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An Early Morning Boat Ride Through Venice, Part Two

Only three days left until Spring in Australia and I can’t wait!!!

These cool, bright mornings are so cheering to body and soul. I feel awakened, alive, and eager to dig in the dirt, gather armfuls of flowers, and generally celebrate my heart out.

It was on just such a day that my brother Ryan and I continued our early morning boat ride through Venice, Italy with our friends Ben and Natty. (To see part one click here)

There is something so glorious about a spring morning in a city like Venice: the slap of waves on gondolas, exquisite old buildings flooded with sunlight, flowers blooming everywhere.

We sat back in our seats, basking in the warmth of the just-risen sun, imagining ourselves living in these aging yet opulent buildings.

How lovely to wake up each morning, step out onto a sun-washed balcony with a steaming cup of espresso and gaze out over glistening canals.


I loved spotting unexpected vignettes like the couple breakfasting on their balcony, utterly oblivious to passersby.

I love the care Venetians take to festoon railings, balconies, window-boxes and courtyards with lavish profusions of blossoms. The buildings are gorgeous all on their own, but the brilliant spots of greenery and vivid blooms make them like something out of a fairytale.

As much as I loved bobbing along the canals, I envied the seagulls soaring above me, swooping over rooftops and perching cheekily atop those lovely striped poles.

They definitely get the best view of Venice.

What is your favorite way to explore a new city? On foot? By boat or taxi? From the top of the highest tower?

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Ulysses S. Rant - It’s so weird to hear you talking about “spring”…but I hope you’re enjoying it! Those Venice pics are lovely, K. I’ve really got to make it there someday…

TuulaR - Gorgeous photos Krista… what a dream to be in Venice, I have yet to go! Looking forward to hearing updates about Spring in Australia… sure to be fantastic 🙂

Faith - Your photos are so lovely, Krista! Exploring a new city is so much fun. I’d love to travel to Venice, so thank you very much for sharing your journey with us!

Andrea and John - Getting lost on foot is my favourite way! I’m dying to get back to Venice after seeing your photos…

Andi Perullo - Mine is to get lost walking around without a map. I always stumble upon hidden treasures. AWESOME pics!!!!!

greg urbano - some gorgeous sights!

Joanne @ Eats Well WIth Others - I’m so glad to hear the weather is starting to turn beautiful where you are! And I love hearing about your trip to Venice. It sounds and looks lovely through and through!

Krista - Thank you, Jeanne! 🙂 I love seeing a city from the water too, so much. You get to see things you’d never, ever get to see otherwise. 🙂

Jeanne Horak - Seeing a city from its river is definitely one of my favourite ways to explore – and Venice is particularly good for this as the buildings are so intimately engaged with the waterway. Gorgeous shots!

Krista - Ohhhh, you’re the best, Valerie! 🙂 So glad you like them. 🙂

Krista - LOL! Yeah, I’m not much of a night owl so these early morning things aren’t too hard. I can’t imagine dragging myself out of bed after being up half the night! 🙂

Krista - I didn’t see it, Linda, but you’ve got me intrigued now. I can’t believe it was that dusty! Yipes!!

Krista - Oh I know how you feel, Val. 🙂 I was recently thinking back on my first journeys and wishing I could go back with my heart in the place it is now. 🙂

A Canadian Foodie - You’ve done it again. I am deleting my photos from the boat ride on the trip – and inserting yours!

Hogga - Looks amazing! If only I could get up that early to see these things lol

LindyLou Mac - Rather different to how it looked yesterday afternoon Krista! Did you see the video I shared on News From Italy’s Facebook page, quite incredible! We only had ten minutes of rain here which hardly settled the dust!

bellini - someday I will make it bak to venice with camera in hand and exploration on my mind. I was 18 the last time I was there with a different mindset. Thanks for taking us on this journey even before breakfast.

Krista - I love that too, Jenny!! 🙂 Getting lost in those dark, twisting streets is scary and wonderful at the same time. 🙂

Krista - I agree, Julia. 🙂 In nearly every other city I’d prefer going on foot, but Venice MUST be by water. 🙂

jenny_atasteoftravel - Venice by boat is the only way though I do love getting lost crossing all the small canals especially early in the morning. You photos are wonderful Krista. I really do need to go back there!

Turkey's For Life - Looks like you explored Venice at the best time, before all the crowds arrived. We like to explore on foot but if we were in Venice then it would have to be by boat. 🙂

Krista - I’ve only just started including a sketchbook in my wanderings, Lisa. 🙂 I love having time to jot and doodle about what I’m seeing. 🙂

lisa | renovating italy - I do love exploring on foot, getting to the out of way places. Wandering with the camera, or a sketchbook is a joy. Venice is an inspiration at any time. Gorgeous images and observations x love lisa

Krista - Thank you, Jan! 🙂 I would like to visit Venice in September one day. Autumn and Spring are my favorite times to travel. 🙂

Budgettraveltalk - Wonderful photos. It really pays off getting up early to beat the crowds! We were in Venice a long time ago and in September, and it was not as crowded as it can be today. Your photos make me want to visit it again (early in the morning).

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