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How to Have Fun in the Rain in Baden-Baden

The heavens opened and dumped on us as my friends and I arrived in Baden-Baden for a bit of exploring. We groaned and laughed, impressed at our impeccable timing.

We had arrived in summer attire, but one step outside into the cold rain and wind and we quickly hauled out sweaters, scarves and an umbrella to keep us dry and toasty in the elements.

Even in pouring rain Baden-Baden is beautiful with wonderful gardens and grand buildings that look more Parisian than German.

In spite of the inclement weather we were determined to enjoy our trip, so off we went, stopping to enjoy views of rushing streams, elegant homes, and the lovely theater.

Whenever the rain got too fierce, we’d duck into a nearby shop for a look around, or simply stand under an obliging overhang and people-watch for a spell. Soon enough the rain would pass and off we’d go again.

We made our way towards the renowned Casino Baden Baden, the sound of music drawing us closer. We wandered past intriguing shops with glossy cases full of glittering jewelry and enticing chocolates.

I caught my breath when I rounded the corner and saw this avenue looking so wonderfully autumn-ish. Aren’t those leaves and colors magnificent? If it hadn’t been raining I would’ve parked myself on one of those white chairs to soak it all in and write for hours.

Finally we reached the Casino and joined the crowds of people assembled under a forest of umbrellas in front of a large stage. Soon we were swaying and singing along with the rest of them as two German women belted out tunes from “Mama Mia!” Cheesy? Yes, but oh so fun. 🙂

When a Germany man got up and began belting out fabulous renditions of Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra we found seats under a nearby umbrella, ordered good dark German beers, and sat down for a rainy day concert.

It was fantastic. 🙂

After one more downpour the clouds opened and sunshine blazed down brilliantly.

We took the opportunity to peek into the opulent casino with its glossy brass and sweeping staircase, then made our over to the wonderful Corinthian pillars, mosaics, and grand hallway of the Trinkhalle.

How To Have Fun in the Rain in Baden-Baden

  1. Prepare for any kind of weather. Bring sweaters, scarves and umbrellas so your day isn’t spoiled by a downpour.
  2. Do activities that can be enjoyed indoors or under shelter of some kind: shopping, German beer and an outdoor concert under an umbrella, hot coffee in a cafe.
  3. Explore buildings or museums that provide shelter from the elements: wander the Trinkhalle or take a tour of the Casino.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, dear ones!

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Rajasthan Tours - all photos soooo beautiful . amazing thanks for sharing

Krista - Thank you, Donna. 🙂

Krista - It does have a lot of old world glamour, Andrea. I really enjoyed it and would’ve liked to see more. 🙂

donnam - wow… beautiful.

Andrea and John - Sounds like such a fun day! I’d love to check out the casino – I’m envisioning old world glamour but it’s probably similar to other casinos (?)

Krista - I quite agree, Lorraine. 🙂 The rain created such a beautiful mood and made everything seem so cozy and fall-ish. 🙂

Krista - I hope you can come visit here soon, Dewi! You would love it. 🙂

Krista - I love the fall colors too! 🙂 My whole being lights up at the sight of them. 🙂

Krista - Thank you so much, Sharon! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re on this journey with me. 🙂

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - It still looks really beautiful despite the rain which lends it a certain atmosphere! 🙂

Dewi - My goodness Krista, I really want to be there at this moment. I love rain 🙂

Anonymous - All of your photos are soooo beautiful.  Love all the beautiful fall colors 🙂

Sharon - I love to share your travels via your words, and photos!!!!

Krista - You bet, Joanne! We adventurers have to embrace these things, eh? 🙂

Krista - Aren’t they wonderful, Barbara?! They make my heart happy to see them. 🙂

Joanne - I know you’d never let a little bit of rain get you down or spoil your plans!  I’m so glad you had fun even in the face of such awful weather!

Barbara - Such beautiful autumn colours Krista.

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