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Escape to Bribie Island

“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen

Dear ones, thank you with all my heart for the kindness and support you’ve given me the last few days. Isn’t it strange how one moment you can be chipper and hopeful and then something – a loved one diagnosed with terrible cancer, losing someone precious, the shattering of an illusion – brings it all crashing down? It’s odd how sometimes you can bear one trauma after another, head held high, chin up, and others, well, you’re a puddle, feeling weak, insecure, and afraid.

Last week was a puddle time for me. It held the proverbial last straw and I crumpled. Thoroughly. It struck me anew that I’ve been bearing too much for too long, stuffing it in, letting it build until I couldn’t take anymore. I don’t like being in that place. I like feeling strong and brave, like being cheerful in the midst of pain, like having hope when things are dark.

I’m so glad the dark times don’t last.

The last three days I gave myself a break. Turned off my computer, stayed offline, and just lived.

I slept. I read. I drank lots of tea and coffee. And when Bear and our friend had to go to the coast for a meeting, I tagged along for the ride.

Driving through Queensland never fails to cheer me. The countryside is so beautiful, especially driving through Cunningham’s Gap through the mountains to the coast. We had such a good time, visiting happily and stopping for our very-favorite-fried-chicken-in-the-whole-wide-world. It felt so good to be with dear, trusted friends and see a bigger, more beautiful world than the little painful struggles in my heart.

The best part of the trip was after the meeting when Ann decided we couldn’t possibly drive all this way without going to the beach. I love that woman! 🙂

So over the bridge we went to Bribie Island.

Bribie Island boat rental


After clambering out of the car, we made our way through a stand of trees, grinning as the cool sea breezes hit us.


For me there are few things more healing and rejuvenating than the beach. The fresh air, salty wind, and hot sun do wonders for the soul.

It didn’t take long for us to jump down into the soft sand, kick off our shoes and head for the water.

Although the ocean in this part of Australia is the Pacific, it is nothing like the Pacific I grew up with in Washington State. There’s no hint of cold northern waters, no beaches of smooth pebbles and craggy cliffs. Here the water is deliciously warm and the sand is feather soft, dotted with all sorts of interesting treasures.

We found twisty, weathered driftwood, vivid orange lava rock of some sort, and a whole swath of sand balls, made by a little crab who grabs mouthfuls of sand, swishes it around to sift out the edible bits, then spits it up on the surface in perfect little spheres.


Fisherman dotted the shoreline and kids shrieked with laughter as they chased each other through the waves.

Bribie Island Beach


It was a glorious afternoon. The sun felt so good on bare shoulders and the water was pure bliss on our bare feet. The Glass House Mountains towered in the distance as pelicans swooped and boats bobbed leisurely along.

On such a day there is no other lunch to be had than fish and chips. We popped into a local shop on the pier and chose a type of fish called Sweet Lips to go with a mountain of golden fried chips. We found a shady spot under the trees where we could still see the beach and tucked in. Deeelicious!


At last, drowsy and full, we brushed the sand from our feet and bid farewell to the beach.


Where is your favorite place to escape to?

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Krista -  I’d happily share some, Corinne! Though ours have been few and far between as well this year. What a CRAZY summer!!

Krista -  Thank you so much, Samuel! 🙂 That shot is my favorite too. They posed so well, didn’t they? 🙂

Corinne @ Gourmantic - I could really do with some of your sunshine, blue skies and warmth for more than just a few hours a day. Our summer this year has been the worst ever!

Nomadic Samuel - That’s a gorgeous island!  I love your photography.  My favorite shot is the last one with the gulls.  It’s the way you framed it that makes the photo in my mind.

Krista -  Thank you, dearest Oz! 🙂 May we both have MUCH sunshine in our hearts this week. 🙂 xo

Krista -  It was a celebration of life, Andrea! I love how you put that. 🙂

Krista -  Thank you for that wonderful reminder, Sarah. 🙂

Krista -  Thank you so, so much, Valerie. Your words made me cry – in a healing way. 🙂 Hugs to you!

Krista -  I’m so glad I could provide a little escape for you, Joanne. 🙂

Krista -  I really love the mountains too, Pieces of Sunshine. Though I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite. 🙂

Krista -  Thank you so much for your hugs and understanding, Lisa. We had GOOD news this week and we are celebrating that. 🙂

Krista -  Thank you, dear Erin. I’m taking heart from the good news we received this week. There IS hope. 🙂

Krista -  I love them too!! Such a splendid and odd thing to do. 🙂

Krista -  I was missing it too, Jeanne – though I didn’t know just how much until I got there. 🙂

Krista -  Me too, Dewi!! 🙂 I definitely wanted to pitch a tent and stay awhile. 🙂

Krista - Thank you so much, Andi. We had good news this week that the cancer has NOT spread. 🙂

Krista -  Oh Colleen, I am so very sorry to hear about your son. Sending you a big hug and wishing you true comfort and courage to face this. I hope so much that your son finds the right treatment to heal and thrive again. I love that you have the bush to comfort you, that it’s a safe place for you to grieve and find strength.

Krista -  Thank you, Stevie. 🙂 Aren’t those little crabs interesting? Seeing all those spheres scattered across the sand made me grin. 🙂

Krista -  I can’t wait for you to visit, dear Breanne!! I shall take you to all my favorite haunts AND we can discover new ones together. 🙂 XO

Krista -  Ohhhh, Yosemite is one of my favorite places too, Deanna!! I lived in Merced for 8 years, so it was our magical escape place too. 🙂

Krista -  Thank you, luv! 🙂

Krista -  You are so welcome, Linda! Isn’t it amazing what pictures can do to cheer our hearts and help us press on?

