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A Magical Morning at the Isle of Capri

It was an exquisitely beautiful spring morning in Italy when my friends and I boarded a ferry to the Isle of Capri.

We pulled out of the harbor at Sorrento and headed to the open sea.

Sunlight dazzled our eyes as it danced across the waves, illuminating the brilliant turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Whenever I travel, I try to find ways to get out on the water. Whether it’s a ferry, a fishing boat, or even a paddle boat, I love being in the sun and the wind, bobbing along watching the world go by.

Our ferry pulled into the Marina Grande and tied up at the Via Cristoforo Columbo.

We clambered onto the stone quay, delighting in the morning sun shining on the brightly colored buildings clinging to the terraced hillside.

It was still early morning but already the sun was blazing, so we gratefully took seats under the shady awning of a nearby cafe.

Our first adventure was to be a boat ride around the island, but we had just enough time for a leisurely coffee and a salad in the style of Capri, the ubiquitous (and delicious!) Insalata Caprese. Made of sliced fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil, and seasoned with salt and olive oil, it was cool and refreshing. Just the fortification we needed before our 3-hour boat trip.

We slurped down the last of our coffees then boarded the little craft. Soon we were out of the harbour and motoring along the coast of Capri, staring up in awe at towering cliffs and rocky fortifications.

We weren’t the only ones out on the water. I loved the look of this beautiful wooden boat rocking gently just off shore. I would love to fall asleep on the deck under a sky full of stars.

Next time we’ll head to a few of the gorgeous grottoes tucked along the rocky coastline of Capri.

Do you like being out on the water, or would you rather stick close to dry ground?

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Krista - I’m so glad you’re back too, Siddhartha. 🙂 Life just gets so busy sometimes, and it’s lovely when we have time to linger. 🙂 

Krista -  Thank you so much, Mary. 🙂 I hope you get to explore there soon too. 🙂

Siddhartha Joshi - What beautiful pictures! You have organized them really well…

Good to be back on your blog 🙂

Maryrichardson - Your pictures are lovely! They really capture all the colors and textures of Capri, and make me feel like I’m there. I’m hoping I can visit there soon…

Krista -  I hear ya, Andrea!! Going back to soggy Washington after being in sunny Australia made me want to scurry back to the sunshine as fast as I could go. 🙂

Andrea and John - Love that photo with the chains and the water! So colourful – makes me want to be somewhere sunny instead of in soggy STavanger right now.

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Krista -  Thank you, Ayngelina. I love them too. 🙂 They remind me of how a city felt – the details that make it unique. 🙂

Krista -  Oh how disappointing to get sick on your cruise, Stevie. I admit I’ve never been on one before, so I have no idea how I would handle it. I’m perfectly happy to stick with my little jaunts within sight of land. 🙂

Krista -  Thank you, Bess. 🙂 I lived in land-locked Alberta for years, so I know what you mean. The prairies and the mountains are GORGEOUS, but there’s something wonderful about the sea. 🙂

Krista -  I would happily hang out on the beach with you, Vanessa. 🙂 We could dangle our feet in the water and eat huge platters of Capri salad. 🙂

Krista -  Ohhhh, that trips sounds absolutely wonderful, Jenny! I would LOVE to take a jaunt like that. 🙂

Krista -  I sure do, Linda. They bring me nothing but happiness to recall them. 🙂

Krista -  Oh how wonderful, Val!! Yes! I will happily send you an email with information. 🙂 It was very reasonable as far as pricing goes. 🙂

Krista -  Oh, nauseous is NOT good!! Wandering along a coastal pathway sounds much more appealing in that situation. 🙂

Krista -  Wow!! That is quite a feat, Cathy! We had to stop for MANY breaks in the shade on that hot, hot day. 🙂 I like being on the water but prefer to be within sight of land. I’ve read too many Readers Digest “Drama In Real Life” to feel safe in open water. 🙂

Ayngelina - I love all of the little details you include in your photos, it really captures the essence of a city.

Stevie - These pics are dazzling and I wish so much that I was in Capri right now!  We’ve become land-lubbers after our less-than-well-tolerated Caribbean cruise a few years ago.  Sadly, we never acclimated to the “gentle rocking” of the massive ship.  

Bess - Such gorgeous pictures, as usual. I live in land-locked Colorado, so I always try to get on (or in) the water when I travel somewhere blessed with beaches.

Vanessa@Luxuria - What stunning photo’s Krista. That gorgeous sea makes me really feel like dipping my toes in. Having said that, I am a terrible sailor 🙁
That Capri salad with tomatoes and mozzarella really had me salivating 😉

Lindyloumacinitaly - What wonderful memories of your Italian travels you have.

Jenny Freedman - Beautiful photos Krista of stunning Capri- can’t wait for you shots of the Blue Grotto!! I love getting our on the water too. One of my favourite trips is to hire a boat from Positano and meander down the coast towards Amalfi, stopping for lunch at one of the waterside restaurants. Heaven!!

bellini - Hey Krista. I will be in Sorrento this fall and would love to hear more about how you ventured out to Capri. I know there are tours that take you out there, but it may be more economical to take the ferry and even perhaps take a boat excursion while there. Any suggestions?

Joanne - What a beautiful way to spend the day! Such gorgeous scenery.  Riding on boats makes me super nauseous so I’d rather stick to dry land but I definitely can see the appeal of getting out there in the great beautiful ocean!

Cathy Powell - Lovely post Krista.  I have fond memories of the isle of Capri, because I managed to get my Dad to climb to the top to visit the emperor Tiberius’s Roman villa (well the ruins of it).  As for being a sea lover, I prefer to be on dry land, but because both my husband and son love sailing, I am naturally drawn to taking heaps of photos of them, but from the safety of the shore!

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