loved. xoxo”

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rain - oh i LOVE this!! <3<3<3
happy birthday. <3

the name of a brave woman who inspires me: sara.

one brave thing i have done this year: followed my heart. it's harder and scarier than it sounds. <3

i love you.

Andrea and John - Happy Birthday, Krista!! =) Hope the year ahead brings you only wonderful things

Leigh - happy birthday dear, sweet friend! i love you!

Margo Millure - Happy birthday!!! My daughter Holland is the bravest woman I know today. Brave thing I’ve done this year? Made a plan to stop doing things that aren’t working in my life… to know when enough is enough and figure out a new direction based on everything I’ve learned… also to not listen to anyone who tells me any of this equates failure.

Vannessa Vinos - Happy Birthday Krista. OK a brave woman that inspires me? Too many to mention but I’ll start with the cancer survivor Kris Carr (author of Crazy, Sexy Life -i think that’s the name) One brave thing I did this year was give up my business in Spain (after 12 years) and move back to the UK to look after my ailing Dad. I have faith that the Universe will show me what’s next for me 😉

Christina Fields - Happy Birthday, Krista! Hope it’s filled with wonder and peace.

I know lots of brave women – my friend who quit her steady paycheck to start her own business with the weight of being the primary bread winner on her shoulders is a big inspiration to me.

This year, I sold my home and moved to a new state.

Andi Perullo, L.Ac. - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
1) You
2) I bungee jumped

katyabroad - Happy Birthday! I am so glad I found the Brave Girls’ Club through you – it is amazing. Aside from you, My mum (Ali Stewart) is the bravest woman I know, She inspires me every single day with her strength, wisdom and love. The bravest thing I’ve done this year is to keep going with my job, day after day. Crossing continents was a heck of a lot easier than this! xxxx

Ulysses S. Rant - Happy Birthday, K! You are one of the bravest and kindest people I know, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Kate Bailward - Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear Krista,
Happy birthday to you!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and being spoiled rotten. I’m sending you a big virtual birthday hug from Sicily, along with happy thoughts of cake and peace. xxx

Kitchen Butterfly - On my brave act – travelling to New York this summer and doing all the foodie stuff I so wanted to do! A brave lady I know and admire is Ceri Powell, a wonderful leader who is compassionate, strong and not afraid to create a better workplace for women!

Happy Birthday again.

Kitchen Butterfly - What a wonderful book Krista. Have a truly wonderful bday. Lots of love and best wishes. Continue to ‘rock’ and be the rock you are to many of us. Lots of love

Breanne Mosher - Happy, happy Birthday dear friend!! One of the bravest things I’ve done this year is to say yes to pursuing a dream and moving across the country to a town where we knew nobody except for one friend. And the brave woman who inspires me is YOU. Having the courage to say yes to Australia, yes to all the pain that would come with a move that big, yes to the freedom and the love of a good man. You are daily an inspiration to Jared and I. Much love. XO

Karen Kallberg - Happy birthday, my friend. I’m sure we’re not much older than when I first met you… 😀

Jamie - Oh, wishing you a very very happy and marvelous birthday and 38 just blew me away! I thought you were ten years younger and that isn’t just said for sompliment’s sake! What a wonderful life you are leading and you could very well write a similar book. XOXO

Elizabeth - The bravest thing I did this year was elope with a wonderful man, the love of my life. One of the bravest girls I know is Natalie, who always finds the courage to trust herself and sees the best in everyone.

bellini - The bravest thing that I did this year was to travel to Italy for a month by myself. I met many wonderful people who guided, inspired, and encouraged me along the way. The bravest woman I know at the moment is you who was brave enough to “change her stars”, move to Australia and sees each new day with a renewed spirit.

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