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Colorful Prague and Hearty Czech Food

My last trip to Europe consisted of grey skies and even greyer cities, so I was unprepared for the colorful display Prague had in store for me when I arrived last week.

It seemed that around every corner I found vivid vignettes of beauty that took me by surprise. The corner below looks right out of Spain or Mexico, but nope, it was a hidden entrance to a monastery that towered above stunning gardens.

Prague garden

Somehow I think the stone and brick of Prague make the bits of color really stand out. Like the gold toppers on these fellows.

I love these beautiful dogs resting in the courtyard of a massive church, so obedient and docile, watching the passersby as they awaited their master. Dogs are adored in the Czech Republic, and can be seen on trams, buses, and the metro. They are very well trained, however, and certain breeds and sizes must wear muzzles when out in public for even greater protection. Never once did I feel nervous.

After much delightful ambling through the market I told you about the other day, we were ravenous!! We wandered down this little street and found the perfect place to rest our bones and fill our bellies.

It was a cozy Czech bar with warm orange walls and glossy wood tables. The sort of place you want to linger in. So we did. 🙂

I was craving hearty Czech food, so I ordered a good, strong beer and what turned out to be a massive platter of local fare: two kinds of dumplings, sauerkraut, red cabbage, roast pork, smoked pork, and spicy pork sausage all slathered with gravy. Delicious!! Needless to say I was well-fortified for the remainder of our trekking that day.

Prague food

Do you like to try new foods when you’re traveling, or do you like to stick to recognizable food?

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Rajasthan Tours - beautiful and great pictures .. . all are amazing.. thanks for sharing

Andrea and John - That food looks yummy! And we can’t wait to try Czech beer

Anonymous - New foods. After all that’s what traveling is. The discovery of new things 🙂

Walking Tours Rome - Beautiful photos! I always make an effort to try new things as far as food goes when I’m traveling, and that last plate looks SO good! So many different things to snack on. Which was your favorite?


Annajohnston - Amazing…. Great pictures. Oh how I wish I were traveling the world right now. 🙂 Me, I’ll try pretty much anything, we can eat recognizable foods any old day. 🙂

Ann - I love to try the food and get to know the locals – usually find myself off the beaten track, away from the tourist areas. I love making new friends and getting to know the life of the country I am in.

Anonymous - Gorgeous flowers Krista – almost reminds me of being here in Provence…you are one lucky gal & now adding Prague to my “must-do” list. Simply beautiful!

Duchess - The newer, the less understood, and the more exotic the better! 

Debi Shawcross - Your pictures are always so beautiful, and this post is no exception! I like to try new foods while traveling and seek out food the areas are known for….even if they may be a bit strange at times. You don’t know unless you try, right?

tasteofbeirut - I was surprised too! I pictured something much more austere. What a pleasant surprise and a beautiful city!

Krista - I’m so glad you’re going to go soon, Angela! Hope you have a fantastic time. 🙂

Krista - Thank you, Andi! I love the colors too. 🙂

Angela - Beautiful pictures, Prague is one of the few European capitals I haven’t visited, planning a quick trip soon!

Andi Perullo - Wow it’s SO colorful!!!  I love these pictures darling.

Krista - I’m so happy you like them, Mary. 🙂 You’re right – the food is VERY heavy here, but it sure is delicious as a treat now and then. 🙂

Krista - I’m glad, Ayngelina. 🙂 Good food is the perfect way to end a long day for sure. 🙂

Krista - I love your colorful buildings in San Francisco, Stevie! They’re so cheering when the city is enshrouded by fog. 🙂

Krista - Thank you, dear Vanessa. Aren’t the flowers amazing? I quite agree with you about the food. I have had McDonald’s on occasion – it’s better than starving!! – but I prefer real food any day. 🙂

Mary@One Perfect Bite - Your photos are wonderful. Prague is such a beautiful city that it is hard not toenjoya staythere. As to food – I almost always eat local specialties though I exercise caution. I was set on my ear by just a spooonful of a hot pot in Sichuan. Czech food is a bit heavy but it is delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

Ayngelina - I love posts that end with food, looks delicious! I never stick to the recognizable food, although afterwards I often find out I ate something different than I thought I was eating. It’s good I have a strong stomach.

Krista - I am, Tracy. 🙂 My heart is peaceful and happy here. 🙂

Stevie - I like to try new foods.  I find that I’m always disappointed when I travel and try to order familiar things–they’re never quite right somehow. 

Your right, the colors are magnificent and really brighten up a dismal day. We’ve a lot fo colorful buildings and homes in San Francisco, I think in part form Spanish influence, but also because of the relentless fog.

It sounds like an excellent trip. I want very much to visit Prague sometime.

Vanessa@Luxuria - WOW! your photos are truly gorgeous. The lavender image looks like something from Provence, not Prague! As for your
hearty lunch, we definitely love trying the foods of a country. Isn’t that part of the joy of the travel experience? Can’t imagine travelling
to an exotic/different place and looking for a McDonalds! 

Tracy - You seem content. A very good thing. The colors are amazing.

Krista - Oh me too, Jenny! 🙂 I’ve had some scary things as a result, but most of the time it’s so worth it. 🙂 Aren’t those flowers stunning? I was so delighted by them. 🙂

Jenny - We travel primarily for the food, so yes we love to try new things.  I love the Victoria Salvia in your first photo.  I’ve never seen them in white.  They are beautiful!

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