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A Gorgeous Train Layover in Locarno, Switzerland

After our train ride through the exquisitely beautiful Italian Alps here and here, we descended from the hills to see another glorious sight: the glistening waters of the Swiss side of Lake Maggiore.

Margo, Katy, Kate, Kathy and I alighted from the train and joined the hordes scurrying up to the streets of Locarno, Switzerland.

Getting our bearings we quickly found a bank machine to secure some Swiss francs for our brief sojourn (see below). I thought they were so colorful and pretty. 🙂

With the late afternoon sun hot on our shoulders, we wandered along the waterfront a bit before turning in to find something to eat in the town square of Locarno.

In spite of scaffolding and barriers filling the square in preparation for a film festival, it was still a pretty spot ringed with towering apartments painted in the brightest ice-creamy colors of pistachio, strawberry, and lemon.

Although our arrival was well past lunch time, we managed to find one spot open that featured outdoor tables, shade and food. It was perfect.

I had a delicious thin crust pizza topped with smoked salmon, capers and thinly sliced onions. It was scrumptious and just light enough to leave me room for that most perfect of summer desserts: gelato.

As soon as lunch was over, Katy, Kate and I made a beeline for the nearest Swiss gelateria and ordered whatever flavors piqued our interest. I tried hazelnut and mango gelato and found them both most refreshing on a piping hot afternoon.

We had a pleasant wander through town, eying windows filled the latest fashions and happily indulging in people-watching as we made our way to the harbor to catch the ferry.


We boarded quickly and found seats in the open air atop the ferry. With sun in our faces and the wind in our hair we settled in for the next three-hour leg of our Lake Maggiore Express tour.

I can’t wait to show you some of the beauties of the Swiss end of Lake Maggiore.

What is your favorite way to explore a new region?

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Krista -  I can picture it perfectly, Neil! Great description and how fun. 🙂 That’s one game I’d love to watch and have my camera handy to capture their faces as they try to distract the shooters. 🙂

Neil1964L - knuckle boning or ankle boning in mongolia is like a game or maybe a sport? anyway it is one of the national pastimes in that country and full of history. It would be difficult to explain. If you could picture a little, mini shrine type ornimental peice of furniture approximately 2 feet H by 2 feet W and about a foot and a half deep. with an angled entrance to allow the projectile to enter. the men sit in 2 lines either side of the ornimental shine and face the 2 shooters. the shooters are from each team and they all take turns at shooting at the shrine. Now!!! hear comes the tricky bit. the shooters sit approximately 15 to 20 feet away from the shrine and allign the little square flat piece of bone into a piece of angled metal or wood . Then they flick it toward the shrine with great precision and accuracy. the targets are 1 or 2 small knuckle or ankle bones from a sheep (completely dried out of course) there is much hooping and hollaring in the process in an attempt to disrupt the shooters. i had to marvel at these men in full  traditional dress. straight from  changis khan era – amazing

Krista -  Oh that makes me happy, Jamie! 🙂 So delighted it works for your new toy. 🙂 Good for you hoofing it through San Francisco!! With all the those hills I’m seriously impressed. 🙂

Krista -  Knuckle-boning in Mongolia, Neil?! Now you KNOW you need to tell me that story! 🙂

Krista -  I love your descriptions of the Turkish railway cars, Julia!! They sound so romantic and wonderful. 🙂

Krista -  Oh you’re so right! I LOVE that movie, T! I’m so glad you reminded me of it. I need to track it down again post haste. 🙂

Krista -  Aww, you made my day, luv! 🙂 That’s my absolute favorite sundress. I’m glad you like it too! 🙂

Krista -  Slowly is my favorite manner too, Linda. But if a short time is all I’ve got, I’ll make the most of it. 🙂

Krista -  I agree with you, Andrea! It looks so different than the areas I’d previously been in. SO different than Geneva or the Matterhorn. 🙂

Krista -  Oh girl, I’m with you on that!! 🙂 I find myself making replicas of what I’ve eaten on trips, just to bring the good memories back. 🙂

Jamie - First, I adore the pic of the steps and ferry and mountains looming. Plus, your blog is the best to read on my new iPad.

I like to explore any new place by foot when possible. As much as it killed me in San Francisco – it was the most beautiful way to see the city.

Neil1964L - I like any means of travel, that is all part of the adventure. planes, trains, and automobiles – great flick……I like to see the sights but I have been know to frequently wander off to marvel at the areas that the locals frequent. Knuckle boneing in mongolia,   kava bar in vanuatu. …. I’m a people watcher aswell.  Watching people go about their lives in a completely different culture is wonderous…..great pics krista

Turkey's For Life - I love rail travel and it’s great in Turkey – in the parts of the country that have rail, that is. The sleeper cars are the big old-fashioned ones with the sash windows. Really comfortable. Your photos are so colourful and pretty – to match the Swiss Francs, it seems. 🙂

Ulysses S. Rant - A “gorgeous train layover” with friends … for some reason, that reminds me of the beginning of one of my favorite Hitchcock movies — “The Lady Vanishes.” Great pics, K!

Andi Perullo - I know the scenery is gorgeous, but well I can’t stop staring at your cute dress!

Andrea and John - This looks more Italian than the part I visited – would love to explore this part of Switzerland!

LindyLou Mac - Slowly to be able to take in all the region has to offer, how ever you certainly always manage to pack a lot into a short time 🙂

Deanna - Through the food. I swear all I do on vacation is eat. Then I eat some more. 

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