Krista -  Thank you, Barbara. 🙂 I’m so glad you like them. 🙂

Krista -  Yes!! You are so lucky to live where you do, Val. 🙂 Can’t wait for summer to arrive for you! 🙂

Krista -  It was perfect for relaxing, Rosa. I think because it wasn’t a main beach, there weren’t many people there. I loved it. 🙂

Krista -  It is amazing, Jenny. 🙂 Just breathing in that salty air did wonders. 🙂

Andrea and John - What a celebration of life – this place looks amazing!

Kitchen Butterfly - Paris….would be my destination of escape. But your photos are tempting to to think of seascapes that I’ve loved in Ghana and Barbados. Lots of sunshine in your heart sweetie.

Anonymous - what a burst of beautiful color. you’re absolutely right; the dark times don’t last. what’s more, the good times endure.

Valerie - Krista,  I’m so sorry about what you’re going through.  It’s okay to let go now and then. Crying and allowing ourselves to express pain is not a sign of weakness, it’s human. And it shows that we’re experiencing life, with all the beautiful tragedy that comes along with it. I think it’s very brave of you to share your emotions with your readers and friends. Even though we’re not with you in person, I hope that you can feel all the comfort and friendship that’s being sent your way.  Those dark places will only make the light ones all the more bright…even those areas where we didn’t see the light before. xo

Now I have a craving for fish and chips and the ocean! 😀 

Joanne - Ugh I wish i could have escaped this weekend to some place as fabulous as this! I can definitely see why it helped to clear your head.  Just looking at these photos has made me feel refreshed!

Pieces of Sunshine - A beautiful day out. I’ve not been to Bribie Island. I love the colourful hire boats in for first photo.

I prefer to escape to the mountains, although it hardly ever seem to happen.

Lisa - Oh, Krista…I’m so sorry!  Cancer is a beast.  My sister beat it, but what she went through to get that monster out of her body was so painful to watch.  That said, the brightness and beauty of Bribie Island is most certainly the tonic you need right now. *hugs*  On a lighter note, I love your apple sauce recipe!  Bookmarked it 🙂

Jeanne @ CookSister - Oh I miss the beach…!!  Love the vibrant colours in that first shot!  Makes me want to step in to the picture 🙂

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - I was fascinated by those little sand balls when I saw them at Port Douglas! 😮 I couldn’t believe that they were made by crabs-tenacious little creatures! 😀

erin - I’m so deeply sorry.  I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself.  I’m so taken by your line, “just lived.”  It’s such a challenge sometimes and yet can be the most healing.

Dewi - Wow! This place is just gorgeous! I think I’d escape to this island if I could 🙂

Andi Perullo - What gorgeous pics! I’m so sorry to hear about your loved one being diagnosed with cancer. How terrible sweetheart. You and they are in my thoughts.

colleen - Your beautiful photos had a healing feel for me today as well.  How I miss the ocean.  I lived beside the ocean for 40 years so close King tides would rise into our yard.  Now my solace is the bush.  Thick, virgin. untouched, glorious, peaceful bush.  I know the fear, the helplessness and hopelessness of a dear one diagnosed with cancer.  I have always turned to my beloved bush to comfort me.  Yesterday my son was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer so i will be calling on  my bush and wildlife friends to comfort me yet again.  Thanks and hugs.  Colleen

Stevie - This does sound like a very cheery experience.  Your pics are lovely as usual.  So interesting about the little crab and the sand balls.  Hope that you’re getting through.  

Jared and Breanne Mosher - Oh, I just love this!! It’s been a bit of a heavy week for me as well and seeing these pictures, remembering past times by the water made me feel so much better.
I love that you turned off your computer and just lived. And that quote that you started with is true. I always feel better after a good cry, working hard, or time by the ocean.

And now I want to come visit rather badly. 😉

Deanna - I love to escape to Yosemite. My family has been going longer than I’ve been alive so my mom knows all of the best places to go and not see a single tourist. It’s kind of magical there. 

Anonymous - Gorgeous photos!

Lindyloumacinitaly - I needed to see these gorgeous summer scenes today thanks Krista. It sounds like it was the right move to step away from the computer for a few days. Take Care. x

Barbara - You made the right choice to help yourself out of the doldrums, Krista. Beautiful photos!

bellini - I’m with Abby and long for sunshine and sand to curl between my toes. Good thing I live in this resort town…we just need to clear the snow.

Rosa May - What a wonderful beach! A place where it must be good to relax.



jenny@atasteoftravel - You had the perfect prescription Krista, It’s amazing how often the sun, sea and sand makes you feel better. Glad it worked for you.

Krista -  Thanks so much, Cathy. 🙂 And thank you for understanding. It’s amazing how much better I feel after that break. 🙂

Krista -  That’s my favorite too, Susan! 🙂 Seriously? Hatching a seagull egg? Oh, please keep me posted on how it turns out. 🙂

Krista -  You are so welcome, T! 🙂 It makes me glad to know you can see these places from your spot in Texas. 🙂

thefisherlady - seagulls are by far my favourite of all these excellent photos! By the way my cousin in Vanc is hatching out a seagull egg!

Cathy - Just gorgeous photos Krista.  I am so pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better.  I guess that occasionally we need to switch off from the virtual world and live in the real one. 

Ulysses S. Rant - So beautiful, K! I’m glad you’re able to go out, drive around, and see all the beautiful sites. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us. 🙂

Krista -  I’m so glad I could bring a bit of summer to you, Abby! 🙂

Abby - Man, I wish I could feel that sunshine right now on the beach! Perfect summer photos that I needed to see in the middle of winter here in Vegas…

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